Meditation, Ignorance and the Current of Being

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An excerpt of a talk (Identification
of the Beloved) given by Adi Da Samraj (then Bubba Free
John), December 8, 1976


recommend that you meditate. However, you cannot meditate.
You cannot willfully go about some program of meditation and
have it be true, because that is a way of conquering rather
than of being in love. You must realize this real meditation
through the consideration we enjoy face to face. And if you
will begin to rest in the current of the being in my
Company, then you will begin to feel my influence. I will be
of use to you in that case, but not until then. If your
approach to me remains conventional, you are not at ease,
you are not rested in this current, and you cannot feel it.
Then there is no initiatory force in our meeting. You will
really only discover the force of my influence when you
begin to come to rest, in meditation, in our meetings, and
in life. When you are rested in this current, through true
intuitive identification of me, of the Condition of the
current of your own being, then you can feel my

Because I am simply present in this
Condition, I do not have any plans. I have nothing to do
with all of this arising. I am simply standing here, and if
you recognize me truly, then this current of the being is
intensified, its revelation begins, and you will fall out of
the point of view of this dream, even though you continue in
your ordinary relations within it. You may also, in the
course of this meditation, this living, have the opportunity
to be involved in all kinds of other dreams, to live and
perceive in other forms, other dimensions entirely. It is
not that you must strive for that. That is another kind of
craving, another kind of effort toward victory based on a
failure of recognition, a failure to presume this Ignorance
which is native to our birth. All the conventional yogic
efforts are kinds of craving. People will sit for hours a
day manipulating themselves with various techniques, hoping
to have this and that kind of remarkable experience as a
result. It is just an extension of worldliness, of the same
thing that is your suffering in this gross appearance. You
must simply be relieved of all of that through the
presumption of Ignorance and the intuition of the Condition
of these conditions arising.

That intuitive recognition or
identification is simply rest in the current of the being.
It is felt in this body sense at first, and as we come to
rest in it, it is enjoyed in all kinds of ways, none of
which is in itself fulfilling as mere experience. These
enjoyments are simply the secondary reflections of our
fulfillment of the Law, our present resting in that
Condition which does not have any content, which is
unspeakable. Call it God, Brahman, the Self. It is the only
Happiness, and it is the foundation of all happiness in the
midst of conditions here or anywhere else.


So it is not that we must sit down
and struggle to hear the inner sounds and go somewhere with
them. It is quite natural that at some point you become
absorbed in such sounds and other phenomena as an extension
of this current, but it is rest in the prior Condition
itself that is fulfillment of the Law, that is Happiness. It
relieves you of the point of view of this world. It is not
simply experiences of other worlds that relieve you of the
point of view of this world, though they may arise and bring
ordinary release. It is rest in the Condition of the very
current of this arising, the Condition of these conditions,
which is Happiness. It is perfect Sacrifice, and,
paradoxically, is perfect fullness. It is a way of being mad
without being crazy.

Nothing could be more mad than to be
happy in this place, because there is really no
justification for it. It is not reasonable to be happy. If
you thoroughly examine this world, there is reason to feel
very unhappy. Even with a little pleasurableness thrown in,
it is not enough to overcome that conviction of darkness
that you get when you really see what is happening here. So
it is not any philosophy we can base on our experience here
that makes us happy. It is complete release from the
implications, the force, of this dreaming, this appearance
for which we cannot account. And you see, it is already
miraculous. Nothing fantastic has to happen. We already
cannot account for a single thing in this room here. The
mere existence of anything is beyond comprehension. It is
sufficient to boggle us. You do not know what a single thing
is. You cannot build any great programs for victory on the
basis of such Ignorance. On the basis of that Ignorance, we
are naturally disposed to all of this arising and may be led
into the intuitive identification of the Nature and
Condition of all this arising. And that is my occupation, to
bring you to that recognition through Ignorance, in which
you may come to rest in the current of the being and more
and more profoundly fulfill the Law. But you see that this
requires a new orientation, a turnabout from the
conventional strife in which you pursue fulfillment here by
reaction. The more you do that, the more confounded you

In the old cultures, they frowned
upon anyone who knew too much or owned too much, because
these were the signs of somebody who was really struggling
and was therefore very worldly and dangerous. Of course they
made this a blanket, black and white world view, but there
is some wisdom in the feeling. We must be relieved of
knowing and owning, of all our craving. We must become
perfectly Ignorant. We must become a Sacrifice, not an
Owner, not a Knower. The usual knowing and owning is
ordinary enough, and we can take pleasure in ordinary things
in one another’s company, but only if we are free, only if
we all make this sacrifice constantly and are clarified in
the being. So you must have the leisure, the ordinariness,
in which to consider in this moment of arising that you do
not know what a single thing is, that you do not know what
the thing is itself, that you do not know what any of it is.
If you will enter into your relations with me on that basis,
this Ignorance, this falling into the current of the being
through identification of its Condition, will become natural
to you by Grace, freely, because it is not a conventional
gift. It is the Gift of the being itself. It is prior to all
strife, all circumstance. It is simply that you must be
disposed to enjoy it. Become so disposed in my Company, and
it absolutely will be given to you. That is also the Law. It
is not a matter of striving and acquiring it, but of giving
up that whole effort as you naturally do in Ignorance, in
which you simply rest in this moment and recognize it in the
form of your own Condition, the Condition of the current of
the body-being itself. It is felt more and more profoundly
as a current. It goes through changes. And it obliges you to
go through changes outwardly in your relations and also
bodily, because the body is transformed in its adaptation.
The. current is felt passing from toe to crown rather than
crown to toe. It is not that it goes from the toe and leaves
the body toward the crown. It is just felt as if there were
a wire from toe to crown in which the current or the flow is
moving in that direction rather than the opposite. Then the
current between the crown and the Heart may at last be
Realized also.

We still stand in the world even as
we rest in this current. But then you may notice in your
private meditation that you also are released even of this
experience here from time to time. As the currents of the
gross being begin to harmonize, become naturally reoriented,
the body comes to rest, the breathing becomes slow, simple,
the heart rate goes down. We hear the breathing and feel it,
but then we become aware that we cannot hear it any longer,
cannot feel it any longer. The current itself becomes
audible to us, and we may simply forget the gross body and
pass into the subtler dreams, all the while being in the
disposition of this Ignorance, in which we truly identify
what arises rather than automatically becoming attached to
it, rather than getting into patterns of craving on the
basis of gross or subtle experience.

So all of that also passes. We come
to the point where we are more and more profoundly
identified with that Condition itself, which precedes all
arising, high or low, and which does not have any reference
really, which cannot be accounted for in conditions. It is
prior to them. It is the Condition of conditions. It is a
paradox, because it is true of you even while alive, while
in the gross plane, in the subtle planes, in any and all of
these unnecessary realms. This Condition, which is
unspeakable, remains true, it remains your very Condition.
Therefore, unnecessary worlds fall away, and perhaps then
there is a Realm corresponding to that Condition in which
you come to rest, to which you become fitted in your
Enjoyment or Sacrifice, in which all relations are eternal
and absolutely pleasurable, unobstructed, unthreatened.
Maybe. But first we must be free of all this. Wherever you
ultimately wake up, where all dreams are being dreamed, you
will discover in that moment that you have been lying there
asleep all this time. It will be as ordinary as waking up in
the morning and going about a day’s business.

But that is not a Realm to be
craved, because it is not of a conventional and unnecessary
nature. We must fulfill the Law, this Sacrifice, this Truth.
The Condition of conditions is true in this realm or any
realm, and it is that to which we must be committed while
alive. Any glorious eternity that appears on the basis of it
is a gift. But it is clear to me that if all of this now
present can appear, as unnecessary and terrifying as it is,
then the Perfect Domain is also existing, and it is somehow
the same as no thing, no disturbance, no craving, no
separation, no birth, no event, no moment, no future, no
time, no place, no suffering. It is also exactly the same as
love, as fullness, as delight, as very Light, as Happiness
disposition of this Ignorance, in which we truly identify
what arises rather than automatically becoming attached to
it, rather than getting into patterns of craving on the
basis of gross or subtle experience.



Feel-Surrender To My Avatarically
Self-Revealed “Bright” Divine Transcendental
Spiritual Body and My Avatarically Self-Revealed egoless
True Divine State Of Person, Prior To and Beyond
“self”-contraction, With the Total heart (or the
entire region extending from the base of the throat to the
solar plexus), More and More Deeply Into Intrinsically
egoless Transcendental Spiritual and Whole-bodily-Realized
Communion With Me, “Located” As The Self-Existing
Love-Bliss-Current Of Being (In the Deepest
heart—Prior To and Beyond its right-side knot) and As
The Self-Radiant “Bright” Source (Above and Beyond
all-and-All) – Aletheon

In the fourth stage of life, this
now complex psycho physical being is surrendered beyond
itself, to and into the Living Current of Being that
pervades it and the total world. This is done to the point
of generally harmonizing the bodymind in that Life-Current
and otherwise Realizing self transcending devotional Union
with that Living Reality in occasions of Love-Bliss that
involve and simultaneously transcend the body-mind.

“…And then attention disappears
in the feeling of the Witness It’self. [pause] Then
there is no attention, simply the feeling of the Radiant
Current of Being

If you sense the body at all,
feel the Current Shining from the right side of the heart.
Feel yourself established there, feeling there. And the body
simply rests on that point of Current.

If you allow it and enter into it
more deeply, its, its no longer a point but a Space, beyond
the sense of the body. [silence] You simply Glow in
that Space, in apparent association with the body, but It’s
not at all attached to it.

Enter into It most profoundly,
you discover This is not merely the essence of the personal
self, but the Very Divine Self. No separate reference in It
at all.

And if you allow the eyes to
open, and not move about, but just focus, naturally, and
feel the same “Bright” Depth, but allow the eyes to
perceive, without motion, then it is clear the Space
Realized is not the interior, mere interior, of the personal
self, but is the All-Pervading Divine Self.

And all arising is just That. It
makes no “difference” whatsoever. The One Conscious
Radiance. Beyond the body-mind. But including it and
everything and everyone. As One”.

Adi Da Samraj, The Brightening Heart
Series, A Mastered Life – Dialogue with devotee.

“So it’s time to be silent now.
You don’t even know what a single thing is. In other words,
the principal exercise of life is silent, is in depth. It’s
not a matter of functioning superficially- talking,
thinking, reacting emotionally, doing this and that
physically. It is a matter of an in-depth process. And then
that becomes the governor of the faculties in the daily

It conserves the faculties. It’s
a disciplining of the body-mind then, rather than an
indulgence in it. It’s a conserving of the activities of
energy and attention relative to the body-mind, an investing
of energy and attention in the in-depth dimension of

When the body-mind is conserved
to Yoga, conserved toward the Source-Condition, then it
becomes associated with the Virtue of the Source-Condition.
My “Brightness” shows Itself in the form of benign
transformations, Blissful proceedings in meditation and so
on, so that Happiness Itself, My
Current of
-Bliss, does indeed Invade the context, the
circumstance, of the body-mind, or of conditional experience
(waking, dreaming, and sleeping). The process must go on, of
course, because it is only when it is complete that there is
no limitation on Happiness Itself”.

Adi Da Samraj, Drifted in the Deeper
Land, You Never Have a Present-Time Experience of Yourself.

“There was joy in the body, its
light cell life, its respiration and circulation of force
and pleasure. There was a
current of
in the heart that rose into the head
through the throat. And there was an energy below the heart
that rose up into it from below. There was a surrounding
energy that was spaceless but which had a locus above the
head. And all of these energies were a single current of
light and life in the heart that was reflected as enjoyment
in the head. That form of consciousness was bright, silent,
spaceless, full, knowing only and entirely this thing itself
and seeing no problem, no separation in the fact of
– Adi Da Samraj – The Knee of Listening

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