The Pattern

If You Do Not Play the Pattern, the Pattern Plays You

The Self-Patterning Pattern of Universe – The Aletheon

The human being is a pattern—not an entity, or an independent, separate anything. Indeed, the conditionally apparent total universe is a pattern—and not a collection of independent, separate entities and forms.

All patterns are both caused and causative. All patterns are dependent – or caused and non-separate. Thus, the conditionally apparent total universe is a universally-extended, and self-replicating, and all-patterning, and self-organizing pattern.

There is no separateness and no independence. There is no separate “point of view”- and no ego anywhere. All that apparently and conditionally arises is a transparent (or merely apparent), non-necessary, and non-binding pattern of mutually caused and mutually causative patterns.

If you do not play the pattern, the pattern plays you.

Taken and edited from notes given by Adi Da in response to a letter written to Him on August 17, 1999,.

To a certain degree, the patterns that one might animate are not really changeable. Emotional-sexual patterns are built up over time, and they are ingrained even in the physical.

These patterns are not absolutely removable. It is not that they must be removed and then you are a “perfect entity”. Nevertheless, you have to deal with the patterns so that they are transformed.

A lot of what takes place in occasions with one’s intimate partner could be entered into playfully such that you transform various patterns. But this doesn’t mean getting rid of the patterns. It means playing the patterns such that where energy is locked up it is available to be freed. In this way, it does not become a neurosis that can not be lived out.

You play the pattern rather than analyze the pattern. You play it erotically. It’s not a matter of the pattern having to be eliminated. Patterns do change, but there are certain basics to the pattern, that are so gross in nature that they can very negatively affect one’s life and relationships and participation in the Yoga of sexual communion. Therefore you should not analyze these–you have to play them.

You can play the patterns through considering them and being freely expressive. For example, in the context of intimate occasions with your intimate partner, as the content of your patterning is revealed, you just express to one another what comes up and see what comes up in the play of that. That is one place that content can be revealed, and it is one way that confession can occur.

In other words, if it is done in this manner, the confession takes place in your intimate occasions. Then, outside the intimate occasion, you can study and discuss what occurred, but that is secondary to the fundamental feeling of the situation during the intimate occasions. If you do not use your occasions in this way, you suppress energy.

You have to actually allow yourself to even relive, re-associate with, and be related to the patterns that are similar to your past. You should see what arises in response to various patterns that are shown before you, and respond in every possible way.

You can become very free and open with one another in this discussion. People who are frigid or embarrassed can break out of these patterns. It is clear that people who are frigid or embarrassed are not playing their pattern–they are too rigidified. So they cannot participate in the sexual yoga truly unless they move through the process whole bodily.

You cannot really live a relationship if you are only self-controlling and not fully confessed with your intimate. Therefore, you have to allow one another the space to play it out and go through the process. It is sexuality beyond the social persona.

You have to enter into a responsive, playful relationship with the patterns, and not be just merely controlled by them. In order to not be controlled by the patterns, you have to play with the patterns, and be sensitive and aware of the patterns that exist.

The practice is not to eliminate the patterns. It is to be aware of the patterns, playfully using the self-understanding that arises in association with the occasion. This is how the emotional-sexual practice becomes a mode of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga. It is not an interference. In every circumstance, there should be full playful participation in this Yoga in which you go beyond and it becomes, therefore a transformative act and not an analysis by which you attempt to get rid of some pattern or content.

You have to know the difference between play and analysis. You have to go beyond all limitations in Communion with Me. In due course, with the transition to level 1.2, this becomes Hridaya Rosary practice, in which you are completely turned up and receptive. The front and the back are turned up, and reception is downward. The asana of the entire body is upturned and open, from head to toe.

The asana is utterly upturned, and whole bodily felt. It’s not a matter of “leaving the body”, but of openness. It is upward openness. It is downward receptivity.

There is the cup of liquid, and it is always above, concentrated above in a state of constant Fullness for My Spiritual Invasion. This is Samraj Asana, and once you have transitioned to level 1.2 it has to be practiced consistently in relationship to Me. That is the nature of the relationship. That is why you must go through this process. It is a Spiritual matter.

The emotional-sexual Yoga requires the development of the Yoga of this Way altogether. It is the progressive development of Samraj Asana, the In-Filling Yoga. It is the entire process described in the Spiritual stages.

If you don’t play with the pattern, it will play you. And it suppresses the energy of the being. Ultimately, this is about the Yoga of this Way, and you cannot practice if you are not responding as an open cup. If you are just an ego presenting yourself as having gone beyond, then that is when it just becomes bullshit.

My devotees have to do whatever they have to do to be in this Samraj Asana. That is the purpose of all this practice. The listening-hearing process is preliminary. Even levels one and two of the emotional-sexual practice develop further. And they are not self-guruing in nature.

So there needs to be real understanding and education relative to how to make use of your intimate occasions. In your sexuality considerations, consider where this practice fits in. Use it in the light of the whole matter of the culture of recognition–everyone has to understand that everything is done in relationship to the Guru.

The pattern, again, does not necessarily go away. It may not change in any dramatic way (but is does not go away).

(August 17, 1999)

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