Forces of Light and Dark –
Teachings of Jesus and Eastern Mysticism

July 30,1975

Bubba Free John


“The teachings of Jesus and the way in which he practiced it belonged to the whole realm of middle Eastern mythology. In which at some point beings fell out of the pure Light dimension into this plane and took on the role of darkness. Truth was the realm of Light and followers of Jesus would return to the realm of Light. Jesus was from the realm of Light and and that the realm of Light andTruth. The earth was a fallen domain, ultimately to be the place perhaps of a great war between evil and good forces, the force of Light and the forces of darkness, and earth was a place that was ultimately just to be dissolved and judged. And all of those who had become sympathetic with the Truth of Light would be drawn up into the subtle Light world. And basically that’s the mythology in which Jesus’ work appeared and in which the Christian religion appears, in which all of the Semitic religions basically appear. And in that tradition there is a distinction, an absolute distinction between the Divine and all beings, all souls. And souls can be sympathetic with darkness or with Light. And depending on which you sympathize with, you enjoy or suffer a destiny in the future based upon the acts of God. Well, this view of the world, however, is very childish and very primitive. And it doesn’t really have anything whatever to do with us it’s not our experience basically. We have other means for examining the nature of the material world, even, so we don’t have to divide it in such terms and view it dualistically that way, see it as a warfare and so forth.

None of that has anything to do with us. And Jesus’ conventional work really doesn’t belong to this time. It doesn’t have any function really any more except in the mythology of the archetypes that people psychologically are prone to because they are frightened.And it is relative to the whole affair of sacrifice, and all of the great teachers communicated this, the notion of this necessity, the notion of this law of sacrifice in various ways. And in the case of Jesus it was the sacrifice of self, the sacrifice of one’s being in the form of love and sacrificial acts toward others, toward the Divine and so forth. And in these terms he represents a communication of the radical dharma in his time.”

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