Michael: Yes. Although the same thing is occurring now as
occurred in meditation. You descended very strongly, just
like you were talking about earlier–pressure in the head
and so on. I had no reason to shut any of that down because
it was a perception about my bodily state, And I noticed
that with You, for years I have been attracted to how you do
not use the conceptual mind, that your spontaneity–like
your spontaneous poetry the other night, I felt that in that
moment it was an expression of the little bit I understand
about the Amrita Nadi, that that is what informs Your mind,
that Bliss-Current and that was just being expressed
spontaneously. And it was not the way I use mind by groping
and searching for the right word and that kind of thing.
Then altogether I have always noticed that you always move
spontaneously in life, Sometimes I have seen You use the
mind like a tool–like the other night you were trying to
remember if it was Bill who gave You this book. That was an
example of where You just used the mid in that way. But in
general You never operate from that point of view and it has
been inspiring to see that I do not have to believe it, I do
not have to even listen to it.

Sri Gurudey: If there is a thought arising in My case it
arises spontaneously as a direct reflection of My State, or
otherwise a reflection of something with which I am
associated that I should address. I do not sit around doing
mind, if it arises it has a purpose, and so I use it,
express it in one fashion or another to someone. But I do
not otherwise, like you, sit around trying to figure things
out. I do not have anything to figure out! And I do not sit
around reading books. I get books to review for The Basket
of Tolerance and I basically look at a couple of pages, I
invest Myself in it psychically, I see if it is useful or
not for you, and if it is not I put it aside, send it to the
Mountain Of Attention or whatever. If it is useful I Write
down on a little label in the manuscript saying that the
book is usefull in this place and people might’ consider it,
and then I send it out of My house as fast as possible,

Michael: I love that!

Sri Gurudey: I do not sit around with a lot of precious
books that I want to get into, you know? I do not do any
such thing. I do not need to read it, I do not need to
think. If I am not around other people I do not sit reading
books, I do not watch TV or listen to the radio. I do not do
any of that. But if there are other people around Me I
frequently put on the television or the radio tapes that
were often sent. It is a social occasion in which I am not
full of mind about it. It just does not happen. Nor are they
because they are in My Company, in Satsang, and it provides
a social occasion.

Michael: Also I notice You relate the same way exactly to
Your body,

Sri Gurudey: But you see I do not live in the place of
the mind, I do not live in the place of the body. These are
peripheral observances. I could not even tell you how far
away from Me they are. They exist in a kind of spatial
perception without a sense of proximity or distance in terms
of how far away they are from Me, but they are not that
close, Not sensations, not thoughts. I am not in the place
of thoughts, not in the place of the body. Anything that
arises is immediately recognizable. It is a soup or liquid,
a fluid. It has no fundamental existence whatsoever. So that
is exactly My Condition as I might describe it now. I could
describe it in all kinds of ways, but that is exactly it.
But you, dwelling in the self-contraction are exactly in the
place of the body, exactly in the place of reactivity,
exactly 1n the place of thoughts. You dwell in them, you are
them, you are struggling to get out of them. You are at no
distance from them whatsoever and you are not in a place
superior to them in which they exist only in this plastic,
endless existing forms without great significance or
ultimate reality. So you have to do sadhana yet, you see.
Much sadhana. Receive much Grace. Go through the great
ordeal until you are In this very position I am describing
to you,

Michael: Sri Gurudey, we are also psychically related.
Every devotee has had the experience of being either
psychically or telepathically related to one another,

Sri Gurudev: You have experiences such as this? (Yes).
That is quite natural by the way. When there is less
tension,, less force of contraction, these natural
expressions of the unity of existence show their signs.
There is no real separateness. There is conditional
separateness, there are degrees of experience, but actually
all this arising is arising in a singleness in which nothing
is separated from anything else. Everything is continuous,
everything exists on a deeper basis than is ordinarily
perceived by the ego-mind. So when there is some relaxation
of 1t then what i5 super-natural, super-normal or psychic
phenomena may occur randomly and spontaneously.

Michael: And it has that plastic kind of quality to it
that you talk about,

Sri Gurudev: All it is is a plastic. It is energy. All
there is is energy in manifestation here, endlessly
modified. But it is one energy and it is Infinite and it is
infinitely small. And it is also non existent. And you are
in a place infinitely superior to it, ultimately, if you
will Realize it,

Michael: You said that You Bless this whole sphere.

Sri Gurudev: I am not lying. It is so. How it is so,
well, you do not yet have experience to know how it is so,
how it works. But I am telling you it is absolutely,
directly so, as direct and tangible as you picking your
nose. Just that tangible,



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