Two Apertures – The Head and the Navel





Navel and the Top of the


Sun and the Moon




From the teachings
of Adi Da Samraj.

The physical body bears the signs
and functions of the form of reality. Just so does every
other body in every realm.

A physical body represents the
basic circuit of real form. Most important are the two
primary entrances of force or consciousness. These are the
navel region and the
aperture at the top of the head.
These are the primary centers of connection and turning of
the current of existence.

The navel is the entrance of
formal energy, the center where all descending energies are
received. The aperture of the head is the entrance of
consciousness or subtle force, the center where all
ascending energies are received. At the aperture of the head
the ascending energies are returned or turned to descent. At
the navel region the descending energies are returned or
turned to ascent.

These regions are also
inexhaustible. They are centers of potency, the eternal and
infinite storage or availability of their particular aspect
of the powers of reality. Even though energies appear
endlessly to enter, and return and turn from them, they
never tend to depletion. They represent the two forms of
what is in fact universal reality.

The upper center represents that
aspect we call consciousness. The lower center represents
that aspect we call form or extension.

The Circuit or process of reality
involves many centers or formulations of the qualities in
reality. Thus, we perceive the full circle or cycle of that
form. But is is all in fact a process ultimately between the
two primary poles, consciousness and form, represented in
the region of the head’s aperture and the region of the

The process of existence is a
kind of alchemy between these two primary aspects. They are
simultaneous and continuous, but their conscious realization
depends upon a subtle and direct understanding of their form
at any moment. This understanding is symbolized and intuited
indirectly in the expressions of traditional alchemy as well
as all systems, occult, theological, religious, spiritual,
philosophical, psychological, etc. But real understanding is
a direct matter of present consciousness.

In the processes of great search
there is always an exclusive awareness, tending above or
below, to the head or the navel. Even where the emphasis is
“wholistic” or inclusive it is generated indirectly,
generally as a mentalized intention or perception. But where
there is radical understanding there is a simultaneous,
continuous, direct and inclusive realization of the whole
cycle of potency.

Real creativity in the forms of
existence is a simultaneous awakening of the whole pattern
of potency. It involves both consciousness or mind and
vitality or life. Thus those who have creative potential and
yet have not realized their capability tend to manifest the
most dramatic aberrations of mind and life. But those who
are not yet attuned to the awesome creative potential of the
circuit of reality, who seek in exclusive ways, tend to
manifest the false peace of normalcy, the calm of exclusive
mentality or exclusive life. When the entire process or form
is awakened in a man he is at first unbalanced, troubled
with contradictions and revolutionary creative problems. But
the mediocre man is not even aware of fundamental problems
in life. The potentially creative but unrealized man is
troubled by awesome consciousness and the seeming
contradiction of awesome life. But the truly creative man of
understanding is fully conscious and alive, manifesting the
delicate, subtle balance of the potencies of