Diet Is Not the Key to Anything

From a talk by Master Da Free John in The Eating Gorilla
Comes in Peace


Diet is not the key to anything sublime. Diet is just
food. It is vital, physical activity. You cannot become
absolutely healthy simply by manipulating the diet, because
diet only deals with the body. It does not deal with
anything higher than the body in the range of functions. It
does not deal with the subtler levels of consciousness, the
psychic being or the higher mental being. Much of what is
Happiness and un-Happiness is rooted in these so-called
higher functions. Thus, not everything symptomatic in the
vital, physical life can be cured by the manipulation of
vital-physical quantities such as food.

Therefore, you must not seek the perfect diet in order to
be perfectly cured. There is an appropriate use of food,
but, apart from that, diet does not deserve any attention
whatsoever. You must be engaged in an emotional and
spiritual practice at every level of life. You must discover
what is appropriate at each of these levels and adapt to it
simply, routinely, and happily, without looking for

Nevertheless, it does happen that when a person who has
been on a degenerative diet adapts to a healthful diet, he
discovers that his entire functional mind is changed. All
the mechanisms that feed the brain, that bring blood to the
brain and transfer nerve energy, are purified, intensified,
and rejuvenated through fasting and right diet. Naturally
this phenomenon has an effect on the functional ability to
use the mind in life, the ability to think, to form
concepts, to remember, to recall. All these functions are
modified by purifying the physical life. In general, fasting
and right diet certainly do tend to harmonize and to clarify
the psycho-physical life. But they do not transform the life
absolutely. If you simply applied yourself to physical laws,
you would not completely transform or harmonize the
psycho-physical life. That transformation depends upon
emotional and spiritual practices and the Divine Grace that
is The Active Principle of This World.


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