Excerpted and edited from the essay
Do Not Enact The Cult of False “Adidam”
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must be in right relationship to me. Otherwise, I am un-real
to you.

If I am un-real to you, you will
inevitably create an egoically “programmed” form of
pseudo-“relationship” to me.

(N)ever relate to me in (a)
dissociative manner. When you relate to me, you must relate
to Me.

If the gathering of my devotees only
creates a bureaucratized and “programmed religion-business”
around Me, then I have absolutely no place in this

In that case, I become totally
subordinated to the “religion business”.

And the “religion-business” has
absolutely nothing to do with Me, even though the
“religion-business” may “steal” the name “Adidam” for

The “religion-business” is what egos
do with one another, in a state of total detachment from

In the “cult” Of False “Adidam”,
There Is Nothing but The egoic (social, organizational, and
merely ceremonial) Modes Of False “Relationship” To

In the “cult” Of False “Adidam”, I
Am The “Man In The Middle” – The “cult” Victim, or

The Dreadful ego-Drama Of Destroying
The “Man In The Middle” Is the blackest mummery Played By
the ego-“I”.

Because That Drama Is What egos
Do-and That Drama Is What “cults” Are.

If “cult” Is Not Prevented, “cult”

This Is Inevitable – Because ego is
what Is Happening In the. “world”.

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