Realization Requires All Kinds of Things You
Really Don’t Want Anything To Do With


“It doesn’t take being born as one of the rare few to be entered into the process of this Way. What is rare on any day is the number of realizers on the head of a pin – the number of realizers in the world, perfectly realized, absolutely realized, realizing the absolute, Self-Manifesting, the Absolute.

How many such beings are on your block? Rarity. What is rare is Realization. But all can take up the Way of Realization. Saying this is not something that flatters you as egos, because it requires profound practice and turning. It simply is the case because Reality is Always Already the case. The Divine Self-Condition is the case – the condition of all conditions of all beings therefore. It is true that anyone, any of you, can respond to Me and embrace this Way.

It will require much, in fact everything from you for perfect Realization to be the case. But you can enter into that process for real and benefit from the Presence of My Person and Blessing here and all My Instruction. This can be done by a turning of which you are completely capable and everyone is completely capable of that.

What is rare is for someone to appear among you who can tell you this and offer you this gift, a gift that actually can be received by everyone. And it’s not that it requires nothing of you. It requires everything of you. Unfortunately for you, a huge amount of what it requires is all kinds of things that really you don’t want anything to do with.”

Adi Da Samraj – October 2004