What does it mean to ‘Locate‘ the Spiritual Presence of What Is True, Real and The Source? – A Beezone Study


A Beezone enquiry
into what Adi Da Samraj has written and said about
“locating’ the Source.

“This is My Teaching and it is
resisted by egos”


Imaginary Disease of Un-Reality

– Dreaded Gom Boo

What does it mean to
the Spiritual Presence of What Is True, Real
and The Source?

If and when you have then
you have entered into the stream and fire of the Way of
Great Person, At and From The Heart, Divinely Stimulated and
Awakened…and there is no doubt about that!


To understand what Adi Da means when
he uses the word ‘locate’ in conjunction with the references
to Himself and/or Reality there can be said to be a
‘process’ in it’s fuller comprehension. And this fuller or
wider comprehension can then be understood to be in a linear
progression (not that it actually is). This progress goes
along a line of understanding as something like:

First there is (1) purification,
then there is the ability to (2) Locate and then have
some form of (3) recognition. The (4) influence (Siddhi)
demonstrates the law of (5) surrender (response –
submission) to the (6) transmission and (7) baptism which
then results in the (8) transformation of the


The following are excerpts from the written and spoken
word of Adi Da Samraj

“When real purification,
rebalancing, enlivening, and clarification have taken place
and the individual is collected in devotion to the Realizer
and has proven it to the degree that he or she able to
Locate” the Spiritual Person of the Realizer,
directly, then the sadhana is transformed, by virtue of the
Realizers Spiritual Transmission.”

to the Source

“You have to keep examining yourself
until you Locate your own activity, of which all of
that is a result. That is the process of listening that
becomes true hearing. You must go on from the periphery, the
outer results of your seeking, to Locate your own
action. You may progress by degrees, if you like, by steps,
but you must get to the very core that is your separate and
separative self, in action as the self-contraction. That is
the process of listening and hearing. You must keep going
one step behind whatever you are describing. You must get
closer to the core action, the root-action.”

– Heart Conversion
Talk Series – 1993

“You must commit yourself to that
situation of Divine Communion. In that Communion, through
hearing and revelation, the recoil of self becomes weaker
and weaker in your responsibility. You’ve got to
Locate yourself in this incident of present Communion
and adapt to It, that is basically what it is. You are
tending to repeat old adaptation, but now you are free to
adapt to this.”


“In the egocentric form, conditional
existence cannot “Locate” Happiness, Truth, or
Reality, but it is confined entirely to the visions and
sufferings of independent selfhood. Therefore, many who have
seen this to be so have called humanity to escape
conditional existence…what I Call for is self-observation,
self-understanding, and self-transcendence, in the midst
of…the play of conditional existence.”

Liberation from ego and egoic Society

“Transcendental Realization
requires, as a prerequisite, the purificatory release of
karmic accumulations, or the tendencies of attention that
limit and suppress the ability of attention to Locate
its Ultimate Source-Condition.”

is the Conscious Process

“If you truly Locate the
self-contraction in this Yoga of devotion to Me, you
simultaneously Locate Me and discover the immediate
means always available to you for going beyond that
ego-knot. In the hearing practice, there’s basically a
single gesture, whatever it’s accompaniments. It’s a matter
of standing in the position of that act, that
self-contraction, that knot, not just experiencing it from
some point of view outside it, and directly feeling beyond
it. So that becomes the basis of practice once hearing is
the case. It’s a very direct gesture. It may be accompanied
by Nama Japa or self-Enquiry, whatever, and “conductivity”
practice,your whole life of practice,but still fundamentally
it’s this one gesture every moment. It’s not working on the
self-contraction from outside. It’s standing in its

Knot of Self Contraction

“Therefore, we
must be converted from our self-contraction and Locate

the Spiritual Reality in every moment.”

“Those who are only beginning their
association with me in this Way are yet preoccupied with the
initial obligation to listen to and hear or understand the
Teaching. Therefore, they are also preoccupied with the
struggle to adapt to the various disciplines that are their
obligation. For these reasons, such people have not yet
developed the means of Communion with the Adept’s
Transmission. And, for them, a formal relationship to me as
the Teaching Source is their right form of association with
me. But as their practice begins to develop, devotees also
begin to “find” me, or Locate the Power of my
Spiritual Transmission in their daily lives. For this
reason, I make myself available to actual practitioners in
various occasions or gatherings devoted to the Magnification
of my Transmission.”

is the Conscious Process

“Use Your Ability To “Locate
Me By Means Of The Concentrated Study (and “Consideration”)
Of My Heart-Revealing Word

If (or When) You Are My Listening
Devotee, My Hearing Devotee, or My Seeing Devotee, Use Your
Ability To “Locate” Me By Means Of Devotional
attention To The Stories Of My Effective and Liberating Work
(Made By Sacrifice and The Ordeal Of Submission To the world
and To all those who Resort To Me)

If (or When) You Are My Listening
Devotee, My Hearing Devotee, or My Seeing Devotee, Use Your
Ability To “Locate” Me By Means Of Devotional
attention To My Physical Appearance (Itself, or As It Is
Made Specifically Visible By Forms Of Representation, Even
In the mind)

Dawn Horse Testament

“The Influence, or Siddhi that you
have entered into is the Power and Being in which all of
nature is arising. And therefore it has its effect on all of
the apparently objective conditions of your existence, just
as it has an effect upon the subjective conditions. So in
daily life, you notice this influence making changes, if
your sensitive and really practicing in this company, in
both the subjective and objective levels of your


“Therefore, the
secret of living is to remain in a state of pleasure. That
is your responsibility. The secret of living with others is
to Locate
the free attention and essential pleasure in
them and in yourself and redirect them to their sanity by
that means.”

“Most people hardly even feel the
great Force of God that pervades this universe. If you could
Locate” It, you would “Locate” Absolute
Love-Bliss. Since endless time, I have always been
Love-Blissful, I have always received the Divine

of Immortal Happiness

“Instead of this effort of thinking
to Locate something that will make you feel good and
justify surrender, you should be actively surrendering, on
the basis of hearing and seeing, submitting yourself whole
bodily to this participatory disposition. This means you
must submit bodily, release bodily contractions, submit
without placing limits on the Living Current, on this Circle
of conductivity. You must submit attention. To submit
attention means you cannot let attention become fastened in
thought. You must submit emotionally. To submit emotionally
means you cannot let emotion assume a contracted form,
become a reactive state. You must simply feel whatever is
the case. You must put yourself in a position to be wholly
vulnerable to whatever is the case, through feeling. Feeling
is a kind of touch. Our communication with feeling is a
circuit, in fact, that relates you to whatever is the case
altogether, or Reality.”

Art of Spiritual Life

DEVOTEE: Is heart-felt
attention something you can do? At times my attention will
drift, and then I can return into service by centering in
the heart. Is this a valid practice?

BUBBA: It is not a matter of
centering. The mind could put its attention on the heart,
but this practice is not a matter of attention on the heart,
Heartfelt attention is attention from the heart. It is to
return to feeling – the Presence from the heart. It is not a
matter of directing the mind toward the center of, from body
or the region of the heart itself, as if you are trying to
get into your insides or to Locate your mind in the
heart. Mind must become that attention, the heart must
become that attention, the body must become that attention
to the Presence. It is not a matter of going

Felt Attention

“Sadhana hurts. It sublimes you. It
intensifies and deepens meditation. It moves you into a
greater sphere before you indulge in reactivity, before you
indulge in self-contraction, before you indulge in the
body-mind, before you indulge in conditional identification.
There is a Supreme Place of Being Itself. That is Where you
Locate yourself through sadhana, through discipline,
through heat, through ordeal.”


“Right (understanding) involves the
exercise of will and discriminative intelligence—the
actual exercising of that and examining things clearly, and
“considering” this Teaching, as the way of embracing

This is what keeps you focused
seriously, this capacity. Its not a matter of just riding on
the body-mind and its adaptations. Discriminative
intelligence and the will are in charge. So don’t play the
child with Me. I’m not your parent. This is what it

of Attention