Hearing – The basis of Understanding in the teaching of Adi Da Samraj

“The entire process of the Way of the Heart is a
progressive development of the process of hearing.”

Adi Da Samraj

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The End Section of The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar (2004)

Chapter 19.

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“Before I Can Be Seen In Truth, I Must Be Heard


“Hearing is the First Great Realization and Unique Gift and the Root-Foundation of The Way of the Heart”



Hearing is the True and Right capability of self-Understanding. It is Considered, Tested over time after Listening Process is also Considered and Tested over time. The Listening Process has to be engaged and practiced, i.e. one can not ‘jump’ to hearing. Listening Process continues into the Hearing stages and then into the Spiritual Context of Fourth Stage of Life.

The Heart will not release the motive and commitment to self-Contraction until the Un-Naturalness and Logic is Thoroughly Observed, felt and Understood.

The issue is, self-Contraction is Automatic and unconscious. Hearing is a event of the Total Being. Hearing Directly and Thoroughly allows ego to be Observed, Understood as an Activity (and an effort). When this ‘occurs’ there is Comprehension and Understanding. This Comprehension and Understanding is about the self-Contraction, in all forms. Hearing allows the self-Contraction to be no longer unconscious. It is Understood and therefore Not necessary. It can be released, felt beyond. Beyond functional happenings and gone beyond. Gone beyond, Transcended, beyond patterns (habits of body, mind, emotion and breath) of contraction in all circumstance, By Grace. The ‘result’ of Hearing is Responsibility, Responsibility for the self-Contraction has been REGAINED.

In the beginning the Purpose of self-Observation is Effectively exposing the self-Contraction and developing the capability for self-transcendence. When Hearing awakens there is demonstration of devotion, self-Discipline and Meditation which then can truly begin. All previous practices will become newly Effective. Before practices servered self-Observation – now they become Expressions, Extensions of self-Transcendence.

When there has been True Hearing Whatever arises, arises in an Awakened Capability. The arising (Meeting) of phenomena now Engaged, is practiced with Insight (self-Enquiry) or Faith (japa). Prior practices may be continued with a fundamental difference. Practices now become Expressions not services to self-Observation.

Hearing is Sensitivity and Conviction to and of self-Contraction with the Understanding all self-effort is a frutiless search.

Hearing = Seeing In the Context of Fourth Stage of Life.

A sign of Hearing is the Heart Opens into Feeling of non-separateness. When Hearing is stable by the practices of self-responsibility and Equanimity – Full Capability is Awakened.

The process of Sadhana is Transitional Yoga. It is a Yoga of Preparation which is the Foundation of The Way of the Heart. It is a Spritual Ordeal – A Great Sadhana . The prcoess starts with the Listening phase which is in the Exoteric Dimension. It is Not ego based, it is based on preliminary ‘Searchless Beholding”.

My early work drew My Avataric Work out of Myself. Now it My Work is Full and Complete.

My State, My Word, My Play reveals and transcends the self-Contraction.


Self-Contraction is not happening TO you, YOU are doing it!

Suffering = Pain = Own Action.

To Deal with Pain Transcend the Act of self=Contraction in the Face of All Arising Suffering and Bewilderment – Potential, past, present, future.

In the capability of Hearing there is No Victim nor the feeling of being Trapped.

The essence of Hearing is self-Responsiblity.

Hearing is the First Great Realization and Unique Gift and the Root-Foundation of The Way of the Heart.

Hearing is the Root Foundation of ego-Transcending ‘Process’.

Hearing Is Realization and Responsibility.

Hearing is No self-Contraction in all forms, No Seeking, Given By Grace which is the Awakening to Spiritually Awakened Stages, Fourth Stage of Life.

Attention and Study to My Argument, Instruction and Leelas Reveals self-Observation and self-Understanding.

Hearing unlocks the Heart and allows the Yoga of an Active Heart.

Hearing Awakens Heart Motive and old habits and Results of ego habits Begin to Fall Away, by Stages.

Hearing is Sudden, Central, Direct and Radical. Covers Everything all at Once. Single Capability of Clarity.

Hearing is a Sadhana, an ongoing state and capability with greater and greater capability of transcending deep habits of identication with body, mind, emotion and breath.

Hearing allows Freedom and Equanimity in the mind and body.

With Hearing, Body, Mind, Emotion and Breath are felt Beyond, Transcended, Naturally.

Hearing cannot be Sought.

Hearing Suddenly By The Approaching Sight of Me (Brightening), By intution, mind, body and breath, All at Once, The Brighening of The ONlY One Who Is.

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