An Overview of the Process of
In the ‘Way of the Heart’

ADI DA SAMRAJ: To Realize Reality you must be purified of the opposites, you necessarily have to go through the trial of experiencing these negatives. One way or another you have to go through it. It doesn’t mean that you have to have the grossest, most terrible experiences. But you have to pass through the inspection, real inspection, of your limitations. This is why so much of the religious life involves enduring self-frustrating, self-controlling disciplines. This is also why religious people go through difficulties. Its not just a sort of smiling ride, unless you’re nutty and not really being religious, you see. If you understand the real religious life, you understand what it is as a process.



Purified of Opposites.
You have go through a trial of experiencing negative situation (body, mind and emotion).
Have to have a trial of real inspection of one’s limits.
This is what the process is about – purification.



So you must, in doing the sadhana I’ve Given you, be able to inspect and understand and transcend bondage of every kind, suffering of every kind. You’ve got to be able to inspect it thoroughly, but in the manner of sadhana, not just experiencing it in and of itself. You must do sadhana with every kind of adaptation that you’ve accumulated egoically, and be released of these patternings.



You must be able to inspect, understand and transcend bondage.
Accumulated egoity (seat of Alaya-vijnana – Storehouse).

Prarabdha – Ichha, Anichha, and Parechha
Prarabdha karma (brings forth) (Buddhist – Vasana/habit – VAS – to dwell, stay, perfume, habit) – that which is beginning to bear fruit. Bija (sowing seeds).

Sanchita karma – (heaped together – The Sum) – Potenial and Accumulated (in store) patterns. Vasana ‘perfuming’ – power to rekindle.

Karma – Individual and Collective (Universal – background on which all individual psychis activities are reflected).

The Gist of the Lankavatara Suta: The world starts from memory, memory in itself as retained in Alaya (Universal Mind). When we dissolved and the Vijnana system woven aroound Alaya AS A CENTER – a revulsion (Paravritti), turnabout then ‘true perception’ is realized.

“Fundamentally nothing that occurred in the ast, nothing you have ever thought or experienced, is relevant. It is always now with Me and that is that. Then it is whatever it is now with Me. It is always about that turning.” – Adi Da Samraj

“Prarabdha karma, the remaining movements of one who understands, is a dramatization or activity that can take any number of forms. He witnesses all that arises as motive and action, he enquires, and realizes all such movements in the Heart. Prarabdha is not a matter of indulging various desires and patterns. The of enquiring while free of the necessary attachment to motive and act. Prarabdha is not dramatization but enquiry. Where any movement is not realized in the Heart, it is only movement, not understanding, and enquiry follows all such things.” – Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj).

For more: “The Problem of Mind” – Chaper 11, The Knee of Listening



Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga is exactly that process, then. It makes the patternings obsolete by not using them, by moving the faculties into Communion with Me in the self-surrendering, self-forgetting, manner. And that becomes a process of Contemplative absorption in Me, but also purification of binding limitations and so on. At first grosser ones, or certainly grosser ones are there from the very beginning. Subtler purifications can also begin immediately. The process tends to become more subtle over time as grosser things are relinquished as binding patterns.



‘Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-Yoga” (Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga to which I have been Calling everyone. It is the Ultimate and Divine Yoga. Its practice is self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and self-transcending feeling-Contemplation of My bodily (human) Form and, as Grace will have it, of My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence and My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State. That is it.) makes patterns obsolete by not using them.

Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-Yoga is about purification. First gross, then sublte and then causal – by grace.



Ultimately there is the “Perfect Practice”. The “Perfect Practice” is Identification with Me, with Conscious Light, without a medium, without separation. But if the “Perfect Practice” is true sadhana, then, whereas before the process was more a purifying one, a rebalancing one, a kind of a fast, you could say, when the “Perfect Practice” is taken up, it is about not so much that matter of purification and so forth, but it is about being directly Identified with the Native Reality, such that in the same circumstance as before-in other words, in the body-mind circumstances-you begin to demonstrate those Characteristics. So instead of demonstrating the double-minded character of the human being bound to the opposites, you demonstrate the single Simplicity of the Self-Radiant Being.



Ultimately – Perfect Practice – No Separation – Directly Identified – Single minded and Self-Radiant.



This is why people who are at least to some significant degree Spiritually awakened show unusual characteristics, including just rather radiant, benign human qualities. Some of that obviously is there in Spiritual life even in the earlier stages, or even in the beginning of the religious life in this Way. Signs like this should be seen in people, more benign qualities and such. Its from this Communion with Me, and the progressive purification of the binding adaptations.



Showing the Signs (entirely secondary)

Samadhi – Bliss

Yogic signs of Force





January 3, 1996 – ‘The Condition of Radiance’ – The “Brightening” Way Talk Series