Conditionality – A Beezone Study of the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj

The Relative and the Absolute

Conditionality or the Relative
World, Phenomenal Existence
in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj.





The Divine Principle of
Reality Is Inherently Indivisible.


The Universal (or Cosmic)
Principle of Unity and Non-“Difference”
The “world” is Inherently A Unity.


The psycho-physical Principle of
The individual psycho-physical entity is Inherently
Non-separate from The “world”-Unity and, also, Inherently
Non separate from The Inherently Indivisible Divine


These Three Principles, Proposed by
Me, are An Integrated Whole and Single Proposition. They
Comprise The philosophical Foundation for The only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam, Which Is The One
and Only by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given “Radical” Reality
Way of The Heart, And They are, also, The Right and True
Basis for The Correct Evaluation of a and all possible
propositions of philosophical import made by any one at


Conditionality or phenomenonal
apperance viewed or experienced, whether subjective or
objective, are held in place by a larger pattern of
conditionality circling, spherically (The universally
effective formative sphere of conditionality
), ascending
and descending, creating and disolving endlessly in patterns
upon patterns infinite and eternal. This is the Cosmos
Domain. Appearing in a larger pattern and ultimately
dissolving in its Source from which it is emenating from.
“The individual is only a temporary modification of
Conscious Light appearing and emanating from a central core
of Light.”


What is Adi Da saying that is
different from what has been said before?

DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, when You were
speaking before about the uniqueness of Your Manifestation
as the Divine, I had a sense of what You meant when You said
that You are Prior to the Cosmic Mandala. I felt that
everything in the Great Tradition has arisen within the
Cosmic Mandala. But You have arisen Prior to the Cosmic

SRI DA AVABHASA: That is the
difference. The searches and the Realizations of mankind

(1) Have been generated from the
position not only of egoity but of conditionality within the
conditional Cosmic Mandala.

(2) They are approaches to the

(3) In My Case, it is the Divine
That is Approaching.

(4) That is the difference for all
of you in how the Way of the Heart works in My

(5) The process in My Company is all
about the transcendence of egoity and the transcendence of
the point of view of conditionality and of the Cosmic

(6) All of religion and Spirituality
heretofore has taken place within that context of egoity,
conditionality, the Cosmic Mandala. It has all been a search
within it. It has gone to the limit of all extremes, at the
periphery and in depth (the end-time).

The purpose of entering into the
sphere of religion or Spiritual life is to go beyond those
conventions of the play of opposites, or the presumption of
conditionality itself, and enter into the Sphere of the
inherent Reality, and be established in It, As It,
manifesting Its Characteristics. As Such, you transcend all
the opposites, all modifications, all conditionality, all
negativity. But this is a profound matter-to Realize the
inherent Reality to the point of being It, without the
slightest difference, such that you can simply be Its

That’s the ultimate goal of religion
and Spirituality, but it is not a casual matter. Its not
something that you can just think about and do in the
instant and have it be fullest, true, Unqualified

The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996) – The
Condition of Radiance

AVATARA ADI DA: I’ve Communicated to
you the uniqueness of this Way from the very beginning, but
your grasping of it is slow. All experiencing, and all
thinking for that matter, all conditionality, is a
development of the self-contraction. It’s a development from
a place of anxious dissociativeness, the ego, wanting to
expand it’s sphere to feel better and better. And ultimately
what will it discover in it’s own utter dissolution? The
Divine Condition is to be discovered. But It is simply
Reality from the beginning.

So the Way of the Heart is not about
that developmental course but about the direct process, in
every moment, of Realizing the Divine Self-Condition, going
beyond egoity and Realizing That. that’s what this Communion
with Me is about from the beginning, then-the direct gesture
of going beyond the ego-knot rather than just surrendering
with and as the body-mind, founded on the ego, to have

Hearing is simply the establishment,
on the basis of all the foundation practice, the
establishment of this capability, most direct, with fullest
comprehension, fullest responsibility, so that you can do
that sadhana, of going beyond the self-knot, under all the
circumstances that may arise in the developing stages of
life. They will not then become ego-reinforcing. They will
not be deluding. They will simply be purified, like all
other tendencies, and you’ll move on to the “Perfect

So I’m always trying to find more
ways to put it to you. And so you have this Literature now
that is very full, and I hope it is fully

Study on Hearing

(In) the state that is already the
case, the divine self-condition, there is no fear and
nothing to be afraid of. There is no self-contraction. This
is worth realizing don’t you think?

Apart from that realization, fear is
part of the condition you will inevitably experience. You
can practice so that you maintain a fundamental equanimity
and ability to function without transcending fear
absolutely. You should certainly be doing that as a
foundational discipline. Instead of worshipping your fear.
You must enter profoundly into this process of this Sadhana
in order to realize that condition, that perfect condition,
that inherently perfect condition in which there simply is
no fear, no conditionality, no limiting force of embodiment,
no rolling opposites, no opposing states of mind, only the
conscious light of divine, inherently divine, of bliss,
freedom, the unborn condition which remarkably enough is
also the condition now but why isn’t it obvious to you, to
all here?

Adi Da Samraj, 2006

I’ve Communicated to you the
uniqueness of this Way from the very beginning, but your
grasping of it is slow. All experiencing, and all thinking
for that matter, all conditionality, is a development of the
self-contraction. It’s a development from a place of anxious
dissociativeness, the ego, wanting to expand it’s sphere to
feel better and better. And ultimately what will it discover
in it’s own utter dissolution? The Divine Condition is to be
discovered. But It is simply Reality from the

The Yajna Discourses of Adi Da Samraj (1995-1996)

SRI DA AVABHASA: The Goddess is always Incarnated as
everything, as everyone, as the Cosmic Mandala. That is the

DEVOTEE: Forgive me for even daring
to speak in such language, but You as the Divine Person have
Incarnated uniquely in this time. The Goddess is, so to
speak, eternally Incarnated—except that You have told
us that the process of the Cosmic Mandala would come to an
end. The Goddess has always been Incarnated, whereas You are
uniquely Incarnated.

Incarnated, however, in the conditional sense of appearing.
In My relationship to the Goddess, She is converted in Her
disposition and set right in the context of the Divine.
Therefore, because of this, an entirely different view of
the Divine Energy is possible. The Goddess is not the
Incarnating Force or the Appearing Being in all this
suffering, illusion, and limitation. It is of great import
that the Goddess is wed, submitted, to the Ultimate Divine,
the Very Energy, the Inherent Radiance, the Self-Radiance of
the Divine.

This is the right understanding of
the Goddess. She no longer appears separately from that
“Point of View”. She is part of the Inherent Oneness of the
Divine. It is not “Me and the Goddess”. I Am Complete, as I
have said. There is no “difference”. I speak of the Goddess.
You do not. Fundamentally there is no Goddess, then. There
is only the Divine. The Divine Person Is One and Whole, not
two, not many—One Person, One Absolute Being, Very
Consciousness, Very Force, All Love-Bliss, Self-Existing,
Self-Radiant, Absolute, not divided.

The only reason to talk about some
kind of two-ness between the Divine as Very Being, or
Consciousness Itself, and the Goddess, somehow Divine but
Independent Energy Appearing as all manifestation—the
only reason to speak in terms of that two-ness is the
dualistic vision associated with egoity, conditionality,
appearances. In that point of view it can seem that there
are two. But if you understand rightly, there is only One.
It is not “the God” and “the Goddess”—the Divine Person
“and” the Goddess. There is just One. That was the
Realization in the Vedanta Temple. That was the
Accomplishment there. And that is what you must Realize
also—not the Divine somehow over against you and all of
the conditional cosmos, but just the Very One Who Is
Inherently Beyond all “difference” and beyond

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Beloved, there has
always only been That One.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Yes. But there have
been many appearances and many thoughts

DEVOTEE: We have Your Incarnation

SRI DA AVABHASA: My Sign set all of
it straight, actually Accomplished it, by virtue of Divine
Siddhis. My Divine Self-Realization is not a bit of poetry.
I am not merely using symbolic language, as if it was just
the same before and the Vedanta Temple was just a bit of
poetry. It is not that at all. It was an actual
Event—not just the Event of My Divine Re-Awakening but
the Event of the utter submission of the entire Cosmic
Mandala to the Very Divine Condition by virtue of the Divine
Siddhis snapping the barrier that the Cosmic Mandala has
represented for beings until now.

Heart Must Be Moved
– March
21, 1993

make the choices. I Make the Revelation. I can Call you to
greater understanding and more profound practice, I can urge
you on, but you make the choices. If you want What is
Ultimate and Most Profound, you must be changed likewise, in
your choices, in your understanding, and in your involvement
in everything. Such transformation requires a profound
discipline and a great ordeal.

Sooner or later, any kind of
self-indulgence whatsoever reaches the point where
discomfort is greater than pleasure. So it is with the world
and with everything karmic, with every indulgence of
attention in conditions. There is some pleasure in your
indulgence, but as you repeat the indulgence, you reach a
point after a while when the pleasure is greatly reduced and
you are mostly suffering the results. Sex, intimate
feelings, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, TV,
food—absolutely everything you can do in the domain of
conditional existence produces the same result in due
course, which is that at some point the pleasure is greatly
reduced and you are mainly suffering ill effects. Such is

All indulgence in conditionality is
the same. There is no difference in effect. This is just how
conditional existence works. Conditional existence is a play
of opposites. If you work on the pleasure side, the opposite
comes into play sooner or later and, like any addict, you
continue to seek for pleasure, but now to relieve yourself
of some pain rather than to magnify the enjoyment. Most of
the time, you are just suffering, and the pattern is
repeating itself automatically. You do not quite know what
to do about it. You are just stuck with it, and you think,
“Well, that is the way it is supposed to be.” You are
basically just feeling the pain of it and trying to get rid
of the pain. your whole life feels like a dilemma of

Way Out of Pleasure and Pain