Attention – In the teaching of Adi Da Samraj – Klic and Klac – Beezone Video Series


“Sadhana is the process of release of energy and attention from the things that are binding to you. When something or other is not binding anymore, you just move on. It’s business handled.”
Adi Da Samraj


“The entire Spiritual Way is a process based on the understanding (and the transcending) of attention, or the understanding (and the transcending) of the inevitable and specific results of egoic attachment to, or egoic reaction to, or egoic “self”-identification with every kind of conditional “object”, other, or state.”
The Knee of Listening – Adi Da Samraj


“the Way is to transcend phenomenal existence, to understand the mechanism of attention, the process of contraction, and the nature of knowledge and experience.”
The Subtle Error – “I” Is the Body of Life


What is Attention and why is it an important ‘concept’ in the teaching of Adi Da? In Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced By the White House, Adi Da writes:


“The key to both Enlightenment and suffering is the process or fact of attention itself.

The spiritual process or Way of Life is a development founded on insight and responsibility relative to attention (which is the root of experience, and which is also both rooted and expanded in the Radiant Transcendental Being). That process or Way begins, on the basis of intuition and insight, as a responsible redirection of attention into the Radiant Divine Being.”


Beezone (Klic and Klac) has put together a video (in four parts) discussing this ‘concept’ and hopefully elaborating some important points in the understanding of attention and how it relates to the mind, the body and the world.

Why is this an important study? Because, as Adi Da says:

“Attention moves in a great electronic field, a three-dimensional realm of little electronic dots. Attention in itself is one dot, in one position in this moment and in the next moment in another position, not just in a two-dimensional screen, like a TV, but in a three-dimensional realm of an infinite number of electronic dots. Attention can move to any one of those spaces instantly, without moving through everything in between. Attention is just the point of awareness, keyed into a great electronic medium that has the capacity to represent itself as solid appearances, or just light, or energy appearances, or darkness, or nothingness.

Truly, the entire affair is terrible, absolutely terrible. It is a horror to contemplate. The only thing that makes it not seem horrible to us is our capacity to achieve a state of relative equanimity in our present condition.”


Watch the series below.


Part One

Introduction – 16:23


Part Two

Free Attention – 10:15


Part Three

Feeling Attention – 13:49


Part Four

Common Understanding – 17:02


“Even those who are only beginning to hear my Teaching can begin to locate this Current of Happiness (although it takes great seriousness to be devoted to that Real Happiness in every moment, rather than to the un-Happiness of the conditional self and the search for Happiness by every method of self-manipulation available to the body-mind). If you have begun to understand me a little, and if you have begun to seriously appreciate the fact that you are always struggling with a sense of un-Happiness and motivated by a primal urge to seek and attain Happiness, then I invite you to consider Happiness Itself, in this moment. I proclaim to you that Happiness is not absent. You have become habituated to a form of activity that, without your knowing or intending it, has itself become active forgetting of Happiness. Therefore, you have become pain-fully aware of your un-Happiness, and you have become addicted to various hopeful or hopeless methods or habits that seek Happiness. But Happiness cannot be located until you cease to be actively forgetting Happiness. That is, what you are suffering is not the absence of Happiness (so that you must seek It and eventually acquire It), but you are suffering from your own action, whereby you constantly forget Happiness. You must observe this in your own case and understand the mechanism of this forgetting. It is apparent as the mechanism of self-contraction, or the avoidance of relationship, but it is most fundamentally evident as the gesture of attention itself, which is the primal contraction, and which forgets Happiness, or leaves the Locus and Condition of Happiness, by moving toward the various objects of self (as if self and objects were independently existing, without any necessary or apparent association with the Transcendental and Radiant All-Pervading Divine Reality). Attention is constantly arising in conjunction with the sense of separate self (or self-contraction and self-differentiation) and the sense of all kinds of objects and relations as not-self. This arising of attention in the plane of self and not-self is, apart from Enlightenment, inherently associated with the feeling of un-Happiness and the motive to seek Happiness in the not-self or even in the mechanics of self. But Happiness is prior to this process. It is prior to the forgetting of Happiness. It is prior to the search for Happiness. It is, therefore, prior to birth, life, death, and the entire Cosmic Play of Nature.

Adi Da Samraj – The Bodily Location of Happiness – 1982