Narcissus and Hearing


“Narcissus” (is) the nature of the ego,
or the nature of bondage

Narcissus is …surrounded in the barriers of
its own self-concentration… out of relationship,
conceived in separation. its logic is an extension
of its perception of its condition…

…a matter of standing in the position of the
self-contraction, that knot, not just experiencing
it from some point of view outside it, and directly
feeling beyond it. So that becomes the basis of

being able to stand in the self-contraction..and
abiding in understanding and enquiry…. it will
begin to dissolve in its own good time, whenever
it’s appropriate for it to do that…

After thirty years of submission to conditional
existence, my own ordeal culminated In most
profound self-enquiry. In that self-enquiry, the
act and the results of self-contraction of the
body-mind were loosened, and a spontaneous
revelation took place.. and this realization
continued to developed through a progress…



…utterly transforming, liberating…

…is profoundly clarifying, and its coincident
with self-transcendence.

as the crisis suddenly becomes lear that all of
that is being motivated by a constant feeling of
distress, which is the result of self-contraction
in the face of all relations and conditions…

It is summary…

The second great crisis of life occurs only in
the case of those who can seriously accept and
understand the Lesson of the first great crisis of

…The second great crisis of life is this
process of serious understanding of un-happiness
and conversion…

understanding is what I call “hearing” and such
conversion is what I call “seeing.” It is only when
such hearing and seeing prevail that the practice
of the Way can begin.

observing yourself, seeing the bondage, and you
are somewhat tired of that and see what a bind it

…individual Becomes acutely aware Of his or
her fabits of seeking, desiring, doubting,
believing, manipulating, betraying, and always
returning to the same distress and want…

The first great crisis of life occurs and most
of us simply go on from there to seek happiness, or
even to despair of it…..

the practice of self-enquiry is first developed
as a rudimentary activity where the individual
simply observes and “considers”..

The way itself depends on true listening or

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