Fourth to Seventh Stage


 Difference between
Fourth to Seventh Stage of Realization


Fourth and fifth stage traditions poist a cosmological
philosophy of “emanation” …a hierarchical sequence, from
the Divine. Whereas a sixth stage tradition are based on the
transcendence of the first five stages.

The first three stages of life are operative until the
navel breaks and the heart opens. Then all life is lived
from the heart. It is at this stage of life one begins the
fourth stage of life.

Fourth Stage

This stage of life corresponds to
the fourth charka.

The Heart Opens in Love, Truth and
Reality. There is a natural disposition of devotional
surrender to god truth, or the Mystery.

The of course does not mean one
does not have to function in the first three stages of life.
Quite the opposite, one continues to live just as before
except that all life is lived from the heart and is
primarily broken from the egoic struggle for identification
with the three lower stages of life. One if fundamentally
orientated and dependent on The Divine Reality or Truth, not
the ego struggle to the survival, recognition or domination
of the egoic bodymind. It is truly the first stage of the



Persons in the fifth stage of life
are always in Yogic Samadhi, always immersed in the ascended
Spiritual energies.
Examples: Swami Nityananda, Swami Muktananda, Swami
Rudrananda, Sai Baba of Shirdi, and Rang Avadhoot and
Akkalkot Maharaj (Upasani Baba).

Way of Absorption is a way associated with devotional and
Yogic disciplines associated with fourth stage of life. Of
which there is the “basic” and “advanced” phases. The
advanced stage is the second step in this Energic Way –
“absorption in energy”. This advanced step is also
corresponds to the fifth stage as a whole.

1. Way of Absorption – basic

2. Engeric Way – advanced

3. Absorption in the Void

4. Absorption in Bliss

A Realization of the fourth and fifth stage would affirm
that the conditional self is Really Siva (or the Formless
Divine) and the conditional world (from top to bottom) is
Really Siva. The confession that the conditional self
sublimed by the Revelation as subtle Yogic forms, is (even
as a psycho-physical self) Divine.


The sixth stage is someone always
founded in the Bliss of the Heart Itself, The Feeling of
Being, which transends the rising and falling energies of
the Circle (ascending and desending circuit of energies) of
the body-mind.
Examples: Brahmagna Ma, Sadguru Gnanananda, Ramana

A sixth stage tradition is based on a Transcendental
point of view, rather than on a conditional point of view,
or a psycho-physical or emanated, hierarchical cosmos.

A Realization of the sixth stage tradition would confess
the transcendence of the conditional self and only the
Trnascendental Self is affirmed. Identifing with only the
Transcendental Self.


Kashmir Saivism – Muktananda

Saiva Siddhanta

Tibetan Buddhism

Advaita Vedanta – (talking (Shankara*, Atmananda, Swami
Satchinanandendra Saraswati, Nisargaddatta Maharaj) and
practicing schools (Shankara, Swami Gnanananda, Brahmajna Ma
Ramana Maharshi).

This school has as a characteristic method of teaching is
engaging their listeners to verbal arguments. Which is in
contrast to the real ordeal and deep meditative process and

Practical self discipline, disinclination toward the
‘search’ for (and attachment to) conditional satisfactions
associated with the first five stages of life.

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