My Pattern – A Beezone Study

What Does Adi Da mean by “My Pattern”?

Beezone Study: Pattern is NOT a Formula



“My PATTERN (My Form), entered into as My devotee is Called to enter into it, is direct means for Realizing Me. However, My PATTERN (My Form) Itself is not the Realization. It’s the sadhana, the means. (Aletheon)





(‘His Pattern’ is NOT a catch-all phase, bandied about for practice – the signs must SHOW themselves – One of which is tacit Radiance) – Beezone

Signs AS Purification

ADI DA SAMRAJ: This does not mean I have to continue in some conditional form in order for people to have such experiences. These are signs of your adaptation to Me. The psyche boils over, the body-mind boils over, and all kinds of forms appear—visions, dreams, thoughts, experiences—all that will continue after the Lifetime of This Body. If they occur, do not presume, however, that I am still Manifesting just on the other side of the physical. I am Merely Present, altogether, and those phenomena are signs of purification only.”The Sign of My Brightness

The Only One Who Is , Only or Merely Is.

Apart From Who Is , or What Is. There Is Not any one or any thing or any condition or any event That Is.

Any one or any thing or any condition or any event that Is , Only or Merely Is.

Chapter 20 – The Dawn Horse Testament



You must be con-FORMED to Me.

I Am the Way.

My PATTERN (My Form) is the Way. (SADHANA)

“You are here, by self-surrendering, self-forgetting conformity to Me, Communion with Me, to enter more and more profoundly into My PATTERN. And by becoming utterly conformed to My PATTERN, then, ultimately, you’ll be able to Realize Me.






“This Body is not the Realization. It is My Sign, My Murti Form, yes, but in this sadhana, It is means that I have Given you to Realize Me.”


“Your devotional attraction to Me, practicing this self-surrendering, self-forgetting Contemplation of Me by means of this Body, moves you beyond your own psycho-physical self-consciousness (ego pattern), and ultimately beyond any noticing of this Body. It is means to move you, in due course, into Spiritual Contemplation of Me, and then Perfect Contemplation of Me.”

Sangha is principal means for the incarnation and extension of My PATTERN here in perpetuity. Its a matter of the Sangha practicing the Way, fulfilling all aspects of the responsibility associated with this Way, and then there will be Instrumentality and Agency – all of Realization.

“Enough has occurred to show you how My physical Manifestation here works. It is a matter of transmitting My PATTERN in forms that can be perpetuated. And the more that is done, the less that is required of Me in terms of physical Incarnation here. Ultimately, it will be obsolete. From that point, then there is this Mahasamadhi.

I will function through that PATTERN that I have generated independent of this Body. My PATTERN will still exist. It simply will not be confined to this Body any longer. And I will make use of means such as Sanctuaries, Empowered Places, and, of course, theres all My Word of Instruction, the recorded Leelas and the Leela-voice of devotees altogether. Ill make use of the Instrumentality of devotees in the advanced and ultimate stages. Ill make use of the “Living Murti”, a Murti-Guru who will be a psycho-physical mechanism like this Body, you see, but it will be vehicle for Me.

But that Murti-Guru will not be My successor. I will already have accomplished in this Body many, many things. And so that individual will not have to do those things. That individual will have a cultural role to play as the “Living Murti”, transparent to Me. That one wont have to invent Instruction. I will have Given Instruction already. But that one, being My devotee, conformed to My Word and to Me, will certainly be able to respond to devotees intelligently and wisely, embody My Instruction for them. He or she will be able to interact with devotees in a way that serves their sadhana.

And not only that individual will have a unique function as the “Living Murti” in the gathering, but all those others who are functioning as part of the collective Instrumentality, will likewise be able to serve uniquely. The Sannyasin Order and the Lay Renunciate Order then—all of them—will serve within My PATTERN which has already been Revealed. Devotees will be able to measure all of these individuals by simply looking to see if they are conformed to Me. Looking to see if their communication, their life altogether, conforms to My Word which I have already Given. My Word need not be invented after the lifetime of this Body. Its already Given.

The Play with Me will continue, then, in the form of the sadhana that all devotees do in this Sangha. The Sangha is necessary, along with the Realizer and the Word. The Sangha is My PATTERN emerging – a PATTERN that is conformed to Me, through submission to Me. When it has integrity based on real and right practice, then more and more it is My Sign. It is a PATTERN that coincides with Me that is virtuous – able to Realize Me, able to serve anyone who comes into it, therefore, relative to the whole process of Realizing Me.”

More Study:

“You should be here to duplicate My Pattern (Which is God-Realizing), rather than to replicate your own” Klik-Klak