The body structure must be Opened to
become Coincident with Me


ADI DA SAMRAJ: The passage that breaks outside the
concealment that is your own body and mind has not been
opened. It cannot be opened by the effort of an ego—the
body-mind-complex must be transcended. The body structure
must be opened to become coincident with Me.

There is no way whatsoever that there can be
Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me and Realization
of Me without the vehicle of the body being opened and the
mind transcended. That patterning must be rendered
ineffective, or you cannot be entered into Communion with

I am not within you!

I Am here, Before you and All-Pervading.

You cannot Commune with Me without the opening, without
that hole that opens up the maze of your own

Here I Am merely Talking to people who shun everything of
that nature, whose bodies are sealed against it, whose minds
are utterly propagandized by the “worldly” mind that has
taken over the Earth and all of humankind. Everyone has been
propagandized into refusing That Which Is Divine.

This is a vulgar time. Humankind has been reduced to
vulgarity, to the gross body-mind “point of view”. You are
not disposed to listen to Me and to be Awakened by Me. You
will not do as I Say. You merely participate in the cult of
behavioral changes or resistance to behavioral changes, but
you will not be moved by Me.

I do not come from within. I Come from outside because I
Am All-Pervading. Therefore, you cannot “locate” Me in your
lower body and try to raise it up. That is not the Divine

The Divine is All-Pervading, Transcending all, and is not
a deity.

The Divine is egoless, Indivisible, Acausal.

I cannot “cause” your Awakening—I Am your Awakening.
You must devotionally recognize Me—and, in that
recognition-response, surrendered to Me, an opening occurs
such that My All-Pervading Transcendental Spiritual
Self-Transmission can be your Circumstance, your Context of
life, Which you perpetuate by right devotional surrender to

I see what you are. I look for the sign, the opening in
you. I Am here. You either recognize Me, or you do not. I
cannot sell it to anyone. My role is not to sell it to
anyone. I Am here to Be here.

I have Done My Submission-Work sufficient to provide the
Gifts that are enough said, enough done.

There is no such thing as the devil. There is only ego
taking on individual and collective forms. There is even
such a thing as atomic egoity, energy-ego, pattern

This world is bondage, but it arises in the Divine. It
can be opened to the Divine—That Which Is Divine, not a
deity. It can proceed within That Which Is Divine. It can be
Divinely Liberated, Enlightened.

Therefore, this is not merely hell. This is the
opportunity for transcending hell or making more of it. You

Adi Da Samraj

Friday, March 21, 2008