Stephan Blas Interview with Beezone – The Beginning of the Emotional Sexual Considerations

Beezone Ten Part Interview Series

with Stephan Blas

Session 3

The Beginnings of the
Emotional Sexual Considerations

Stephan (Evam) Blas

The Beginnings of the Emotional Sexual Considerations

 “You are suffering many things in your life and others are suffering you!”


“Sadhana or spiritual practice begins in that place where you make this knot, this fundamental discomfort. It has the characteristic of fear and you basically experience that fear as a kind of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

If you are not really in touch with this self-contraction, you at times may experience the anxiety that is constantly underlying and motivating your behavior, your moment to moment existence. With this anxiety, you build all kinds of stuff on top of it and desensitize yourself to it. This self-contraction is the quality of anxiety, of your moment to moment existence and it is a stressful anxiety.

You may want to forestall the observation of this uncomfortable feeling, that realization. But you can’t begin real spiritual life unless you start to observe and understand the mechanism of it. But once you do and get bit, that’s it! Unless you find yourself out you will be continually running from it, covering it over with ‘lifes demands’ and ‘stressful situations’. Once you do observe this fundamental contraction, then you can’t escape it, and that’s when sadhana really begins. That’s when sadhana starts becoming profoundly effective.

Adi Da Samraj, 1974

Beezone note: A Bitter Pill


“My devotees must deal with “money, food, and sex” first
before there can be any true advancement
in the Way of Adidam”

Adi Da Samraj – ‘The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life


“Everyone was terrified”
A devotee anticipating the Emotional Sexual Considerations with Adi Da.

I must first emphasize that the term ’emotional sexual consideration’ in this session will not focus on the sexual dimension of emotional energy, that will be addressed In a further session. In this initial section on the subject we focus on the root of individual identity and how that creation develops strategies and patterns (conscious and unconscious) of identity which cover all areas of ones character, including sexuality and sexual identity.

It should also be noted that what follows may appear to be a bit ‘raw’ and seemingly ‘insensitive’ to some. And so, the term ‘bitter pill.’ As you will see, Stephan does not understand it to be such, and hopefully, the reader/listener will also see and understand it in the same manner.

Why did Adi Da focus on the necessity of emotional-sexual-considerations? Because as he said was to go beyond the fundamental “self”-contraction. “Such was My Call to My devotees in the years of My directly interactive Work of emotional-sexual “reality consideration”, and Such is My Call to all My devotees – now, and forever hereafter.

Stephan and Ed – Session 3
The Beginnings of the Emotional Sexual Considerations

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“The revisionism people make by avoiding accountability …creates all kinds of revisionism and makes a mummery out of Adidam and a clear aspect of that Mummery that is the revisionist version of Adidam invented by egos is emotional-sexual in its nature” – Adi Da Samraj, 2006



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