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“Love Is a Fierce Force”

Avatar Adi Da Samraj in the San Juan Islands

In early April, while visiting Seattle, Avatar Adi Da
Samraj accepted the invitation of a devotee to stay at her
home in the San Juan Islands just south of the Canadian
border, off the coast of Washington State. As He was
traveling by ferry to her home, the extremely difficult
physical symptoms that seem always to attend moments of
crisis and change in Avatar Adi Da’s Work and which had
begun to become evident in the previous days became more
severe and reached a critical climax a day or so later when
Heart-Master Adi Da came very close to death. At that time,
He was taken to a local clinic, where it was confirmed that
He was not suffering a heart attack but a form of physical
“shut down” that takes place as a result of great
and prolonged stress. Shortly afterwards, weak but
re-covering, Adi Da spoke about what had taken place,
obviously making a great effort to communicate about His
symptoms and experience and Work in a way that others can

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I cannot describe My Blessing Work
in a way that makes all that much sense to you except to say
that I actually participate, all the time, in the events and
circumstances that potentially effect the global
possibilities of mankind’s survival but I do so outside
of the physical.

In the physical, I have the possibility to associate with
people and to Work with them Spiritually in order to change
the global pattern. But that work is frustrated by the fact
that individuals who are most influential in the world do
not yet come to Me for My Blessing. Thus, the stress of that
very difficult and even terrible Work that I must and need
to do with My Blessing is frustrated. And the body is not
coping with it. [Humorously:] My “healing”
is thus a matter of changing the conditions of My Life,
because it is not a matter of an “attitude”
change! I don’t have an “emotional problem”!
I am not going to stop doing the Work I am here to do. I
need the conditions of My Work to change and I need to be
able to get on with what I am here to do in Spiritual

This Body has been living in an extraordinarily difficult
situation for a long time. Not difficult in the conventional
sense, but dreadful from the point of view of My Blessing
Work. It may seem to others that My circumstance is
perfectly comfortable, but they are not doing what I am
doing. In terms of the Work I am here to do I am limited at
every turn. I do not have time to wait nor time to
convalesce. The world situation that is potentially terrible
for everyone is happening right now and must be Worked with
right now.

My urgency to Work does not, in itself, create stress in
this body because I can do something about it. I can Work.
But if My Work is impeded, that creates the problem. And if
the conditions are such that I cannot do what I would do
about this beyond a point, then I am required to do that
Work in a way that is weakening Me physically. I am doing
the Work anyway, but it is destroying Me bodily.

So, some of My physical stress, you could say, is the
result of My urgencythe stress of being urgent and also
frustrated. But it is not a “personal” matter, as
if I am needing to do something “personally”, for
“personal” reasons. I am simply looking at you all
and at what is really happening in this world.

I see what is happening here and you all do not. It is
for your sake that I know what is happening here. Since I do
know, I must do something about it. I am urgent to do
something about it. I am doing something about it. But I
should not have to do it the way I am doing it now, which is
creating so much suffering in this body and is really not

My Impulse to deal with all of the dreadful potential as
well as the present world-realities is frustrated because I
cannot see the uniquely influential individuals whom I need
to see. Even so, when I sit here and Work with devotees and
contact people, I do feel better because I can do something
with the energy of this Impulse. I need to be Working in
this way now to be well. I need to do something with this
energy or it just backs up on Me and frustrates My
Intention. [Just four days later Avatar Adi Da began to
grant Darshan twice a day to devotees. It was obvious that
these occasions were helping Him to remain associated with
the body and that He was gradually regaining

The usual locks on the human brain are not there in Me as
in others. I don’t have the pattern, the defenses, the
armoring, the unconsciousness. I am not trying to open the
Sahasrar [the subtle center, or chakra, at the crown of
the head]. It doesn’t have the opportunity to close
down! There is a constant openness. And so when the
conditions become too strained in the physical, then the
Work I am doing outside the physical comes down into the
physical and becomes these physical symptoms you have
witnessed recently.

The other evening [referring to the most critical
moment of His recent health crisis] I barely had the
ability to maintain a physical connection. There were just
waves of pulsing energies in the physical rather than the
ordinary, physical awareness. I kept saying to you,
“Let Me see My feet” because the energy, as in
death, was ascending. That is just how death occurs, you
see. The numbing was coming up the body and it would come up
into My throat and into My mouth. I had trouble speaking to
everyone because of it. The numbness reached as far as the
eyeballsand that’s getting close to physical death. The
characteristic sound that is heard outside the body as death
approaches was getting loud, which signals that the
separation of the subtle and the physical is about to

When I would close My eyes I would realize that I
shouldn’t be closing My eyes because I was going to
drop the body altogether if I did. It was night time but I
could see the water [referring to the waters that
surround the San Juan Islands]. I could see those who
were with Me in the room and some others outside the

I kept My eyes open the whole time and kept looking for
ways to be physically present here. The Quandra Mai and My
daughters talked to me, and other devotees as well were
talking to Me in very emotional terms and this, too, was
helpful in maintaining the connection to the physical. That
was good, and to feel the human love expressed there deeply
kept Me in the body. These were the most helpful things that
kept Me from going further out of the physical.

For Me, though, it’s not even a matter of going
“out”. There is nowhere to go. I wasn’t
“going” anywhere really. It is just a conventional
way to describe the symptoms from the point of view of the
body. It isn’t that I can or will “leave”
here at death. For Me, the difference between
“life” and “death” is simply a matter of
whether I am situated here in My total Space and Domain or
it looks shrunken in this size. I am Sitting in the same
Room regardless. It is just that the larger Room does not
look like this one. The larger Room is all Light.

So, it was not My intention to be passing at that time.
The symptoms were simply occurring. I looked at all the
factors to see if it was going to be necessary to pass out
of the physical, but the bindu [the central point, or
Source Point of the cosmic manifestation] was kept
tight. It wouldn’t open. And that was good. It made it
clear that the passing was not going to happen. If it had
opened up into the Whiteness I was sitting in, the body
would have passed.

The bindu, or point, I mention is directly in the field
of attention forward and up. If you close your eyes and look
up, you can see the light there. I did not have to close My
eyes to see it, but in any case it remained focused and I
remained here physically.

I am just here for beings. I am just here to Work and do
what I need to do for everyone. I am related to so
unconsciously by human beings. Everybody thinks they are
like Me. Everybody is a guru or everybody is a god.

I am uniquely born here and have unique Work to do. And
there needs to be a circumstance of devotion and well-being
for Me to function in from day to day so that the energies
can flow in My Blessing Work and I can Do what I need to do
in that regard and so that the larger sphere in which I am
functioning does not get sucked down into the body with its
bigger-than-human-sized forces. The body cannot survive such
invasions repeatedly.

The Fierceness I must maintain outside the body cannot be
contained in the physical body. It is not “nice”.
That Fierceness must be equal to what must be changed. The
force of what must be changed must be met equally
overwhelmingly in fact. With Love, for the sake of

I am not doing anything destructive whatsoever. It is
simply Love-Force. And, therefore, it is extremely
vulnerable. And this body is extremely vulnerable. This
Vehicle is uniquely made. I have no weapon but Love. But it
is a Huge Weapon. And it is also a Fierce Force not
destructive, but intent. Profoundly intent. Murder for
political reasons is something that human beings somehow
feel is justifiable. War is murder. It is evil. War is not
being carried on by people who think of themselves as evil
or who are the embodiment of the “devil” or
anything of the kind. Rather, political justifications are
the excuses humanity comes up with for its conflicts.

Political conflicts no longer takes place on the scale of
two tribes getting together and beating the shit out of one
another. At this point, conflicts that in reality what
amount to nothing more than silly, tribal skirmishes can
destroy mankind. All of the horror in the daily news is
nothing more than reports of tribal skirmishes. But they
have the potential to destroy life on earth. That is what is
so horrific about it.

W.C. Fields said that he thought the best thing to do
about political conflictas an alternative to war would be to
send two leaders out onto a hillside with socks full of
horseshit and beat the hell out of one another. And the
winner determines the outcome.

In the twentieth century more people were killed as a
direct result of war than were counted in the entire
population of the United States when I was born. This has
been the most horrific and obscene period in human history.
And while there are all the remarkable technologies and all
the discoveries of great principles in the realm of nature
that are the sign of human genius, the stupidity relative to
the world system is extraordinary.

Look at the terrible situation in Africa the whole
continent. Nothing being done for all these poor people.
Terrible. Not just nothing being done for them in the social
activist sense, but nothing being done to change the
ceaseless chaos and the treating of human beings as if they
are nothing.

Look at South America. Look at the chaotic interactions
and such going on there now. And the Middle East. What can
ever come to settle that? Every day it is another drama,
another reason why they cannot come to any agreement. And in
addition there are terrorists or disturbed, politically
motivated individuals who want to draw attention to their
cause by getting on TV. So much of the horror that takes
places is little more than an effort to get on television.
They hope that by getting on television the world will do
something for their problem.

When the telegraph was invented in the nineteenth
century, people noticed that you could telegraph news from a
war front to someplace where people would hear about it in a
short time. Likewise, you could communicate instructions
over distance.

Well, one of the first things noticed is that the enemy
could hear what you said. So they began putting out false
information on the telegraph to mislead the enemy. And now
we have television and newspapers and all the rest of it in
the service of exactly the same tactic. Such public
communications are intended to prompt your opponent to think
a certain way, react a certain way, be willing to do
something, make a concession whatever it is, it is all
propaganda. Everybody lying and manipulating everybody else
in an effort to satisfy their own ends.

Politics is played like a game without any ultimate human
concerns being truly served. Each individual and nation
plays it for the day for the sake of the advantage they can
get in their conflict-negotiation at the moment.

The U.S. is perhaps one of the most hated nations in the
world. For that reason, I wanted to be here on the mainland
U.S. for awhile. Merely My physical location in places is
useful. It can benignly Influence events. Negative things
can be reduced in their potential and positive things
increased in their potential. I am able to Work most
effectively when I am actually in physical locations that
have some bearing on it all. That is why I require

People come and sit with Me. Contact people, for
instance, come and offer their gift and sit in front of Me
for a moment. They, invariably, receive My Blessing. And I
draw them into My Spiritual Pattern. When that connection is
made, it continues. If someone does not maintain the
devotional connection to Me, that does not mean that what I
receive from them in terms of the patterns of the world
stops. This is why My devotees must be responsible in
relation to Me. Do the sadhana. Maintain right relationship
to Me. Cultivate the relationship to Me. (April 16,