Why Are There So Many Masters?

Adi Da Samraj – 1995

“That is why it is said there are so many masters. They are always available. They can always intervene. They can always be called upon.”


DEVOTEE: Beloved, You were just talking about the food-body. And You were, earlier on, talking about the bellows—which relates to the pranamayakosha, the body of energy.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, the etheric body, closest to the physical. You see, that is transformed through Right Yoga. It is one of the original transformations. The foundation transformation, in fact. Oh, there is much greater than that to Realize, but if you even did that, you would realize a disposition of energy. “Conductivity”, as I said to you all—all the disciplines—is a way of submitting the body to the condition of energy. Hm? That is pranamayakosha, or the etheric body first of all, in natural terms.

If you do this Yoga, and then advance into My Spiritual Company, the least you will realize, in life and at the point of death, is the energy state in conditional manifestation. Many things can happen after death, but for those who are Yogically prepared there is the capability for steady presence in the etheric domain immediately associated with the physical domain. Those who die go into the etheric domain. They are full of confusion and all the rest—those who are not prepared, those who have not done great sadhana. They appear and disappear in their dream states, and this and that and the other thing. And then they get reincarnated. But for those who are full of Yoga, the first and the least they can realize, is the capability for steady presence, steady existence, in that etheric domain that is immediately associated with this. It is like a shadow duplicate. It is immediately associated with this, and the same as it. Hm? And you can be steadily present there as long as you like—if you are full of Yoga.

It is the least realization of Yoga. It is the first. And it is not the Ultimate Realization in this Way. But nonetheless, it is a reality. Instead of merely dying, and floating above the body and looking at it and so forth, and then going into dream states, you can immediately pass into the etheric body, which is the duplicate of this place. Hm? And those in that circumstance and steady disposition can be immediately associated with this world, can view it, can be wherever they will, can serve, can love, can support those in physically manifested states.

It is not the Great Matter. But it is the first conclusion, the first manifestation of Yoga. And those who truly succeed at Yoga enjoy this capability. It is the first siddhi — to be steady in the etheric domain, which is the duplicate of this and immediately associated with it. And they remain long. That is why it is said there are so many masters. They are always available. They can always intervene. They can always be called upon. Those are the lowest level of masters because it is the first siddhi, the first capability of Yoga.

In this Way, that possibility exists also for those who only mature to that point. It is not the end of it at all. But it is an indication of the profundity of the Yogic process, whereby you become conformed to energy, the condition of energy, through this devotion to Me and through right “conductivity”—never breaking the circle, never allowing it to be obstructed mentally, emotionally, physically—never.

DEVOTEES: Thank You, Beloved.


Adi Da Samraj (1982) talking with a devotee who recently came back from India and visiting with devotees of other Spiritual Masters.




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“The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us”
Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133


Disciple: What will happen if one realizes the divine consciousness?

Sri Aurobindo: First thing, you will become calm, quiet; secondly, there will be the feeling of strength, I mean the presence of a Force. Thirdly, the sense of the Infinite will be felt, you will feel yourself as the Infinite. Fourthly, something will be always there behind which will be able to govern the nature. Also the sense of Eternity and of yourself as Immortal. Even though the body dies you know you are immortal. Also there are many things more. For example, freedom from every thing even from the world. You realize the Transcendental and the Universal consciousness.

Realization of the fundamental being may be the beginning i.e. of the Essential being, Consciousness and Delight. Then, everything is divine, you are divine, you live in the divine: it is one of the most Anandamaya experiences. It is a concrete and real thing and not an idea. You cannot explain these things. You can’t explain even a stone in spite of your science. Everything is not material but mystical at bottom.