The Knee of Listening – The Life and Understanding of Franklin Jones




The Life and


Franklin Jones

Copyright 1971 By Franklin Jones

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Chapter 17: The

We settled in Los Angeles in August,
1970. For my part, the pilgrimage was over, not only the
pilgrimage to Christian shrines, but the entire adventure of
seeking, practicing and experimenting. Understanding had
become the radical process of my conscious life, in formal
meditation and in experience moment to moment.

But this does not mean that I ceased
to have any experiences of what I knew as the Shakti. It was
simply that all of my experience ceased to be a matter of
seeking and necessity for me. I had become still.

As the weeks passed, the Shakti, the
Mother-Force who had appeared as the Virgin, seemed to yield
herself to the great truth that is reality. Just before I
left the Ashram, Bhagavan Nityananda let me go with his
blessing, and he led me to surrender myself to the Divine
Shakti. Thus, I had given myself to her freely, and she led
me to enjoy the uncommon fruits of my pilgrimage.

Now that we were in Los Angeles I no
longer saw myself in relationship to any Guru. Neither the
Shakti nor any problem on any level was a source of
motivation for me. I was simply devoted to the perfect
enjoyment of unqualified reality. And this process of
radical existence would bring me to the ultimate experience
of the Shakti and the knowledge of consciousness.

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