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Beezone Forward to Adi Da Samraj essay
‘My First Word’



My First Word‘ is an essay that appears at the beginning of all Adi Da’s 23 source texts and his primary summary text, The Dawn Horse Testament. My First Word states Adi Da’s premise of who he is and who he is not. Beezone believes (for many reasons) a large portion of people who read (or try to read) Adi Da do in fact misunderstand what he writes. It is for this reason Beezone has written this Forward in the hope it will clarify some of these misunderstandings. Beezone is under NO illusion as to the criticisms people have of Adi Da’s ‘claims’ and ‘style’ of communicating. Beezone believes this is the ‘wrapping’ or the ‘first bite’ that people are responding to. So, Beezone implores you to read Adi Da from a larger view and not to take him in an absolute ‘literal’ sense. He is a paradox, so when reading Adi Da keep in mind, he is not only talking about Himself, but about You too. As he writes in My First Word, “My Realization is your realization”.


Forward to My First Word by Beezone

Please Do Not Misunderstand Adi Da Samraj.

He is not making any grand claims about God, Divinity or Truth.

He is simply stating Reality, Truth and God,

As He Is.

Realized and


This is my understanding

of Him.

He is NOT making an exclusive Communication.

What He is stating has always been stated

and Realized

To one degree

Or another

By Realizers.

Now Fully


For a New Epoch,

In a New Time.

Don’t confuse your limited


Understanding with


When He states ‘I Am’

The Only,

He is not exclusively

referring to

A limited body-mind.

If you do

You are missing

His point.

For you will only be looking at

Your defended

And offended


His Communication,

“I Am”,

Is Beyond,



Just Beyond.

The Bright




In the Heart.


It will


Like a black hole

Sucking all the universes

To a point of contraction,

In your heart.

Remember what He is


I Am That

And so are you.

But also remember,

There is no you!

In That.

There is Only Him


As One.

His Realization


Is your realization,

When Realized.

Not by you

but By Him.

Don’t get lost

In pronouns.

There is



and He Is That!


Always Prior,




yet conditional.

In Form,

A Paradox

To your limited understanding.

He is Not in the Middle.

He is Not Between.

He Is Here.

The only difference is you.

And so,




All of Mankind Is Surrounded,

and Pervaded,

and Blessed By

That One.



Not pronouns!

There is ONLY



In all is Billions

and Billions

of Reflections.

For your benefit,

and Understanding.

Please Do Not Misunderstand






My First Word

Adi Da Samraj

Part One

Truth Itself – No Ego – Truth, Reality and Religion – Confession

Part Two

Satsang – Cultism – Ego Trap

Part Three

True Devotionalism – Cultism – True Satsang – Round Dance – The Call – Signs

Part Four

The Cult – The Avatar


No thought or figure or any perception arising in the mind is, in itself, God. No thing, no body, no moment or place, in itself, is God. Rather, every moment, place, thing, body, or state of mind inheres in God. Whatever arises should be recognized in God, not idolized as God. Then all conditions become Reminders that draw us into the ecstatic presumption of the Mysterious Presence of the Living One.

The Transcendental Adept or true Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Living One, a Guide to Ecstatic Remembrance of the One in Whom all conditions arise and change and pass away. Such an Adept is not to be made into the Idol of a Cult, as if God were exclusively contained in the objective person and subjective beliefs of a particular sect. Rather, right relationship to the Adept Spiritual Master takes the form of free ecstatic surrender to the Living Divine based on recognition of the Living One in the Revelation of Freedom, Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Help, and Radiant Power that Shines in the Company of the Adept. Right relationship to a true Spiritual Master is the most fundamental basis of the universal process that is true religion, and there is no basis for “religious differences” at the level of actual practice and Realization.

Compulsory Dancing – Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1978.