The Constant Message of Life – The Death Message


The Constant Message in Life

Our Search, Despair and Play with the Fact of Death

Based on and adapted by Beezone from the works of Adi Da Samraj


This essay does not represent the ‘word’ of Adi Da, but it does intent to ‘approximate’ the ‘spirit’ of what he communicates. This work is taken from a tape recording of Bubba Free John (Adi Da) in 1976 talking very informally with a small group of his devotees. It also includes a small portion of an essay in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body, The Soul Transcends the Body-Mind, written word for word. Beezone took notes of the tape recording and merged the three together with his words into a remix’. This ‘remix’ is not intended or can be credited as being the authentic word of Adi Da Samraj. For more on this see, White and Orange Project of Beezone.


Lord Yama (Death) – Wheel of Life thangka


Death is utterly acceptable to consciousness and life.
There has been endless time of numberless deaths, but neither consciousness nor life has ceased to arise.
The felt quality and cycle to death has not modified the fragility of flowers, even the flowers within the human body.
Prologue, The Knee of Listening

Death is your philosophy by virtue of the fact that it is something external to you and you have not fully understood it. You are either pushing up against it with your death defying bravado, numbing consumer habits or converting it into military heroism while identified with a nation state. Either case, you are always confronted and reinforcing your mortality. Death is something that is external to you, something that happens to you and therefore factual and real. You are a body, you see other bodies grow, change and eventually die and you feel the sorrow and loss connected with that. Death ceases to be a matter that you can be responsible for, it becomes a fact of life. Therefore, you can only submit to it, you can only realize death. In a very real way, in your identification with the body, you are totally committed to it as a fact of life without inspection. To say otherwise would be completely insane. Therefore, you can only bring it about. Because it is a fact, a something, something completely independent of your ability, your understanding and your spiritual realizing. You may be able to be consoled in your belief about afterlife or whatever but the fact remains, as the body and as the identity, death is your message of life.

If you examine this ghost of life you will see the constant assumption being made is that death and it’s avoidance is what life is about. What you communicate by your manner is that death, illness, failure, mortality, limitation is what you are living. You exisit in a constant state of fear and you have no resort. You have no real tangible connection to God, no real and true understanding of the consciousness and life. That’s basically what’s happening. Everything you are doing is a servant of that image, that philosophy.

Yes, there is hope, yes there if faith, yes there is mom and dad. But that’s childish philosophy. On the other hand there is independence and courage. There is a way of the warrior, the peacemaker the saint. There are persons devoted to the Lord in all his glory saving souls one by one. But really every time things get a little difficult you opt for the death message, you go for the feelings, the negativity the bad circumstance. You immediately make them the condition of life. Whether it is a your grandmother dying, a tsunami or a hurricane, a fire, drought or the next terrorist threat. Where is God in that? Not in your faith and hope and so the insanity and hopelessness of simple answers fade into the maddness of life. This confirms the message and philosophy that you are left with and what is being communicated and fed to you in every form of media and friendly persuasion continually.

You fundamentally can be responsibility for the death message and the very real sense of your vulnerability. It is not until you come to the point of responsibility, knowing that the communication of death and fear the media and you are manufacturing and living is a matter of your own responsibility. Yes, there are calamities, illness and suffering but this sense of limitation and the communication of death, mortality and disease is being created, perpetuated and rationalize by you and everyone else moment to moment. Prior to that responsibility you can’t make a real gesture because the whole impulse and belief in the death message is not just a superficial one. It’s not just a little diddly philosophy. You’re entirely committed to it. It’s a part of your consciousness. Your body is working it out. You must come to the point of Consciousness in your unconsciousness, you must ‘see’ the message that you are creating and how it is reflected in the manner of your living.

The culture you are living in is a great enterprise that serves whatever individuals are doing. This process by which the death message appears is present in every individual prior to all this culturing. It is this separative activity, a contraction. That’s the root of it. That’s the source of it. That’s why culture can develop. That’s why you all can be involved in it. This great desperate scheme. That is this culture. You can not truly see what it is and inspect it because its root is in yourself and you are exploiting that. It’s root is not out there. You can’t find ‘a why’ a reason for it. You are committed to that point of view, personally. This gives you all sorts of justifications. All the while the culture indoctrinates, glamorizes, justifies, reinforces and brings it out of the realm of subjectivity, into the whole theater of life. The story of life and death and its struggles become the stories and myths by which people live by. It’s just not ‘your’ story it’s everybody’s and when it reaches the level of culture and history (his-story) it is very difficult to find a way back. 

That is why the Guru appears in the particular form of the human being at random times. When the whole force of ignorance has not become just subjectivity but culture, life itself, then were is wisdom going to come from? There are no windows within any longer. In that case the Guru comes as an individual, a person. The Guru must become the window, must reestablish, reinitiate that possibility. Because there is no ordinary possibility to which the Divine Influence is being generated. The true work of the Siddhas and of the Guru is to create this radical upset. Wherever the dharma, the Truth, disappears, he appears and restores it.

The Guru appears as a critical and radical presence in the ordinary world of suffering and illusion and self-indulgence. The Guru is a specific kind of function that appears when there is no option, when the dharma is for all practical purposes dead. When things called the dharma are identified with the death message, the failure, the mortal view, where they seem to be talking about God and Truth and Realization and all the rest. They are still representing and serving that limitation. They are not serving the liberation or transformation in Truth of living beings. So, when the Guru does appear he is just as much a critic, just as much prophetically annoying to the remnants of dharma of spiritual traditions, as he is to any other appearance. It’s all part of the same trip, same game. It must all be undone. It must all be inspected. All must be transformed, every single piece of it. None of it complete and no one wants to hear that!


“It’s not life itself that is wrong, life is not death”


The game of life that is currently being played is false, not the whole story. Everything even the most seemingly harmless and positive things are really the servants of that ultimate error of the separation from God, Truth and/or Reality. When the individual has begun to see the truth of things he or she is then transformed in their consciousness and real responsibility begins to transform ones life. When individuals change then culture changes and ones society of living and community is transformed. It’s not life itself that is wrong, life is not death. When life is known in truth and the real message of life is heard then their is a ‘turn about’. The Divine influence is a positive communication when known in truth. This is not the gospel of Jevovah and the promise of the “Kingdom to come”. It is a message of repsonsibility and of truth.

What is the responsibility of? It is the responsibility for your fundamental action of contraction. The contraction that I’m always talking about is not just a little anxiety reaction in your stomach. It’s the force of your being, the force of your life. It’s transformed in the life of understanding, the understanding and transcendence of the self-contraction or the pattern of Narcissus. This affair of avoidance of relationship, this contraction is a present activity in you in which you make the assumption of a separate one, a dying one. The the ‘death message’

When you haven’t examined it to the point of responsibility then it doesn’t take place anymore. Then there is a real influence a real Siddhi appears in the case of the individual. But from the cultural point of view one thing unique about this time is that that dimensional influence itself it not permitted. It is excluded culturally. Whereas in traditional cultures it was not excluded. People were still making these negative assumptions but the warfare between the Divine point of view and the mortal point of view was a cultural process known and permitted. But in our time and place in the appearance of the World Culture its not permitted and more and more institutions become established in which that dimensional influence is excluded.

The world as you perceive it is always changing, always showing you the message of life and death. That image of the natural world and ‘it’s struggle to survive’ is the message welded into your nervous system, steeped into your bones. That is why you can universally communicate the same message to all other humans because you all share the same view, that there is only one world, one earth, one thing happening. Life and death, a singular event.


The Search, Hype and Hope


“When you hear Me you realize that your own separate consciousness is gone, and there is Infinite Consciousness, Self-Radiant, Self-Existing, and (what) you call your “self” cannot even repeat itself again. That is the attitude. That is Blessing. That is God-Realization”.
Adi Da Samraj, February 12, 1993


The kinds of movements or influences that are acceptable today are those that make promises or gives expectations of improvements. These kinds of approaches are sold as ways of making you able to cope better with your condition, your problems. But they surely not, nor are they capable of changing your fundamentally your point of view. Those kinds of radical messages are suppose to be hidden in India somewhere. You’re surely not going to sell the Guru number to anyone today in America today. But you can sell the ideas that can make someone happier, thinner, more relaxed, richer and more able to maximize one’s hidden potential. People today are having difficulty keep up with the fast pace of change in today’s global world. Tribal conflicts are played out on major network channels as lead stories in local and world news broadcasts. Fires, robberies, bombings and catastrophic predictions are the recipe of news. The death message enters the homes and lives moment to moment. Refresh you web browsers and in the two seconds it take to do your whole world view changes! Instead of the death message sending everyone into bomb shelters and psychiatric hospitals entertainment is made to distract you from the hard news of the day. Sporting events, movies, vacations, entertainment’s of all kinds momentarily distract you with quotes from world leaders professing peace and equality. Peace accords, treaties and the next President will make it better. All the while the background is catastrophe. Death is either at your doorstep, heading your way and lurking behind the bushes. All the while the message of the day is to console and defend yourself with the advertising messages addressed to consumers, romantic ideals of love, family, religion, national and bodily identification and the next vacation – the first three stages of life.


The Reality of Life and That of Transcendence

Life is not fun, unless your living as a child in Disneyland, Fantasy Land. There are pleasures, but even to the extent that there are pleasures a great dimension of suffering also pervades one’s entire life. Everything that might grant pleasure ultimately disappears. Every relationship that one might enjoy ultimately comes to an end, if not through immaturity and lovelessness then through death. There is no fundamental happiness or satisfaction in this life. Awakening to revulsion toward our ordinary possibility is the beginning of true “hearing” and “seeing,” or radical intuition and true feeling, in which we may realize a Condition that is absolutely Blissful and absolutely Conscious.

That Condition may be Realized even while we continue to be alive in the ordinary way, but the body-mind is superficial to the Self, superficial to the Free soul. When the soul truly Awakens, it breaks out of its atomic state in the heart and Radiates through and beyond the body-mind. Then the separate personality, the brain oriented individual, relaxes and becomes diffused in the Radiance of Consciousness, so that even while we appear to move around and act and think and do things in the ordinary way, there is no sense of being identical to the active body-mind. It is superficial and passing. It has its moments of pleasure and its moments of pain and it eventually dies. But in the meantime, and also when it dies, there is no sense any longer of identity with it. Rather, one is submitted into the Current in which the body-mind is just an appearance. One is submitted into the Consciousness in which the independent consciousness is just a recoil, a reflex, a knot, a contraction. When one is Awakened to what is prior to this contraction, then one Exists as that Radiant Consciousness that transcends this psycho-physical entity.

One may realize this Transcendental Condition while alive and enjoy its Destiny beyond this lifetime. This is my Communication and my Invitation to you.

“What is true? What is the case? What is this condition? What is our nature? Realize that and you realize what is of a transcendent nature, which has no qualification associated with it, no destiny, no birth, no death, no function. And it cannot be described from the human point of view. It cannot be described from any point of view within a universe. It is utterly free.” – Adi Da Samraj – 1975


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