Chapter Two: The Natural Vision



The Disposition of Enlightenment

(1) The Attitude of Conductivity : The world, the body,
the mind, the self, and every state of experience or
cognition is nothing but a form or state of the Radiance,
Life-Current, or Shakti of God. Therefore, recognize all
that arises to be such. Relax and surrender the body-mind to
feel into the Radiance or Love-Bliss that is the Substance
of manifest existence.

(2) The Attitude of the Conscious
: The world, the body, the mind, the self,
and every state of experience or cognition is nothing but a
contraction or modification of Being, Consciousness, or the
Transcendental Divine Self. Therefore, recognize all that
arises to be such, moment to moment, and so be Free.

(3) These two primary attitudes coincide in every moment
of true practice of the Way. Their simultaneity expresses
the tacit Realization of Radiant Transcendental Being as the
always present Identity and Condition of existence, and such
Realization is always already established in That of which
every arising condition is a transparent, nonbinding,
temporary, and unnecessary modification.

Treat Everything as Energy

(1) The secret of conductivity: Treat or relate to the
phenomenal world and self (body-mind) as Energy rather than
mere matter. And treat or relate to every condition of the
phenomenal world and self, positive or negative, high or
low, as the same ultimate and total Energy (or Radiance of
Transcendental Being).

(2) Body and mind are the same Energy. Use every
condition or circumstance as an incident of Transmission of
the same Radiant Principle. Open to it, contact it, and
circulate it. And communicate it in all directions and
relations through love.

Be Free and Powerful

(1) Conductivity: Surrender
into, receive (or contact), and circulate the Energy (or
Radiance) of which everything (including the body-mind) is
made. Preserve it with true happiness, which is equanimity,
peace, and calmness. Through self-understanding and
self-control, transcend reactive emotion, physical excess,
exaggerated desire, and the dominance of either
right-sidedness or left-sidedness of being. Keep the head
cool (relaxed, open) and the vital warm (covered, relaxed,
circulating). The head (or the entire upper coil) is the
epitome of the highest vibration and the vital region (or
the entire lower coil) is the epitome of the lowest
vibration. The heart and the central current are the center
of original or primary Radiance, prior to vibratory
differentiations. The frontal and spinal lines are the
circuit of transformations. (The lower, or vital and
generative, force is circulated toward and transformed into
the higher, and vice versa.)

(2) Conscious Process:
Transcend all the forms that arise from or in the Radiant
Power. See them in the Transcendental Being (which is
Self-Radiant), ultimately epitomized in transcendence of the
basic knot of self-contraction or attention in the right
side of the heart.

(3) Thus, Awaken into the Condition of Radiant
Transcendental Being and be Free and Powerful!

Practice to Keep the Balance of the Body-Mind

(1) Our practice must be one that maintains balance and
the self-transcending wisdom of understanding (via the
conscious process). We should
relax into the Life-Current. We should not resist its
changes, but we should not be fascinated with them or
trapped by them. Work to keep physically, emotionally, and
mentally relaxed and balanced. Dont intentionally let the
abdomen get cold or the head hot. (These symptoms may arise,
but practice to keep the balance. Dont add to them by
failing to support vital health or tensing the head with
worried concentration.)

Open and Release the Feeling Heart

(1) The heart is the central seat of the central current.
Thus, it is not merely in the frontal line, nor is it absent
from the spinal line. It is the feeling-attitude of constant
Radiance, constantly transcending contraction and the limits
on Radiance. It is Love-Bliss. Therefore, practice
conductivity on the basis of the free feeling attitude of
the heart (constantly Awakened in the
conscious process). Surrender
as the total body-mind into the All-Pervading Life-Current
via the Radiant feeling-attitude of the heart. On
inhalation, open the entire body-mind with the feeling heart
and so receive the Radiant descending Life and Love-Bliss.
On exhalation, release the feeling heart in blissful
love-aspiration, thus channeling the rising Life-Current of
Love-Bliss to its highest place. Do this breath after

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