Be Washed, From Head to Tail – Adi Da Samraj – Hridaya Rosary


Be Washed, From Head to Tail, By Heart-Devotion To Me


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not the search by ascent. Nor is it necessary to make discriminative efforts, however described, to convince yourself that you are not the body, in order to enter into the Spiritual Process and fulfill It. However, it is necessary that the body-mind cease to be a means of dissociation, or of separation, from the Divine Condition. The body-mind must cease to be the instrument of egoity. Therefore, the body-mind must be set right. The body-mind must be given over in self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and self-transcending heart-Communion with Me. In that Process, all of Realization, including Most Perfect Realization of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life, is potential, by My Grace.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not the seeker’s process, or the seeker’s Yoga. The only by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam does not begin with the stressful motivations of egoity, nor does it persist by means of the continuing efforts of egoity.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is always presently a matter of the surrendering, the forgetting, and the transcending of the ego-“I”, in a Yogic disposition in which all of the Be Washed, From Head to Tail, by Heart-Devotion To Me faculties of the body-mind are given over to Me, aligned to Me, and conformed to My Divine Law rather than to the ego.

The frontal Yoga of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is demonstrated as a Process that goes beyond egoic fear, sorrow, and anger, but the direct transcending of these primary faults (or sufferings, or contractions from the disposition of love) is not an effort in the gross domain, not an effort at the “tail end”. It is literally a Process at the “head end” of the psycho-physical being.

The “frozen” head—not given up, not open to Me Above—the point of contraction at the sahasrar, or the crown of the head, is the origin of the ego’s fear.

The contraction at the brain core, or the Ajna Door, is the origin of the ego’s sorrow.

And the contraction at the throat, in its depth, is the origin of the ego’s anger.

Therefore, in this devotional Yoga—with head, heart, body, and breath given to Me—these specific insults, or primary emotions of egoity, are to be immediately, directly transcended, in Me. The moment the crown of the head is given up to Me, receptive to Me—really, literally, feeling Me—egoic fear, fear as a principle, fear as experience, fear as a result, fear as an action, fear as a pattern, is gone.

Notice this. If you enter into that gesture profoundly, you are always going beyond fear. And there is no thinking, no intellectualizing, no calculating, no stressing in order to get rid of the fear. The absence of fear is already inherently the case in this gesture of opening the head to Me. of surrendering to Me, receptively, with the head.

Deeper down in the head, at the brain-core level, in the middle of the head, you can feel (if are sensitive to it) the self-contraction arising as the emotion of sorrow.

You may say that you feel sorrow in your heart, or in your body, but notice that, just as you can feel fear in the contraction at the crown of the head, so also you can feel the moment to moment ordinariness of sorrow in the middle of your head, between the eyes. And sorrow is relinquished simply by opening to Me there, in the middle of the head, not by trying to figure out sorrow, or by becoming obsessed with overcoming your sense of loss—”Where will I ever find a lover again?”, or “What happens after death, and where do all the dead go?”, and so on. If you open to Me in the middle of the head, instead of all that trying to figure it out, you are inherently free of the ego dilemma of sorrow.

Similarly, egoic anger, the tight fire of self-based frustration, the egoic contraction associated with loveless speech, is all a contraction in the throat, and is also very much associated with the breath, which links head, heart, and body—and integrates them.

Seekers often want to ascend (and, thereby, strategically dissociate from the gross physical body). If you want to ascend away, it is because, in (and because of the self-contraction of) the gross physical body, you feel un-Enlightened, Lightless, absent from Love-Bliss, separate from Me. However, if you are Filled with Me, even the gross physical body Full of Love-Bliss-Light, what would be the motive to ascend and leave? If you are body-mind-

Full of Me, where is the seeker’s motive? Where is the troubled self-consciousness? If you are Full of Me, you Are in the Light, literally En-Light-ened, and you do not have to make the seeker’s gesture.

To be so Filled by Me is a Divine Gift. What I am Describing to you is not merely an exercise that you do to yourself. It is not a technique that, in and of itself, can bring you to the point of fullest Realization. It is not about egoity. It is not about “being on your own”. Rather, this Process that I Alone Reveal and Give is the Yoga of submission to What is Beyond yourself.

I Am on the “Other Side” of your body-mind. You are on your side of it. It is a mysterious matter, a profound Yogic and Spiritual matter. All the parts of the body-mind, all the chakras in the five (or six, or however many) feet of your gross physical form—all of that structure opens to Me in the Divine Yoga of My Crashing Down.

Everything under My Sun is like wax—to he Melted by My “Bright” Presence, allowing this constant in-Filling, this constant Pervasion, by Me.

In this “late-time”, or “dark” epoch, people are generally insulted by the notion that they require, and must surrender to, What is Beyond themselves. The common presumption in this benighted time is that one should be entirely self-sufficient. This is the epitome of the self- “guruing” ego-“culture”. While notions of self-sufficiency, rightly understood, may have some virtue in the political realm, they do not rightly apply in the domain of Spiritual life.

Egoity is about separating from all else. Realization is about transcending egoity, and, therefore, all separateness and all separativeness.

Egoity is not the point of view of Spiritual life-because the seeking ego cannot Realize the Truth.

All egos are members of the “International Tail-Toward-the-Head Dog-Washing Society”, a group that is thoroughly persuaded by false views—always wanting to do this or that to perfect, and perfectly fulfill, the body-mind first, so that then they will become willing to do sadhana.

However, to wash a dog from the tail toward the head is a fruitless effort. Any one who has ever washed a dog knows, intuitively, that a dog must be washed from the head toward the tail, or else, the more you wash it the dirtier it gets! In other words, you must straighten out your life by first becoming My devotee, rather than tell Me you are first going to straighten yourself out somewhere else and then be My devotee after you have done that.

Be “washed”, yes, but only by practicing this devotion in recognition-response to Me. Devotion to Me is necessarily a responsive practice. It is not a matter of you, the seeker, wanting to achieve whatever goal—it is simply you, in your heart-response, calling on Me, resorting to Me, and so forth. That is the point to be returned to moment to moment—not bearing down to “do this discipline and open this thing up”. It is not about “washing” yourself. That is self-involvement, fastidious egoity. The Yoga of devotion to Me is not about self-concern and self-involvement, but about right, true, and fully responsive devotional surrender to Me and self-forgetting heart- Communion with Me—because you find Me Attractive beyond all else, because you are heart-Moved in love toward Me.