Can the Guru Awaken Part II

Can the Guru Awaken – part II
: I had to
edit this informal talk, so what this turns out to be is
about 90% Adi Da and 10% Beezone!

This is an unpublished informal talk with Bubba Free John
and some of his devotees which took place on April 18,
The devotees asked Adi Da about Franklin Jones, the
character who Adi Da was born as and in his response he
sheds light on the nature of the Guru and also the
unenlightened individual.

………… “(Franklin Jones)…is not a fictional
character in the sense that I sat down one day and made him
up….but my life was lived as a series of lessons over
against the cult of this world. And a such that kind of
life, even the life I live now (as Guru) among devotees,
which is a radically modified version of it, of course, but
has some similar purpose. That whole way of living is a part
of this world and like the rest of this world, is hopeless.
It doesn’t in itself lead to Divine Realization and the
human instrument in the Guru does not in its self lead other
to Divine Realization.

It is a paradoxical event. The
lessons of the Guru do not necessarily illuminate. They have
possibilities for those who are available, but there’s not
wholesale salvation. There is no grand transforming event.
People can come into contact with me and have the Divine
Vision, have all sorts of transforming experiences and gain
nothing from it. People can live intimately day after day
with me and gain nothing other than combination of their own
karmic life with another personality who is perhaps
uncommon, but in itself the whole mixture does not produce
Divine Illumination. So the event of the Guru or the event
of Franklin Jones is a paradoxical event. It implies Divine
Realization but does not guarantee it, and in itself is not
more hopeful for awakening of it than anything else a rain

Franklin Jones is an incident. It
was my way of allowing this vehicle to serve as a lesson,
and allowing it to go through all the transforming events,
which on a certain level are necessary, because I entered
this plane of existence…took hold of a psycho-physical
form which is not more illuminating than any other physical
form. It needed to be transformed. That transformation could
have taken place in any number of ways, the way that I chose
to do it was through this peculiar adventure of Franklin
Jones. So, all the things that could be said about Franklin
Jones are secondary, they’re not real in the absolute sense,
they are episodes in the life as a fictional character, if
you see it from this point of view. Franklin Jones as a
fictional character does not mean I pretended to be him,
it’s not that kind of fiction. It was generated in the face
of circumstances, and was workable, was useful for the sake
of others.

The Guru’s work is very much that
kind, the Guru’s himself must manifest that persona of that
kind, he must create changes, he must create qualities in
relationship. But he does all those things consciously for
the sake of devotees.

Franklin Jones is not the point, it
is not all that useful anymore than it would be useful to
take down in detail all the things that I say and do around
the ashram everyday. It is not really the point, it doesn’t
really tell the whole story. The story to be told is the
spiritual process itself, that is what is Real.

The Guru is already liberated and
has Liberating Intelligence. He is a tool and instrument of
the Divine and his function is to undermine the ego,
Narcissus. He is a lesson for his devotees and ultimately
the world. The fundamental meditation of the Guru is one who
meditates others. Once you put your attention on the Guru
the principal of Satsang is active. And the responsibility
of sacrifice is activated. Until the fullness of His
Meditation is Your Condition what is generated is a quality
of being ‘ripped off’.

For anyone in whom this spiritual
process is alive, the process moment to moment is a active
process of transcending possibilities. Conditions are being
created for you which create crises, a sense of loss (or
love), awareness of your games and all that. So there’s a
purifying effect (heat) generated in relationship to the

The sense of crisis is only the
sense of irresponsibility, you have something happening to
you. Whereas when this process is alive in you, this
sacrificial process is truly active, it is no longer
happening to you. The fact is that one’s suffering (or
enjoyment) is not happening to you at all. It is something
that you are doing and for which you must become responsible
for, and then surrender it to the divine.

This responsibility begins when
there is a little self observation and insight. Only then
can the true spiritual process begin. Until then it’s
philosophy and the talking school. To dwell in the process
that is without change, without a beginning or an end, is to
dwell in an absolute intensity without any qualities

When you have fallen into the Heart
perfectly, then the realm of change which is all of this
stuff, this vast functional dimension of outer gross and
inner and subtle changes, assumes a kind of Illuminated
Quality that is without subject and object.

This world is all about duality and
will always be. It is always turning on itself, falling in
on itself. Making everyone of its forms obsolete. Everything
that arises is being cut-down. The world will never become
single, it will always be double. It is movement, a cycle.
it can certainly be made more harmonious than it is, but
from the divine point of view, it will always be two edged.
That is what enable it to evolve on itself, that is how is
produces form. When it becomes single, then it is already
obsolete, then it disappears.

The tendency of this world is of
experience. Always seeking to maintain the security of our
apparent birth, and to create a hedge around ourselves with
experience and conditions so that we will not be penetrated
and suffer the death that is implied in our birth. And so we
go through life accumulating experiences, conditions,
thoughts, memories, inclinations of all kinds. All of which
act as a hedge, a force of security around

But the spiritual process of another
event entirely in which every individual is turned out of
that principal of security, and asked to perform a sacrifice
in which he or she is always liberating himself from
entanglements with the Goddess, from a false relationship
with the Goddess, experience. He is always asked to
sacrifice it, not sacrifice it by ripping it away in some
unconscious way, but by turning into the divine, The Heart.
By doing so he or she is able to to sacrifice all the forms
that he’s accumulated and that are arising in him from hour
to hour. His freedom is of an entirely different

Everyday everything is fresh, he can
participate in an ongoing world event without declining,
without becoming solid, because that sacrifice if being
performed in him moment to moment. So all beings then remain
fresh for him or her, the world remains new, always being
created, moment to moment. He is not merely throwing away
things, but being involved in a holy practice of sacrifice,
without a bottom, without securities, without a floor to
stand on. That floor or security is what ego needs,
requires, searches for. The principle of the Heart must be
generated in order for this process to begin and be

For all, those who are awakened or
awakening, or asleep, there are only the conditions of this
world that are available, the ordinary pleasures and events.
Even the extraordinary is available but they to are subject
to the cycles of birth and death.