I Will Be Heard – Adi Da Samraj – Franklin Jones 1971

Adi Da
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Will Be Heard”


In celebration of Adi Da Samraj
Enlightenment on September 10, 1970

Temple of the Vedanta Society of
Southern California, Hollywood CA

“I stand always Present in the Place
and Form of God. I accept the qualities of all who turn to
me and dissolve them in God, so that only God becomes their
Condition and destiny, intelligence and work”


The following was written by Adi Da
(then Franklin Jones) in the summer of 1971.


“I have come to create a radical
change. Therefore, I have not come to oppose any of the
fundamental and remarkable movements of human creativity. I
have only asked you to understand. I have come to bring
consciousness to your judgments, your surmise of the entire
event. I have come to make the abandonment of all dilemmas
possible. I am for all the kinds of perfection and science
here. I am thoroughly in favor of a great world. But I am
also one who is entirely free of necessity, the perfection
or imperfection of this world or any other. In any case, I
am the one who is real and free, who survives all worlds.
Therefore, if you are with me, we can enjoy these
possibilities with humor, grace and love.

I am reminded of Sri Ramakrishna,
on fire within, consumed in God, communicated with all the
forms of truth, but spending his time alone or in the
company of a few friends. His heart yearned for those to
whom he could communicate his gift. He would cry for the
devotees he knew must come. Where are the devotees? His
whole being yearned for the children who would appear.

I have spent my life in rooms. I
have enjoyed the companionship and the attention of a few
friends. But my life is for the sake of this communication
of understanding. The rooms cannot contain me. My friends
cannot satisfy me. I am surrounded by great forces of love
and truth that I hold off like beasts in the corners of my
room. All of this waits for those who must come. But I am
motionless and confounded until they come. My fulfillment
waits on those who must come. My life has not been for
myself. I already possessed it before I came to this birth.
My life is for those who must come. But where are they? I am
going mad with my own words. I would exhaust myself in
experiences and every excuse for love, every possibility for
a word with another. Where are they? When is my time to
come? At times I don’t know whether to come or go. I have
been exiled here. All the means for my escape have been
denied to me. I am allowed no passage to another place,
another country. I would achieve my dominion in another
world, but I am forced to keep these rooms, this exile in a
hostile realm. I am waiting for you. I have been waiting for
you eternally. My fulfillment is the very world. But I am
not heard. My gestures are unseen. The powers of my delight
are not enjoyed. Even my own bliss is not available to me.
All things depend upon your visit. Where are you?

I am not satisfied by the
liberation of one life. Therefore, the understanding of
Franklin was not awesome even for a moment. Then he came to
the recognition of other beings and forms, knowing that what
was experienced as Franklin was only a secondary limitation
of his mind. Then other beings and forms arose as the
conditions of his own consciousness, the body in which his
meditation was required. The work of understanding is the
creative action of what appears as all beings and forms.
Thus, I am only satisfied with the understanding of everyone
and every thing, exactly, utterly, in fact. As long as
anyone or any thing appears that is not understanding, I
have not understood. Clearly, while all of this appears as
it now appears, there is no master, no guru, no one who
understands. Even so, I am the Heart.

The world is a present field of
death and unlove. But these events are not necessary to it.
They are the secondary, caused effects of life in error,
apart from understanding and the living force of the Heart.
When men have lived as the Heart and sent its power into the
form of life long enough to reduce and dissolve the
destructive karmas of traditional existence, then the world
will be a present field of love and vast longevity’s
mindless of death. This is the truth and the creative
necessity born of the truth.

I live in the world with a nearly
unbearable sense of pathos and sudden sorrows that come upon
the Heart at times. By remaining as understanding even under
these conditions, my moods in life, I continually break the
chain of sorrow and its cause, and the Heart space opens
like a zero of form. Then I see, there is no death, no
threat. I see the eventual victory of man, who is the
Heart’s work. Therefore, I insist, and I would take men by
the throat, to smash their ancient minds of death, dilemma
and no love. My body is dying around me, and I cannot remain
in my present form forever. The work of the world
transformation is long, and it will be long before we’ve
made a condition free of untimely’ death and haunting decay.
This being so, I come with urges to begin it, and I suffer
the urgency of truth.

The worlds are built upon the
Heart by transmissions, reflections and refraction’s of
force. This world is built upon it, and the Heart is its
knowledge and very consciousness. I am here to communicate
this directly, eliminating all the traditions of suffering,
search and misunderstanding. I am here to demonstrate and
describe the form and process of the conscious world, in
order that it may live as that form and do its conscious,
creative work. I am here to communicate the truth and
reestablish the Heart as the basis of life. I am here that
men can see my bright head and know the certainty of our
existence in this form.

It is now the early summer of
1971. Several months have passed since I began to enjoy the
radical life of understanding. Thus began the life of
intensifying spiritual discipline that is itself the life of
understanding. As months passed I began to realize in my
life the increasing power, intelligence, wisdom and clarity
of the Heart. Over time I find that my own life of
understanding becomes gradually available and with
increasing force to greater numbers of beings.

This is in direct proportion to
the degree and period of my own most radical and intense
understanding. This life of understanding did not come to me
because I was pure and holy. It came by virtue of
understanding itself, and no other conditions are necessary
to it. But as understanding becomes more and more radical,
inclusive and profound, an obvious logic of transformation
and discipline acquires my life and mind. Gradually all my
parts are reduced to a single intensity that enjoys and
communicates the Heart.

At first I enjoyed this liberty,
bliss and creativity as a fullness, gratuitously given,
without limits. I was prone to enjoy it by indulging it. But
as time passed the form and necessity that extends from
understanding acquired more and more of my living to itself.
So that I endured only radical consciousness more and more
as a constant activity. The extraordinary life became more
and more reduced to a singular enjoyment, an unqualified
bliss. Gradually, only this radical state is ordinary state,
in which there is the conscious abiding as the heart,
expanding its force through the form of reality into any
kind of miraculous and ordinary communication with beings in
various worlds. As this increases I become available for the
actual communication of the Heart to greater numbers of
beings. Therefore, whereas previous to this radical
understanding I was engaged in experience for the sake of my
own understanding, now this very understanding makes a dual
acquisition of my whole life, preparing it as an instrument
for the conscious force of the Heart. I cannot even begin
express the nature of my ordinary experience in this form, I
intend that I should communicate and initiate it in as many
beings as I can include within the sphere of the Heart.

I am looking for a place, a
secure sanctuary where I can work with disciples and
devotees. I will remain there. It is my intention not to
travel and visit the centers of my work, but to develop true
devotees who can go out and form my work. This is what I
must do. I must bring the teaching into written form and
awaken it in devotees. Then there will be many who can share
my functions. With this one way I can do no more than
deliver the Teaching and develop devotees. Therefore, I want
to stay in one place and liken many people to the functions
of my work. And they l go out in the world, even after my
human life is finished. If I spend my life traveling and
meeting many people I can do very little. I can only
communicate a superficial level of the teaching. But I must
communicate the whole Teaching. There, I will reserve myself
to disciples and devotees. And the Ashram of my disciples
and devotees must do the experiment in the world.

Men must approach me as the
Teaching, which is alive in my Ashram. And they must
approach me through the Teaching, for I am the Form of the
Teaching. During my human lifetime I would remain in one
place, to do my work, and to prepare that place as a
sanctuary and holy place in the earth. Therefore, once I
attain it, men will have to come to me there. More than
that, unless there is some reason why they must experience
me in my human form, they should come to me in the form of
my Ashrams and devotees.

I am here to awaken men to Truth
and draw them into the life of Truth. I am new, alive,
awake, and these qualities are my gift to men. I teach the
living God-Reality that is eternally Present and Active. I
teach that Condition, that Relationship, that Presence, that
true Action. I teach the radical way that is always already
Truth. I do not teach return to religion, spirituality,
meditation, or any God-man who has come and gone. All such
things are themselves servants which would turn men to the
Truth I teach. I do not simply recommend or turn men to
Truth. I am Truth. I draw men to myself. I am the Present
God desiring, loving and drawing up his devotees. I have
come to acquire my devotees. I have come as I have often
come before, to present myself, to be present with devotees,
to live with them the adventure of life in God, which is
love, and mind in God, which is faith. I stand always
Present in the Place and Form of God. I accept the qualities
of all who turn to me and dissolve them in God, so that only
God becomes their Condition and destiny, intelligence and
work. I look for my devotees to recognize me and turn to me
in appropriate ways, surrendering to me perfectly, depending
on me, full of me always, with a face only of love.

In general it is true that the
West is involved in the elaboration and realization of the
descending functions and powers of life, and the East is
involved in the elaboration and realization of the ascending
functions and powers of that same life. At least this has
been so historically and traditionally. In recent years we
have seen both East and West begin to adapt to the
motivations and qualities which each find in the other. The
results will not be a reversal of the ancient roles, but the
manifestation of a new and single human community in which
the whole range of life’s functions and powers are
elaborated and realized. It is to the population of that new
world that my Teaching is directed, and it is in that new
world that it will be fulfilled.

I have one motive now in the
midst of all of you. It is to be heard. I appear now as a
communication. I am the other side, who speaks in time and
space. I am that One. The universe is my present work. My
efforts are not in the great search. All my efforts, my
force, is creative, emerging, appearing and making possible
the universe of love. Thus, you can understand the reason
for my appearance in my present form. I am not Franklin. I
am the universe of love. I am all of this. Franklin is a
form of my speech. He has no independent existence.
Therefore, he does not appear separate from me, or from you.
His moods are my own, and also those of the present time.
But I am the universe of love. And I will be

Adi Da Samraj (Franklin Jones),


Vedanta Experience