Do What You Must Do – Bubba Free John -1978

Do What You Must Do

November 4, 1978

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj)

If we lived in more or less holy times, you see, and there were true spiritual masters about every two miles along we could perhaps live quite comfortably here. But that is not the way it is. The world is in a dreadful condition at this moment.

The difference that must be made hasn’t anything whatsoever to do with an inward, inverted meditation technique that all the world must learn. It’s complete nonsense. That’s not what it is. It must be a transformation of the consciousness of human beings, and human beings individually and collectively must become involved in the fulfillment of the Divine Law.

If this does not happen, the earth is going to have to live through a cycle of purification that is devastating, absolutely devastating. It is almost inevitable in any case. All the comfortable conditions that you value in your life at the present time have a very short life-span considering the state of the world at this time.

So I must be permitted to be communicative. But the right form for my communication is through devotees. When the Spiritual Master has to enter into the public, the company of non-devotees, He becomes prophetic and He becomes a target of negativity, and so His role as Spiritual Master, you see, is undermined by that situation. He becomes a prophet but He is destroyed fundamentally, sometimes personally destroyed. But His effectiveness is what is destroyed, you see, His function as Spiritual Master is fundamentally what is destroyed.

This has always been obvious to Me and so when I began to do my work I didn’t enter into public, you see. I simply made Myself available and it wasn’t a holy community that came to Me. It was you all, and lots of others who didn’t survive it. But having understood this Law and what was required for My own work – that the devotee is the medium of that work – I submitted Myself to those who came to Me, to instruct them, to go through a period of time of lessons and theatre, to bring this Community to the point where you all could accept responsibility for this real practice in My Company.

When you have begun that true practice in My Company the natural function of the devotee is to bring others to the Spiritual Master. Basically, the way you all do that is by creating community with one another, entering into natural relations with people you do meet and creating an institution that can have a profound impact on public understanding. It’s to be seen whether or not you all will do this, you see, whether the Community of devotees is, in fact, what will surround, what will be my future condition.

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