Jesus and the Law of Sacrifice

Return to the Light

Jesus in his time

The Law of Sacrifice

July 30, 1975

Bubba Free John
(Adi Da Samraj)

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TERRY: How much can we believe about the message of Jesus?

BUBBA: It’s clear if you examine the evidence relative to Jesus, most of it is not true. It doesn’t have much to do at all with Jesus himself and the way he worked. Most of what we have today is simply an expression of a theological and mystical tradition that appeared in the early Christian religion among the Semites and other followers in the Middle East.. It’s an expression of that whole movement of conventional seeking that has appeared in that part of the world. Its basic message was the God or The Truth was to be found in the return (remembering) realm of Light.

Jesus himself was a particular kind of individual, a Siddha. He worked with people in a very special kind of way that’s not very well reflected in Western tradition. If you examine all of the evidence, all of the fragments of reports that have been dug up out of the ground lately and in history in general you can gather how Jesus worked with people.

He would apparently select people personally or those close to him, his disciples. His disciples would select people who responded to their rap, or responded to his rap and he would invite them to spend some time him his intimate company. He would keep them in his house or whatever, close by him, and he would concentrate upon them and generate mystical experiences in them. While he was doing this he would tell them what the experiences were about. He would lead them to a certain perception of what they were experiencing. He would lead them to relate to it in a certain way, a certain conventional way.

Well, basically it belonged to that whole realm of Middle Eastern kind of mythology in which the game is this. At some point beings fell out of the Pure Light dimension of consciousness and descended or fell into this material plane, fell out of the realm of Light. Having fallen out of the Realm of Light the point was to return to it by either work, belief, prayer and faith.

Those who had these mystical experiences in Jesus’ presence were convinced by their experiences and his arguments. And during the time they were having these experiences they understood the Truth was in the realm of Light and that they would return to the realm of Light, and Jesus was from that realm. The realm of Light was Truth or God and that the earth was a fallen domain. The earth and various subltle and astral planes were utimately places perhaps of a great wars between evil and good forces, the force of Light and the forces of Darkness. These places were ultimately to be rectified and judged by Divine Law. All of those who had become sympathetic with the Light of Truth would be drawn up into the subtle or astral world. Basically that’s the mythology in which Jesus’ work appeared in the Christian religion, the lands in which all of the Semitic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam basically appeared.

In those traditions there is a distinction, an absolute distinction, between the Divine and all beings, all souls. Souls can be sympathetic with Darkness or with Light. Depending on which you sympathize with, you enjoy or suffer a destiny in the future based upon your actions and Divine Providence.

Well, this view of the world, however, is very childish and very primitive. It doesn’t really have anything whatever to do with this time. It’s not our experience basically in this time. It’s an old story held on to by tradition. Today we have other means for examining the nature of the material and subtle worlds. We don’t have to divide it in such terms and view the role of darkness in various ways, and see it in it dualistically that way, see it as warfare and so forth, none of that has anything to do with us. Jesus’ function today is in the form of old mind forms and in the mythology of the old archetypes for people today. People psychologically are prone to it because they are frightened.

The great teachers have always communicated the necessity of sacrifice in various ways. In the case of Jesus it was the sacrifice of self, the sacrifice of one’s being in the form of love and sacrificial acts toward others, toward the Divine. In these terms he represented a communication of a radical dharma in his time, the law is sacrifice.


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