Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God 
Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Prophetic Wisdom about the Myths and Idols of mass culture and popular
religious cultism,

the new priesthood of scientific and political materialism,

and the secrets of Enlightenment hidden in the body of Man.

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 10/80.

©1980 The Crazy Wisdom Fellowship.

ISBN: 0-913922-48-X (paper).

LOCCCN: 80-81175.

Appreciation: by Robert K. Hall, M.D.

Forward: On Heroes and Cults by Ken Wilber

Prologue: ‘Who Is Truth?’

1. ‘The New Reformation’.

2. We Have Outgrown the Cult of Childish Religion:

‘The Intuitive Experience That Produces True Religion’.

‘God and Doubt’.

‘The Existence of God Can Be Doubted, but Not Proven’.

‘Certainty, Doubt, and Ecstasy’.

‘Salvation and Destiny’.

‘God Is the One in Whom We Are Sacrificed’.

‘Cultism Is the Beginner’s Level of Human Existence’.

‘True and False Religion’.

‘What Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Meditation?’

‘The False Viewpoint of Religious and Spiritual Cultism’.

‘The Evil in Man and Religion’.

‘Moving beyond Childish and Adolescent Approaches to Life and Truth’.

“Beware of Those Who Criticize but Do Not Practice Religion”.

‘True Religion Is the Natural Evolutionary Process of Human Existence’.

‘Leave God Alone’.

‘True Religion’.

3. Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Not Be Announced
by the White House:

‘Religious Stupidity and Scientific Genius’.

‘The True Culture of Prior Spiritual’.

‘Unity vs. the False Culture of Analytical Separation’.

‘The False Religion of Scientific Knowledge’.

‘Awakening from the Word’.

“The Priesthood of Science”.

‘Cooperation and Doubt’.

‘The Illusion of the Separation of Church and State’.

‘Frustration: The Universal Disease’.

“Radical Politics for Ordinary Men and Women”.

‘The Religious Necessity of Community’.

‘Family and Community’.

‘Cooperative Democracy’.

‘The Revolution I Propose’.

The Healing Power of Community’.

‘Refuge, or the Radical Function of Community within the Politics of

‘The Discipline of Community’.

‘The Hypocrisy of Popular Disgust’.

‘Be Informed by Direct Experience’.


‘The Culture of Ecstasy’.

‘I Would Find a New Order of Men and Women’.

4. The Culture of Eternal Life:

‘Wisdom and Knowledge’.

‘Method and Ritual’.

‘Science, Mysticism, and Love’.

‘The Principal Doctrine of the “East” and of the “West”‘.

‘The Two Ideas of Fear’.

‘The Disposition of the Body-Mind Determines the Findings of Philosophy’.

‘The Idea of Infinity’.

‘The Present or Living God’.

‘The Single Field’.

‘The Two and the One’.

‘The Purity of Our House’.

‘The War between the East and the West’.

‘Body, Sex, and God-Realization’.

‘Beyond the Sexual Limits of East and West’.

‘The Commitment to Culture’.

‘The Method of Lust’.

‘The Secret Bodily Path beyond the East and the West’.

‘The Mind, the Body, and the Radiant Transcendental Being’.

‘The Whole Bodily Synthesis of Evolutionary Love’.

5. The Seamless Garment of Love:

Exoteric And Esoteric Religion’.

‘Transcendence of the Human Nervous System’.

‘Divine Descent and Human Ascent’.

‘The Commitment to the Creative Struggle of Life’.

‘The Trial That Tests Us While We Grow’.

‘The Moment of Man’.

‘The Seven Stages of Human Life’.

‘Birth and Ego-Death’.

“Ego-Death and the Chaos of Experience”.

‘Mysticism and Ego-Death’.

‘Esoteric Knowledge Is Transcended in the Seventh Stage of Life’.

‘Brain Mysticism and the Radiant Personality of Love’.

‘The Person of Existence’.

‘Beyond Self-Realization’.

‘Bodily Enlightenment’.

‘The Secret of Spiritual Liberation’.

‘The Body Is the Way to Life’.

‘The Body Is the True Mind’.

‘The Love-Sacrifice of the Whole Body’.

‘Body, Mind, Death, and Life’.

‘Only Life Overcomes Death’.

6. The Secret Identity
of the Holy Spirit of God:

A Prophetic Criticism of Great Religions

Beyond the Outer or Public Cult
of Jesus

The Good Principles of Jesus

Jesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor

The Christian Idol

Beyond the Hidden Teachings of Jesus

Jesus Is Life

The Enlightenment of Man Is in His
Bodily Commitment to Life

7. What Is Wisdom?:

True Detachment’.

‘Pleasure and Pain’.

‘The Transcendence of Negativity and Unlove’.

‘What Is Wisdom?

“Stress Chemistry and Whole Bodily Enlightenment.”

‘Action without tress and Concern’.

‘Transcendence of Attention Is Ecstasy’.

‘God-Realization Is the Transcendence of Experience’.

8. The Transcendental Vision:

‘The Ultimate Truth of All Religions’.

‘Where Is Space, a Thought, A Person, or a Thing?’

‘The Person of Love’.

‘The Universal Plan of Experience and the Ultimate Event of Liberation’.

‘The Dream of Changes’.

‘The Structure and Evolutionary Destiny of Man’.

‘The Composite Structure of Man and the Esoteric Process of God-Realization’.


‘The Ultimate Vision’.

‘Original Light’.

‘Body-Mind and Space-Time’.

‘Time and Ecstasy’.

‘The Hole in the Universe Is in the Heart of Man’.

‘The Ultimate Mystery of Consciousness’.

‘The Two Moments of Enlightenment’.

‘The Presumption of God-Realization’.

‘When the Body Is Full of Light’.

9. The Western Way:

‘The Western Way of Bodily Self-Sacrifice’.

‘The Great Principle of Life-Practice’.

‘My Analysis of Man’.

‘The Ritual of Incarnation’.

‘Divine Incarnation and the Traditional Method of Death’.


‘The Ultimate Instruction’.

‘The Gospel of Krishna and Jesus’.

‘Krishna, Jesus, and the Way of God-Communion’.

‘The Way That I Teach’.

‘The Restoration of Laughter’.

‘How to Begin to Practice the Way That I Teach’.

‘So Be It’.

‘The Secret of Attention’.

‘Surrender to Life’.

‘Feeling, Breathing, and the Supreme Identity’.

‘The Principle of Transfiguration’.

‘What I Mean’.

‘The Search for Liberation and the Way of Prior Freedom’.

‘The Way That I Teach, or the Principal Conception of Future Religion’.

10. The Ultimate Passion of Man:

‘The Evolution of Man and the Sacrifice of the World’.

‘The Higher Culture of Man Depends on the Higher Nervous System of

‘Mysticism and Evolution’.

“The Five Evolutionary States of True Man The Divine Physics of Evolution”.

‘Lower, Middle, and Highest’.

‘Nature and God’.

“The Universe Is a Laughing Matter”.

11. Beyond Doubt:

“The Urgency of the Teaching”.

‘The View That Must Be Tested’.

“The Psychosis of Doubt”.

‘True Religion Is a Higher Cultural Motive Than Conventional Science’.

‘What Is to Be Realized?’

‘The Presumption of What Cannot Be Lost or Found’.

“Will You Enter into Love?”

Epilogue: ‘Transfiguration’.

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