As a teenager Shree Rang was fond of playing on flute. His flute
recital was quite capable of attracting the passersby. Especially off
and on he was asked to play on his flute by his friends and school –
mates and he tried his best to entertain them.

One day, as usual, when Shree Rang was playing on his flute a girl
staying nearby came there. Paying no attention to the girl Shree Rang
continued playing upon his flute. After a while he had a pause. At
that time the girl suggested him to play a particular song on the
flute. She said, “Please, play the song which I suggest. Won’t you

“Why for ? ” countered Shree Rang.

” I like that song very much — I mean when played on flute by
you. ” said the girl.

No answer came from Shree Rang.

“Play on for me, please ” implored him the girl.

Shree Rang sat staring at her for a moment.

“Well, you can play any other song of your choice. I don’t mind”,
said the girl with serenity.

No tune emanated from the flute of Shree Rang.

The girl a bit shocked by the discouraging attitude of Shree Rang
asked pathetically, “Excuse me. Babu, Absolutely I have no
suggestions for you . You may carry on playing any stray tunes and
I’ll enjoy them. I want you to play on the flute. That’s all.”

Shree Rang was stunned by her unexpected words.

The girl continued further, “I heartily like to listen to tlio
melodious tunes flowing from your flute when played by you.”

Shree Rang once again looked at the girl and instantly broke the
flute into pieces and ran into the house.