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The Highest Form of Seeking

Adapted from the journals of Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj 1971) – Beezone


“When the process of your Contemplation of Me becomes more profound and even subtle, then you’re in the aspiration of becoming one with Me, united with Me, a part of Me, seeking to be one with Me. So the disposition or the aspiration of being one with Me, Communing with Me utterly, grows beyond the servant stage. The servant life remains, but the depth of the process becomes one of entering into Contemplative Communion with Me, to enjoy undifferentiated Union with Me, ultimately Non-Separation from Me.” – Adi Da Samraj, 1996


The real order in which Understanding arises is when the exclusive search or impulse to the the light – or dark – is relaxed. This exclusive compulsion to either the light or the dark must be obviated or relaxed in understanding.

Understanding is not the temporal disposition to forgo the dark and lower and tend deliberately to the light and higher. Understanding is not a conscious decision in mind. Understanding at the most fundamental and extended points of seeking is always radical.

The tour, identities and indulgences of the dark and lower is not fundamental or the most extended point of seeking. It is only ordinary and desparate. But is only when the search, in the most intense form, yearning or investigating into fundamental existence, that is most extended, passionate and demanding.



Understanding arises radically in the fundamental event of extended seeking, the pursuit of truth, salvation and liberation. When it occurs at this point, the whole matter of seeking is disarmed. Until then, the search is of a low, undeveloped, distracted order. There is only facination with automatic, occupations.

When the higher, lightful, fundamental striving begins there is only a movement of the search into its fullest form. Even then there is only opposition or a movement of facination away from the dark and lower, and that turning away is problematic and unconclusive. Then the search uncovers lighter forms above, the mysterious realms of intuitive cognition and subtle forms that are in the higher centers of manifest existence and these tend by repetition and magnification of our desire to displace the lower forms of consciousness or really, sub-consciousness and the compulsive perceptiveness of vitality and gross solidity. But the form seeking remains as the essential model of existence, and the experiences in the higher ranges are not conclusive.


It is not so much that you turn to the Guru. The Guru turns to you. By the time you realize that you have turned, you have become nothing. It is not really the drama of turning to the Guru, it is the drama of living under the pressure of the Guru’s having turned to you. – The Garbage and the Goddess



At any point in the turning to fundamental seeking understanding may arise. Even before it develops self-conscious, methodically extremes and the subtle devices of spirituality, even before the fascinations of ordinary experience ceases to occupy, even while these things themselves conceal the fundamental needs of seeking, understanding may arise. And when the fundamental (seeking) is obviated in understanding, the ordinary, secondary and compulsive (need to seek) ceases to control and own the process of cognizing or experiencing.

It is the seeker in extremes who comes to understanding, not the mediocre, nearly satisfied self-exploiting, unintelligent man. The mediocre man is not ripe for understanding, nor is the merely fascinated or dispassionate man. But there is grace in the Heart. The Heart itself is grace. In the presence of the Heart, even mediocre men become great seekers. They are goaded from within, and all their strategies are made fine, so that they turn to mad and desperate demands and bring their bearers to the Heart. It is by kindness and endless aggravation measured hour by hour in the subtle intelligence of the man of understanding, that the Heart moves men to truth.


Hemalekha with a smiling and delighted face heard her husband and thought within herself: He is now pure in mind and blessed of God. He is evidently indifferent to the pleasures of life and is also strong in mind. This must be due to God’s grace alone and his former virtues are now bearing fruit. The time is now ripe for him to be enlightened, so I will enlighten him. She said: Lord, God’s grace is upon you, and you are blessed!

Dispassion cannot arise otherwise. It is the criterion of God’s grace that the mind should be rapt in the quest for truth, after becoming detached from sensual pleasures. I shall now solve the puzzle of my life-story.

My mother is Transcendence — pure Consciousness; my friend is intellect (discerning faculty); ignorance is Madam Dark, the undesirable friend of intellect.

The caprices of ignorance are too well known to need elucidation, she can delude anyone, making a rope seem to be a serpent and striking terror in the onlooker.

Her son is the greatest of illusions — the mind; his wife is thought or conception or imagination; her sons are five in number, namely, hearing, taste, sight, touch and smell, whose mansions are the respective senses.


SATSANG – The Highest Yoga

The man of understanding, present among men, is the conditions, the mysterious fascination, the presence of what only is, whereby men become extreme enough to understand. In this sense the highest yoga is Guru, surrender to Guru, endless service to Guru, utter absorption in Guru. It is so because, when yoga has become so extreme and fundamental, it is nearly ripe to overcome itself. Therefore, the highest form of seeking is to go to the man of understanding and live with him, or else by turning to him again and again, receiving his offering, and enduring all the conditions of relationship he creates or that seem to arise hour by hour, to endure and understand the search, and so enjoy the Heart in truth.

Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj – 1971) – Edited and adapted by Beezone


The Crisis of Understanding

All Spiritual Masters stress that there is a crisis in consciousness involved in spiritual life. The seeker (or the non-seeker) must come to a Zero Point, as Adi Da calls it, in which the search is revealed as self-contraction. The self-contraction and the search is the condition of the seeker. It’s only when the seeker sees his or her condition, feels it, has returned to his or her present condition of suffering and is without recourse, fallen into his or her own limitation that True Insight and Understanding can arise. There must be this crisis.

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