SPIRITUAL MASTER: If energy and attention are set free,
then the circumstances of experiencing and knowing change.
The freer energy and attention are, the more illuminated and
positive dreams are. Likewise, the more illuminated and
positive the the waking state. A little bit of this law,
then, casts out the great fear. If you will use the
observation that things change positively through even a
little service to the Divine, waking state becomes, the more
fearless, the more whole, you are. You will realize strength
to surrender more profoundly, and surrender to God becomes a
transfiguring force that transforms the psyche and the body
altogether, begins to wake you up more and more profoundly,
so that in this waking state you will feel like one who is
awake in the dream.

When you begin to awaken slightly from dreaming, you feel
yourself lying there in bed, you sort of snooze into the
dream a little deeper, amusedly, you see, to continue the
dream. But have you ever been awake in your dreams?
Completely awake, completely aware of the fact that by
subtle changes of your own attitude you can create changes
in the dream in the environment and in the play of the
dream? You can also play with the dream of life in the same
manner, in Consciosness. You should be so free in the waking
state–you should be so awake in the waking state is of
consciousness, God-Realized, the waking state would appear
transparent to you. You would see it as a drama, an
amusement, just another conditional state.

Through subtle changes in attitude, you could make
changes in what arises. You could do magic as you do in
dreams. This is the secret of effective puja, to participate
in the world as a psychic phenomenon, not as a something you
hammer out with your left brain, hoping that something will
happen as a result of your merely external, physical acts.
You must awaken to the psychic plastic of the waking state
and realize that through changes of attitude, through
surrendering things in the Divine, you can make changes in
experience and in the world.

DEVOTEE: That is the basis of the Prayer of Changes, to
assume we live in a psycho-physical realm in which we can
make changes through attention and surrender.

SPIRITUAL MASTER: You must have the same free and liberal
attitude as when you are awake while dreaming. You do not
take anything seriously when you are awake while dreaming.
You know that the dream figures are hallucinations and that
when you can freely change your mind or your attitude all of
a sudden conditions change. You must have the same free,
child-like attitude in the waking state. You must be just as
mad, just as full of faith, as you are when you awaken from
the dream. Then you will see that this appearance

This waking world presents certain fixed features and
these are the obstacles to faith. They must be transcended.
They will likely arise. Certain kinds of karmic destiny will
occur. They do not change so easily in the dream and
likewise do not change so easily in the waking state. They
are transcended through spiritual realization, but they may
also fulfill their term. Thus, certain kinds of things that
are likely to occur in the waking state will seem to resist
the changes you are a4-ways inspiring through your psychic
fullness. If positive changes seem not to be forthcoming,
and somehow difficulties arise instead, your relationship to
difficult circumstances is nevertheless different. They are
surrendered in the same fullness.

Likewise, your relationship to death must be different.
Although it is possible to prolong life by engineering
circumstance. There are many other things you must deal with
before you can seriously contemplate living hundreds of
years while constantly regenerating the body. First you must
overcome all the complexes that are tending to make life
painful and short. You must transcend all of the darkness of
your own subconscious and unconscious life. At present you
are tending only to focus upon this waking consciousness,
this state of the verbal mind. Do you know how the verbal
mind stares at this arising world? It reflects it. It also
manufactures all kinds of mechanical presumptions based on
that stare, but it has no depth.

As soon as you fall asleep, you start dreaming the most
bizarre kinds of exaggerations. Why are they not there
during the waking state? Because of the stare of the waking
state, the fixed, limited consciousness of the brain in its
conventional adaptation to the waking state. If you could
release yourself from that stare and Commune with the
Divine, certain hallucinations would arise in the waking
state. We call them “visions.” Then they would pass, you
see, because they are products of subconscious