The Democracy of One – Adi Da Samraj

 The Democracy of

Adi Da Samraj – 1993

The True Social Revolution I Propose

an Essay by, 1980

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Politics is founded on concern for the availability of
the goods and opportunities of human life. Truly human
culture is founded on concern for the right use of the goods
and opportunities of human life, as well as concern for the
continued growth and ultimate self-transcendence of human

The realm of politics is the realm of conventional
striving, and it tends to dominate human life with
dehumanizing force, unless Wisdom is valued by the people
and the men and women of power. Until the culture of Wisdom
produces individual responsibility and general agreement on
the Real and True Situation of human existence, all talk of
so-called “freedom” and “justice” is nothing more than
political gossip.

Every man and woman must be politically free to enjoy
access to the goods and opportunities of human life, but
every individual must (likewise) be morally and Spiritually
responsible for the right use of those goods and the right
exercise of those opportunities. Any other situation is
subhuman, bereft of culture, incompatible with true freedom
and justice, and leading nowhere but toward exploitation and

The true social revolution is a cultural and Spiritual
one, not a political or economic revolution. The political
and economic necessities become relatively easy to organize
once the Wisdom of the truly human cultural orientation is
generally accepted. Until humanity Awakens to the Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Situation and Purpose of human
existence, it will create no lasting peace or order, and
each day will bring the world closer to the finite chaos of
war and bewilderment. But if there is a real response to the
Wisdom-Teaching of Truth in the human world, then the true
revolution can begin, and all the dreadful destiny that now
lies before mankind can be dissolved in the Heart of Real

THE STATE, independent
of a society of cooperative communities, is a tyrant. The
community, without a benign, true, and free State to protect
its rights, is in fear and cannot fully release attention
toward the higher realization of human life.

Refuge, or the Radical Function of Community within the
Politics of State