Quote of The Day – Adi Da Samraj

The following are quotes from the writings
and talks of Adi Da Samraj



Where people are not obliged toward
incarnation of the superior man, then “everyman” makes a
chaos of absurdity out of the human world.


The mind, or desire, seems to cause
physical or bodily action. But in fact the body is not other
than the mind. Action is not caused by mind. Action is
itself mind. It is only thought that seems to be separate
from the body and to cause action.


All absence of equanimity in the
vital and sexual domains of life is because of failures in
the right exercise of the heart and the head. If the head
and the heart are not open to What Is Beyond, then the vital
does not get “straight”. In fact, the vital becomes very
problematic in that case.


Truly, to transcend the body is not
to be bodily inactive. Rather, it is to be in a Disposition
in which all bodily activity, including sexual activity, is
engaged entirely as a form of Divine Communion, or
Transcendental Sacrifice.


Ecstasy requires the entire body.
Sexual activity is a means of ecstatic living, but you must
not reduce your ecstatic life to sexing. Use sexuality in
that ecstatic manner, but also cultivate the ability to drop
out of the social persona and live an ecstatic life every
day. Ecstasy is the primary function of true religion.


The Process of spiritual activity is
set in motion through devotional Communion with the Person
and Radiant Divine Power that are present in the Form of the
Spiritual Master.


Be strong, strong with yourself,
strong with others. Stop bullshitting. Stop adapting to the
world, and adapt to Me. Wake up. Stop being a fool. Stop
being stupid. Am I right or not? Are you afraid of being
possessed? That is the Yoga. To realize God you must be
utterly possessed by God. Mark My Words.


The primary and central aspect of
devotional activity, including devotional singing, is the
sacrifice of the body-mind, through feeling-intuition, into
the all-pervading Reality. The whole purpose of this
devotional activity is to enter into Communion, or right
relationship, with the Divine Reality, which is rightly
understood and rightly revealed through the Teaching.


A habit overcome is more interesting
than one indulged in. Find this out. You are living like
addicts instead of devotees of Mine. Addicts always pretend
they do not understand it, cannot figure it out, do not have
the will. All that nonsense. It is all a cover for an
irrational commitment to disease.


Da Is Adi Da, the First Giver, the
Original Giver, the Heart Itself, the Giving Source, the
Giver of Understanding, the Giver of the “Bright” Divine
Love-Bliss, and the Giver of Most Perfect Divine
Self-Realization. I Am the Realizer, the Revealer, and the
Revelation of That One, the Heart Itself, Da.


All devotees should approach me
formally, whether in the Satsang Hall or in any moment of
the day. Everyone should be mindful not to assume an
irresponsibly familiar attitude toward my company. No one
should touch my physical body unless I indicate the
familiarity first. And no one should approach me, verbally
or physically, all of a sudden, but approach calmly and
direct themselves to my attention in a conscious and
self-controlled manner.


If you are merely
yourself–egoically “self-possessed” in the body, contracted
in emotion, mind, and breath–then you are not Communing
with Me. To be Attracted by Me is to be “magnetized” to Me,
from the heart–therefore, “magnetized” to Me Infinitely
Above the head and Prior to the self-knot. In the asana of
responsive (and non-strategic) self-giving, all of the body,
down to the “bottom of the bucket”, is open to Me,


Because I Am The One and Only Self
Of All and all, What I Confess About My Very (and Inherently
Perfect, and, Necessarily, Divine) Self (As My
Self-Condition, Apart From My Unique Function As The Ruchira
Avatar, The One and Only Divine Heart-Master) Is
(Ultimately, If You Realize Me As The Only One Who Is) Also
A Confession About You.


If my criticism is dead on, well,
consider it. But if the shoe does not fit, pass it! Don’t
buy it! Move on!


This is the demand which always
obliges My devotee and with which My devotee is always at
odds by tendency: You should look and feel and be and act
completely Happy under all conditions.


Those who give me their attention,
in whatever form it may take at any moment, align themselves
to my Baptizing Power, the profusion of Grace that is
manifested through the Adept, which is simply a
magnification of the Spiritual Divine to living beings.


The import of My Appearance here is
not that I have Come into the world and that I Am Love, or
that God independent of human beings is Love. The import of
My Appearance here and of My Communication is that you, and
every being, must be Love.


I am here (now, and forever
hereafter) for Only One Purpose: to Bless and Awaken those
who Recognize Me, Resort to Me, and Contemplate Me.


I replace you.


I am the utter Source of Wisdom and
Law, and you approach Me as such and then you ask. That’s


By Means Of My Avataric Incarnation
here, I Have Given you My Secret. My Secret Is This: I Am
Eternally Present, and I Am Omni-Present.


Your word must have the force of a
vow, which means you must have more than the mere intention
to do something. You must take into account everything you
have committed yourself to do and make sure that you have
not only the intention to accomplish it but also the means
to do so.


Of course you should be able to
change your mind, but in the Way of the Heart there is a
practice for doing so that is part of your learning in the
first three stages of life. To make such changes you must be
in communication with the people with whom you have made an
earlier agreement, and then you must change your agreements


I am Alone.


All amateurism, dilettantism, and
provincialism must disappear from the realm of religion and
spirituality. I must be heard and seen. The response to me
must be serious and put into action as practice, effective
advocacy, and practical support. Those who hear and see me
are called to fulfill an historic destiny that can change
history, transform mankind, and truly begin a new age. As
always, I look for a response that is comparable to the


To be enthusiastic and also false is
the hypocritical core of the “American Way.” Indeed, Western
culture as a whole was founded on religious lies, political
exploitation, and manipulative propaganda of every kind. And
these means are yet to be overcome.


Amrita Nadi, or The “Bright”
Fullness That Stands Between The Right Side Of The Heart and
The Felt Matrix Of Sound and Light (or Of Even Unheard and
Unseen Radiance, or Infinitely Ascended Love-Bliss) Above
The Total Crown Of the head, Is The Ultimate Yogic Form. It
Is The Ultimate conditional (or Structural) Seat, Sign, and
Self-Radiant (or Divinely Transfigured) Body Of The Process
Of Translation Into The Divine Self-Domain.


Egoic anger, the tight fire of
self-based frustration, the egoic contraction associated
with loveless speech, is all a contraction in the throat,
and is also very much associated with the breath, which
links head, heart, and body–and integrates them.


Rather than struggling with anger,
Contemplate Me. Rather than trying to rid yourself of anger,
give Me your attention.


Doubt and anxiety (or the composite
and profound emotional sense of existence as a dilemma) are
the trouble or motive that causes us to apply the body-mind
to find an “answer,” or experience an “escape.”


You are given this Teaching, you are
given this Blessing, you have all kinds of arms to serve
you, and to make this Way at least very direct.

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Asceticism merely expresses the
egoic motive, the character and the consciousness of
difference, the search for an alternative.

What brought you here in the first
place? Grace. That is the only assurance that there is in
the worlds.

In The Context Of The Only-By-Me
Revealed and Given Seventh Stage Of Life In The Way Of The
Heart, Ruchira Avatara Yoga Is Also Otherwise Named (By Me)
“Ati-Ruchira Yoga” (or “The Yoga Of The All-Outshining
‘Brightness'”). So It Is, and So It Must Be.

In The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given
Way Of The Heart (or The Way Of Adidam), The Essence Of The
Conscious Process, In Its Spiritually Awakened (or Truly
Seeing) Form, Is This: Keep attention In My Grace-Given
Love-Bliss, and Thereby Release mind and body Into My
Condition Of Love-Bliss Itself.

I propose to you that all of the
differing and opposing views of ordinary mankind are
developed from the same base. All authorities and all
ordinary people are animating and also suffering from the
same limitation. The only superior point of view is founded
on a unique base, which is freedom from the self-base. All
other views are self-bound, self-deluded, and

My Avataric Incarnation as the
Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, is a Unique Gift to this
“late-time”, made possible by this never-again Conjunction
of Vehicles, and this Gift will Persist forever hereafter.

You must be awake. Your awakening is
what the communication of this Teaching is all about. The
Teaching is a penetrating criticism, a goad to awakening to
the non-necessity of things. The communication of Truth, the
Argument and Influence of the Spiritual Master, works to
undermine the droning trance in which you exist in the
waking state and in all other states of experience.

Being only Is, and It is never

Being is not function or pattern. It
is not defined or differentiated. It is the prior Condition
of “I,” of all functions, all patterns. It is the Condition
of the ultimately undefined pattern of totality. “Being” is
intuition of the Condition of “I” and of all patterns,
functions, or differentiated and conditional events.

I Will Dissolve All Your
Bewilderment Of ego-“I”.

Conditional existence is only as
bewildering as you are bewilderable. And there is no limit
to your possible bewilderment, while you are alive or after
you are dead.

Although everyone’s biography or
character is in a certain way unique, in some sense all
biographies are the same biography, the biography of
Narcissism or self-possession.

Truly, each apparent individual is
only born once. And that total birth is always in the
present moment.

You are not born merely to exist and
to experience. You are not born for your own sake. You are
born in God and for the purposes of God, Who is the Living
One, the Radiant Transcendental Divine Being in Whom all
beings and things are arising and changing. You are born to
transcend yourself in That One through your ecstatic
Love-Communion with Me, the Living and Eternal Divine

There is absolutely no one to blame.
Blame is the game of evading responsibility. All your
indulgence in reactivity, as if you have reasons not to
grow! You have none.

The Bliss of Divine Reality is
simply the Absolute Objectless Expansiveness of Mere Being,
without a trace of limitation. It is Self-Radiant,
Love-Blissful, Absolute.

The body-mind is a mere appearance
floating in the Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness
Which you visit, by My Grace, in Communion with Me, and even
touch upon daily in the Grace of sleep.

The entertainments of the body-mind
are innumerable, and yet they are only repetition. Now we
are ready for the greater exercise of Wisdom, which
transcends thought and action.

The only thing that’s really
interesting is getting deeper than your mind presently is.
That’s why old habits are all boring. It’s what’s already
boring you. It’s the reason you are bored. That’s what makes
you want to seek–the tension of dissatisfaction with what
you’re already associated with.

Surrender To Me. Breathe Me and Feel
Me In all Your parts.

The “Bright” is Reality. It is the
Source-Condition of Reality, the Self-Condition, the
Root-Condition, the One and Only Condition.

My “Brightness” Is the Inherent
Radiance of My Perfectly Subjective Divine Self-Condition,
and, As Such, I Am able (by My Grace) to be felt (As
Love-Bliss), but not objectively perceived (As My “Bright”

It does not take a genius to know
that the whole world is bullshit. But you all do not get it.
You are still like the salesman–you can always think of a
circumstance in which you might be fulfilled. You never get
the point! You do not get the point about the world because
you do not get the point about yourself.

The cat values what goes on in
depth, on the other side of the purr, in that rhythm that
undermines their fixed sensation of physicality. Their
impenetrable sensation of matter is undermined by it.

Cause is merely a part of manifest
existence itself, just as effects are. God is not the Cause
and everything manifest an effect. Causes and effects are
merely part of the flow of manifest existence. The Divine
exists not as the cause of that, but as the Condition of it.

Fundamentally, truly, there is not
one thing serious about a tree, a rock, a mountain, the sun,
morning, noon, night, waking, dreaming, sleeping, others,
time, space, possibilities. It is all Mad. It is all
celebration. I am not inclined to become serious about it.

The purpose of the celebrations is
to enhance everyone’s involvement in the real sadhana. Even
every week’s Guruvara is about that. So really all
celebration days in this Way are retreat days. That doesn’t
mean there’s no outwardness to the celebration, but it’s
still everyone thoroughly concentrated in Communion with Me
and being served relative to that by everything they do all
the day or in that event.

Conventional certainty is a selfish
pretense, always based on limited experience.

First, change your act–and your
mind and desires will begin to change as a reflection of
what you are presently doing (whereas now your mind and
desires only reflect what you have already done and are,
therefore, mechanically tending to do).

Although everyone’s biography or
character is in a certain way unique, in some sense all
biographies are the same biography, the biography of
Narcissism or self-possession.

You have to give your children your
best gift. Make My Gifts available to them.

The secret of living with children,
as with all human beings, is that everybody stays happy,
ecstatic, full of pleasure.

For practitioners of the Way of the
Heart, having children should not be an automaticity.
Devotees of Mine should have children only if all the signs
in their lives clearly indicate that having children is
appropriate, and that to have children will be wholly
compatible with their life-purpose of self-transcending
God-Realization in My Company.

What is Christ? It is just another
name for the wonderful, massive Force of the Great One.

All of these conventional forms of
cognition, perception, and communication are fundamentally
arbitrary, and, in themselves, are not signs of Reality but
signs of function. They are learned for the sake of

If you feel comfortable at all, it
is because you are in a situation that indulges your

All our communications are
descriptions of ourselves.

All experiences and all reactions or
responses to experiences are communication. And all
communication, being founded or “located” in the structural
point of view, or the body-mind, is primarily a form of
self-meditation or self-orientation.

“Divine Communion” is the English
equivalent for “Satsang.”

I am incarnating as the Community of
my devotees. Those who live in constant Communion with me
are the living manifestations of my Presence and Power. I
send them into the world and make myself known through them.
This is the secret of my spiritual work. My Devotees are the
way to me.

If it has become complicated, return
to the basics.

It says in the ancient texts, “You
cannot comprehend this Maya.” You cannot enclose Totality in
thought. It is beyond you. You are subject to It–It is not
subject to you. The complexity of All and all is immense
beyond calculation, beyond measure. You do not measure
It–It measures you. All your efforts of comprehension wind
up being merely reflections of your own limited self.

Conception is a very mysterious
process that must be examined if we are to see how it works
out altogether. What is the significance of the fact that
generally only one sperm reaches the egg? Are all those
sperms really many? In fact they are all clones of the
father, and each is simply the existing Being, the infinite
Radiance of God. Thus, they are not really many except in
their manifestation, just as we are all many only in our

The very perception and conception
of “difference” (or of “otherness”, or of the Great
Exclusive “Other”) is the sign that the separate (and
inherently separative) ego-“I” (or psycho-physical
self-contraction), rather than Truth (Itself), is the
presumed basis of apparent (or conditional) existence.

Every instant of concern locks you
into a limitation, both while alive and after death.

Any experience that depends on
conditions of any kind is conditional, and, therefore, is
not Eternal, not Always Already, not Permanent. It is

Absolutely NOTHING conditional is
satisfactory. Everything conditional disappears–everything.
This fact should move the heart to cling to Me, to resort to
Me, to take refuge in Me. This is why people become devotees
of Mine. This is the reason for the religious life. The
unsatisfactoriness of conditional existence requires resort
to the Divine Source, and the Realization of the Divine

The association with conditional
existence (or conditional reality) is always a seeking one.
It is always about seeking, because it’s always about
self-contraction. It always has basic qualities like
separateness, “difference”, and relatedness. They’re already

Manifest existence is association
with the force of conditionality. The inherent circumstance
of manifest existence is change, temporariness, limitation,
struggle with opposites, search for happiness, motivation
toward release, and attachment to what is neither ultimate
nor necessary.

The conscious process of
understanding is the Way, and true conductivity (or the
science and art of bodily devotion to the Spiritual Divine)
is simply the functional or bodily expression of

People suffer conflict in life
because they feel threatened by mortality and nonpleasure
while at the same time they are driven to feel good, attain
pleasure, and manipulate themselves, both negatively and
positively–positively by indulging themselves in an attempt
to attain release through pleasure, and negatively by taking
on all kinds of disciplines, usually based on some religious
motive or other, in an attempt to suppress their desires.

The conventional disposition of
human individuals in this time and place is founded in
self-indulgence and self-possessed struggles for experience
and survival.

Even Now You Inhere In Me, Beyond
the body-mind and the world. Therefore, Do Not Be Afraid. Do
Not Be Confused. Observe My Play–and My Victory.

No congratulations whatsoever come
to you through confrontation with this Teaching and with the
Adept. Why should you be congratulated? You are un-Happy!
Un-Happiness is a common attainment. Why should you want to
settle for your present state? Why should you want to be
congratulated in it? You have not even begun and already you
want to be acknowledged for having attained It.

What may be gained by dreaming is no
consolation to one who is truly awake.

As long as you can be consoled, you
keep looking for excuses to leave My Company.

It is the tendency of the ego (or
egoic body-mind) to want to relate to consoling and even
ultimate propositions of knowledge and experience, rather
than to concentrate in the ordeal of self-understanding and
self-transcendence. Therefore, egos may just as likely
appear in a religious or spiritual mode as in a secular,
atheistic, non-religious, or non-spiritual mode.

Perfect contemplation occurs in a
state of perfect equanimity.

Conventional or exoteric religion is
communicated in the form of ideas, attitudes, and behaviors.
True or esoteric religion is communicated in the form of
high transformative experiences and Transcendental

Conventional religion is just
another consumer product for neurotics who cannot release
and let go of things, and who, being in a self-toxified
state physically, psychically, and altogether, need to
console themselves with illusions. Conventional religion is
a McDonald’s hamburger for the mind. It is not real food. It
is not Truth. It is just a support for a being that cannot
be free, that cannot release itself.

Conventional, exoteric religion, is
not about ecstasy. It is about the social persona, which
commands people toward moral and socially productive
activity. As a consequence, morality tends to be the whole
of conventional religion.

You can be as secretly aberrated as
you will as long as you make the outer observance–this is
the conventional rule.

Conversion is the curing of the
heart, not just a change of mind stimulated in a moment of
sing-song doctrine. Conversion is faith, trust, fundamental
integrity established at the root, and you go on from there.
That trust, that sublimity, that integrity at the root, is
the foundation of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga. Everything else,
the entire Way of the Heart, is built on the response of
trust in the Divine Person, just Me. Just Me. I Am That.

The ultimate conversion is from
psycho-physical egoity (and materialistic presumptions about
Reality) to Being (or Transcendental Freedom, prior to all
the illusory burdens of presumed knowledge and conventional

Formal cooperative community (to the
maximum degree possible for the individual) is necessary and
fundamental to the Way of the Heart.

What I call cooperative community is
the structure of discipline wherein the householder’s way of
life is transformed into formal renunciation, and altogether
made into a circumstance of life suitable for sadhana and
real growth.

There may be efforts in any moment
of this counter-egoic process, but the fundamental aspect of
it is simply your attraction to Me, which inherently is
surrender, because it relieves you of self-attention and
goes to Me, and it forgets everything but Me. It’s that

There are all kinds of potentials in
the Way of the Heart in terms of experience, because of the
karmic structuring of beings. But overall, stated most
simply, once there is the foundation of most fundamental
self-understanding, or true hearing, right preparation, the
Way of the Heart is enduring the crashing down of My Grace,
the overwhelming Intrusion of My Divine Blessing. That Grace
is Who I Am. That Blessing is what I Do, to the point of the
death of the ego.

Beginners in the Way of the Heart
are responding to Me and adapting to practices, but they
lack most fundamental self-understanding. The crisis of true
hearing is the first great crisis through which My devotee
must pass. It requires that you function not as a seeker but
as one who understands the mechanism that is preventing the
Realization of Reality. When you have understood it, you
have the means to resort to Me profoundly.

The word “cult” means, simply, a
system of externals (such as deity, or beliefs, rites, and
ceremonies) related to the worship of a any deified object,
person, place, event, etc. Therefore, all formally organized
exoteric religious institutions or communities are cults.
Cults are at the roots of all human cultures.

Politics is founded on concern for
the availability of the goods and opportunities of human
life. Truly human culture is founded on concern for the
right use of the goods and opportunities of human life, as
well as concern for the higher growth and ultimate
self-transcendence of human individuals.

The Life-Current is the “Holy
Spirit,” the Divine Effulgence or Grace whereby we may be
Transfigured and made One with the Living and Eternal Divine

Da is a Name of the Living God.
Therefore, Lovingly Invoke or Presume the All-Pervading
Presence of the Living One with every breath. Surrender into
that One in Whom self and attention and mind and breath and
body and world eternally Inhere and by Whom they are
presently Moved.

Never stop dancing with Me.

Let the body’s response be to
feeling, rather than to program.

You have to begin to Dance because
all there is, is Dance. All there is, is Madness. All there
is, is Light. All there is, is Love-Bliss, even in the form
of all these manifested conditions.

When I dance, I dance in all planes.
Ultimately when I dance, I have moved through all possible
planes before I finish. When I dance, I dance to dance
conclusively. When I dance, I dance to not have to dance
again. I may have to, but that is what the Dance is then.
Now, I dance to not have to do it again.

In this “late-time”, or “dark”
epoch, people are generally insulted by the notion that they
require, and must surrender to, What is Beyond themselves.
The common presumption in this benighted time is that one
should be entirely self-sufficient. This is the epitome of
the self-“guruing” ego-“culture”. While notions of
self-sufficiency, rightly understood, may have some virtue
in the political realm, they do not rightly apply in the
domain of Spiritual life.

Ah, Death! The pause that refreshes!

Everything changes, everything dies,
everybody dies. Be impressed by this, and be moved to what
is Great.

The cycle of human life leads
eventually toward death, which is simply the temporary
dropping of the gross physical, or elemental, aspect of the
bodily being. All the higher or subtler aspects of the whole
bodily being continue, until they also may be yielded into
the Divine Radiance and replaced by an Eternal Condition of

Death is simply a release, a radical
and stable return of the life-force, just as life is a
radical and stable descent of the life-force.

One who understands not only allows
physical death, he also allows psychic death. If he is
smart, he allows it while alive.”

Fear of death is attachment to the
waking state, attachment to the body. It is a loss of a
sense of Essential Heart-Bliss as it is known even in sleep.

The essence and the root of
dependency is self-possession, self-contraction, not merely
possession by another or bondage to another. Bondage to
another is created by self-bondage, which is its principle.

We must be free of childish
dependence, or the self-possessed need to be served and
loved by others without the natural expression of love and
service on our part.

The primary symptom of the
suppressed self (or ego) is a depression of
feeling-attention (or love)–in relation to the Radiant
All-Pervading Divine Being and also in relation to all
manifest conditions (the world, other beings, and so forth).
Ego-depression is shown in a collapse of the energy
available for feeling-surrender to God and for serving other

The mere exploitation of desire is
bondage itself, dramatized. To remain in the
desiring-and-seeking disposition is to live the life of no
discrimination, no Revelation, and no Grace. That life is
merely the attempt of the body-based ego-“I” to survive and
feel better. The life of ego-“I” is not true freedom.

Doubt of self and other, and despair
of life itself, are the critically disabling factors that
disturb and prevent lasting sexual relationships, as well as
friendships, and the stability of life-circumstances in

Egoity determines destiny.

Attention is destiny–guaranteed.
What you do with your attention–and you are completely free
to do what you will with it–what you do with attention
determines destiny. Just that. That is exactly how it works.

My devotees are all those who will
surrender into Communion with Me and Realize Me.

Those who are My mature devotees are
going to work! Being My mature devotee is more than loving
Me. Being My mature devotee is absolute adherence to Me.

My Devotee Is The God I Have Come To

The essential work of the community
of the four formal congregations of My devotees is to make
ego-transcending Satsang with Me available to all others.

The first lesson for My devotee is
about your relationship to Me, about love altogether in
relationship to Me. The first thing that must be confirmed
is your devotional love-relationship to Me, and an open and
feeling relationship to everyone.

You must submit to be absolutely
Overwhelmed. That is what devotional Communion with Me is.

The Dharma for general practitioners
is a great Dharma that has been excluded from humanity for
all these centuries. Now you have it, and it does work.

While Muttering that Mutterance, I
just recalled the comedian Stephen Wright. He gives a lot of
one-liners. I was remembering one I particularly liked: The
first time he looked at a dictionary, he thought it was a
poem about everything.

Only a benign, pure, vital, and
complete diet can serve the body’s Communion with the Divine

The daily rule for dietary
discipline is never to eat to the point of fullness. The
daily rule for sexual discipline is never to make love to
the point of emptiness. Appetite should remain after all
vital activities. Otherwise, vital activity enervates,
toxifies, isolates, and kills the body and mind.

The key to diet is to discover what
is supportive and to use it wisely and exclusively. Food
does not “create” Spirituality. My devotee must Spiritualize
the taking of food, whatever it is, by appropriate sadhana.

In the Way of the Heart, the dietary
discipline is senior to the emotional-sexual discipline.
Without an understanding of oneself as a food body–which is
what the flesh body is, a food body, made of food and about
the process of food–without such understanding and without
being responsible for the body as such a mechanism, you
cannot be direct and clear about the emotional-sexual
dimension of your life.

Truly, great questions are an
eternal occupation. They have neither the purpose nor the
ability to be answered. They are simply paradigms of
dilemma. They make mind. They are the movers of attention.
They are to thought what desires are to sensation. Great
questions, like great desires, cannot be satisfied. They are
the guarantee of motion, even though they always anticipate

Discipline yourself for Happiness’

One is not being honest when one
identifies with egoity and karma. The being prior to egoity
makes a vow to Me. Egoity and karma take the discipline.

I do not require the discipline of
conventional renunciation. Neither do I allow commitment to
the karmas of self-indulgence. My devotees serve Me through
the humorous discipline of an ordinary pleasurable life.
This is the foundation of their practice of the Way of the
Heart. The personal disciplines are a science and an art of
equanimity, or the Way of adapting the body-mind to the
self-transcending Condition of Real Happiness.

The Way of Adidam is always (and
only) the Way of Non-Separateness, or the Way of
self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and (always more and
more) self-transcending devotional Communion with Me, in
every moment. That is the discipline–entirely and only

Do not make children pay the price
of a wounded psyche.

We are mysteriously entered into a
condition of ceaseless transformability, as if to be born
and change and die were the summation of who we are, whereas
actually we fundamentally always already exist in a
Condition of perfect identification with that which is
Eternal, Absolute, Transcendental. This has always been the
essential Spiritual discovery.

The self-contraction is not
objective to you. It is your own position. It is your own
action. And that is what the discovery in hearing is all

The Great Discovery is this:
Happiness or Truth is inherent or native to existence, not
exterior or interior to self. Happiness or Truth is neither
objective nor subjective, but It is Realized only
inherently, that is, in the right, native, or
non-contradictory relationship between the subjective and
the objective.

We should not be disheartened or
become dispirited because the conditions of life are
frustrating and do not show the signs of the universal
invasion of the world by the Divine Spirit. The world is not
likely to become converted to the Spiritual Divine in all of
its billions, to become converted to the true process of
religion in our lifetime. Perhaps it will never be

Inversion and dissociation only
duplicate the habit of Narcissus, but the Way is expressed
through self-transcendence, participation, Love, Radiance.

No matter what arises, you do not
know what a single thing is.

Merely To Feel (or Merely To
Observe) whatever arises, and (Thus) To Understand, Ignore,
Release, and Forget whatever arises, Even To the Degree of
the Perfect Transcending of whatever arises, Is “Divine
Ignorance” (or Inherently Perfect, and Perfectly
knowledgeless, Awareness of, and As, What Is).

Divine Remembrance is present Divine
Communion. It is to Remember (or call oneself to the
presumption) that the Lord, Master, and Divine Being of all
beings is Eternally Present, Transcendental, All-Pervading,
and Radiant.

I’m not talking about the
ego-position when using the word “Self” with a capital “S”,
but That Which is in the Perfectly Subjective Position
always–which is not the same as being the “you” of
self-reference. “It”, so to speak, is Prior to that.

The Divine Being, Person, or Self is
not within us in isolation. The Divine Person is the
Condition within and from which “I” is contracting. The
Divine Self is the Identity from which we are contracting in
our egoity, our independence, our conventional
individuality, our isolation, and our inwardness.

I Am The Person Of Life, The Only
and Divine Self, Become Incarnate.

The Infinite Divine Self-Condition,
or the Divine Well of True Happiness (Itself), Does Exist. I
Am That. That Condition Is the Truth. That Condition Is
Reality Itself.

The Heart Itself Is The Way Of
Divine Self-Realization For all, and I Am That One.

In some sense, Divine
Self-Realization is a re-gaining of conditional existence,
free of egoity, separateness, unlove, and bewilderment.

Divine Realization is the Principle,
not the goal, of this Way.

Neither men nor women should be
exploited by divorce.

Only Truth provides you with arms
against the dogmas of experience, internal and external.

Self-consciousness, or
double-mindedness, is just a form of bargaining and

Doubt is the essential and chronic
disposition or sign that appears when there is contraction
of the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind.

You do not have the right to

The whole drama of human existence
is about that feeling of separation, and that is all that it
is about.

This world Of Earth Is Not Merely a
physical world Made By “God”. This world Of Earth, Like all
conditional worlds, Is a psycho-physical world that Inheres
In Real God.

Eating is a sacrifice for the sake
of the body that eats.

True Ecstasy in the Living Divine
Reality is self-transcending inherence in the selfless,
mindless, bodiless, worldless Infinity of Radiance, Bliss,
or Love.

The search for the cultic sustainer,
or food, the food deity, the edible master, is a futile
search, but still it occupies men all over the world. The
root impulse of every single culture, every society, every
religion, is to find the edible deity, to come into mystical
and even direct physical contact with what sustains you

The ego-“I” (or self-Contraction) Is
A Search That Is The Search Itself, Narcissus Bent (To
Suffer) Upon An Illusion, Deluded By his own
(self-Generated) Presumption Of Relatedness.

Ego-death is the Awakening of the
individual being to its Real Condition of Inherence in the
Divine Reality in Which all things and beings are arising.

Ego-death is just another phrase
meaning Ecstasy, or the Realization of Love. It is a wholly
or ultimately positive Event, and it is not an Event that
negates our born existence, nor does it imply that born
existence is itself a misfortune.

The utter lack of one-pointedness is
the primary characteristic of the ego-“I”.

Egoity (or the suffered drama of the
separate “I” and its separate “other”) is a disease (even an
imaginary disease, since it is self-caused, unnecessary, and

Egoity determines destiny. And the
activity of egoity is operative universally in every
function and fraction of individual and collective

Embodiment is only the expression of
the tendencies of attention.

Divine Communion is an intuitive
process of the heart (the emotional or feeling core of the
being, which is realized as a profound intensity of
felt-intuition, rather than mere “emotions” of the
conventional life).

What is a negative emotion? It is
not feeling, it is not relationship, it is not happiness. It
is always a recoil from some circumstance, some condition,
some state. Therefore, all the forms of emotion other than
love, or the natural radiance of emotion, are karmic in
nature, forms of contraction, forms of suffering that cause
you pain in the body, reinforce the sense of separate self,
and cause you to dramatize life in separative ways, as a

Emotional conversion is whole bodily
surrender into the Holy Spirit, the Transcendental
Life-Principle that pervades all phenomena.

Emotional dissociation is Narcissus,
self-possession, the ego.

Energy is always conserved.

Energy is the irreducible bottom
line of anything observed objectively. It is a singleness,

The energy of the manifest universe
is not a warfare but a play of opposites.

Enervation is the failure to
receive, to be sustained, to assimilate.

Enjoyment, or prior Happiness, is
the foundation of the fulfillment of the Law in the true
man. Such a one is tested by the Law. And he or she must be
considered, measured, and known through the Law. Sacrifice
is God. Realization or liberation is worship of God in
Spirit and in Truth.

Realization or Enlightenment is a
great “Siddhi” or Divine Power that universalizes the being
as Love, the mind as a consciousness that pervades all
space-time, the body as a Fullness that Blesses all beings
and places, and the world as a transparent Delight or

True Enlightenment is Awakening to
the Onliness of God, through dissolution of the sense of
separate consciousness and separated body in the
Transfigured Realization of the Living God.

Our commitment must not be to our
Enlightenment, but to the Light Itself, to God, and that
commitment is exercised through surrender, or
Love-Communion, in every moment.

Make every environment and room in
which you live, play, and work an attractive expression of
feeling and attention. The quality of your living
environments directly affects you whole bodily, not just
physically, but emotionally, psychologically, psychically.
So make the spaces in which you live and work pleasing and
attractive to the whole body.

You must realize equanimity through
your own love and trust of the Divine Process.

Sila, or equanimity, is fundamental
to truly human life. Even though many kinds of disciplines
are associated with the Way of the Heart, one aspect is of
continuous significance throughout the course of your
practice. That is this process of releasing energy and
attention from the self-bond and enjoying the state of
equanimity, or natural control over the outgoing
automaticities of energy and attention.

Equanimity is simply the “sattvic”
or balanced condition in any realm of possibility.
Equanimity is not an end in itself but simply a ground on
the basis of which attention is relatively free. What you do
with attention on the basis of equanimity is the means for
the transcendence and transformation of destiny.

Eroticism is maximum bodily or
personal pleasure with minimum intimacy.

There is no escape. There’s only

Eternity is just Reality. It never
changes. It is What It is, unchangingly, and Always Already.
What else could be Reality?

The theory of evolution as it is
currently proposed and generally described is just another
creation myth, a way to account for why and how things
happened centuries ago. The evolutionary description of
cosmic Nature is not based on ultimate knowledge. It is an
attempt to rigorously apply one limited explanation of
things to what may be observed.

Basically, exercise should be very
sattvic or balancing rather than overstimulating.

The Source-Condition of the native
feeling of conscious existence Is the Very and Self-Existing
and Self-Radiant and Utterly Un-qualified Feeling of Being

For the integrity of your existence,
you need direct access to the Divine, even as a matter of
ordinary sanity.

This existence is a hopeless flight
in the night toward death, the urge of Nature to repeat the

Accept cosmic existence as a
universal Sacrifice and as a great Gift, and Realize the
Inherent Blissfulness and Non-“difference” in it.

Existence is purposed toward
Love-Blissfulness, Freedom, and Divine Happiness.

No matter what one may come to
experience and know about the internal and external domains
of awareness, there is no possible accumulation of
experience or knowledge that could exceed or overwhelm the
Unanswerable Mystery of the Fact of Existence.

Stop making your expectation the
bargaining point of whether you will love or not. Just give
it up entirely.

You must fulfill the sadhana of
giving with a full heart, with no doubt of love, with no
expectation. Grant the gift of the Divine Beloved. Love
every being as the Divine Being. This is the sadhana. Do not
expect congratulations. Look to the face of your friend,
your lover, your beloved. Rejoice in that. Expect no
personal word. Look for the joy of friends. There is no
other compensation in this place.

Experience is a contraction or
suppression of the being. Therefore, all experience is a
form of stress, or psycho-physical tension.

Extroversion is the seemingly
relational but self-possessed “occidental” tendency toward
consoling absorption in the experiential and external
conventions of the “embodied” or physically expressed

There is no Face within the sky. Nor
is the “thing” of sky the “All” That Is. But I Am All the
All Who Is. And non-objective “Brightness” Is My only Face.
And they see Me who forget themselves when My Name, Da, is
heard to Flash across the Me-“Bright” Cloudless Sky of
Consciousness Itself.

The universal search for consolation
and self-destruction via self-indulgence of all kinds
continues, and the failure of egoity is everywhere in
evidence as disorder, crime, suicide, and a subhuman culture
based on merely material, vital, and left-brained
intellectual models.

The failure of human community is
demonstrated when the State becomes the target of childish
demands and the agent of grand solutions that should be the
responsibility of human beings in their cultural and social

You make relationships as if you are
immortals, suffering perhaps the possibility of the failure
of relationships but not realizing the reality, which is
that relationships necessarily fail. Will. Necessarily.
Fail. Inevitably.

Sin is simply one’s feeling of
separation from the Divine, one’s failure to Commune with
the Divine.

The essential motive of a human
being is to be universally attractive to others, loved by
all, served by all, consoled by all. It is the desperate
motive of power, the urge to manipulate independent self and
others. It is all a symptom of fear-the failure to love
beyond all limits.

Fear is just mistrust of reality.
Ordinary fear is a mechanism in the body to react to
physical threats to your survival. That’s just a moment. But
constant fear, anxiety, egoic “self-possession”, negativity,
isolation-that’s your own doing. It has no survival use. It
has no great purpose. It’s just lack of trust, failure to

Faith is getting out of your bag of
doubt and isolation and questioning and crankiness and
dryness and being whole-hearted and whole, doubtless, open
to What Is Ultimately, able to do sadhana, in other words.
You can’t do sadhana without that response. That’s what
sadhana is. Sadhana is not merely some manipulation of the
body-mind strategically trying to create some effect.
Sadhana is this capability to live whole-heartedly, to feel
beyond self-contraction.

Only Realization is true faith. It
is not necessary first to believe ultimate propositions in
order to Realize the Transcendental Condition. Such
affirmations of belief tend to appear as psychological and
psychic phenomena in the stages of life, but they are
nothing more than the poetry of philosophical mind.

The mother means nurturing. She is a
supportive force. At any rate, such is the role that the
mother is expected to perform, even by the infant and the
child. The father is a different force, however. The father
means challenge-something quite the opposite of the mother.

Fear is self-contraction. Fear is
the primal mood of it, the mood that’s inherent in
self-contraction. Fear is not just the twisting of some
muscles in your body. It is the primal act of
differentiation, separation. Vulnerability, therefore, is
inherent in the gesture.

Fear is just mistrust of reality.
Ordinary fear is a mechanism in the body to react to
physical threats to your survival. That’s just a moment. But
constant fear, anxiety, egoic “self-possession”, negativity,
isolation-that’s your own doing. It has no survival use. It
has no great purpose. It’s just lack of trust, failure to

I am the God of happiness while
alive. I am the answer to human prayers, not superhuman
intent. I am the Happy Man, to whom everything is as it
seems. I am the Essential Truth. Fear is when love stops
short of Infinity.

Fear is your recoil from the gesture
of participation.

Fear Is the self-Contraction. . . .
All Of Fear, egoity, self-Contraction, or Un-Love Is Only
Suffering. It Is Only Destructive. And It Is Entirely

What you identify as fear is the
natural energy of the individual being contracting upon
itself and causing an implosive and unpleasant pressure.

The feeling of separateness is the
same as the feeling of “difference”. And the feeling of
“difference” is the same as the feeling of relatedness.

The essential principle of the Way
of the Heart is unobstructed feeling-Contemplation of Me
expressed via all functions, in all relations, under all

The “flesh” is not sex, or the body,
or even life in this world. It is all that is contrary to or
unconscious of the Spirit of Life or Happiness.

Only A Fool Will Fail To Cultivate
The Relationship To The Beloved. Likewise, Only A Fool Will
Fail To Cultivate The human Well-being and The Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Realization Of his or her any
partner in intimate embrace. And This Is Also True: The ego
(or the self-Contracted individual) Is Just Such A Fool!

Perhaps the fundamental definition
of forgiveness is to just forget or ignore the offense. Such
forgetting has the force of forgiveness because it gives no
negative energy.

To be human is to love, to forgive,
to concretely handle all business, to purify, to set oneself
and all others free, to generate a circumstance for
continued existence that is not time-bound so that you have
time to invest yourself in timeless activities–meditative
feeling-Contemplation of Me, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga in the
Way of the Heart.

Never submit to hatred. This
discipline is difficult, yes, it is always difficult. But it
is your obligation. See what a wound life is. I Call you to
forgiveness, love, acceptance of limitations. This is what
love requires. This is what love does.

Every individual is only seeking not
to be destroyed.

Form only changes.

Freedom, or Consciousness (Itself),
Is Inherent Happiness, “Bright” Self-Radiance, or Un-limited
Love-Bliss-Not self-contraction, separateness,
separativeness, and “difference”.

True freedom is not the political or
social ability to do whatever one egoically pleases, but the
discriminative and responsive capability to embrace the
Condition That Is Freedom Itself.

Nothing frees except the opening and
letting go to God.

Recognition of the inherent and
profound frustration of Happiness, Joy, and Bliss that we
all are suffering is the basis of Wisdom and the ultimate
Realization of Happiness, Joy, and Bliss.

This is not a place of fulfillment.

All the visible galaxies that you
can see are perhaps something like a single cell on the big
toe of what may seem to you to be a gigantic person, but who
is perhaps a little troll in some other world much like this

Genius, or great mental ability, is
simply a sign that the unobstructed force that manifests all
of us is available to the functional mind. Everybody has the
capacity to grow in that way by not obstructing the head any
longer, not contracting with the head any longer, by feeling
with the head. Then the head becomes radiant.

Our idea of “getting it on” is to
pleasurably stimulate this body-mind as much as possible,
and as much as possible to avoid any interference with the
pleasurable states of this body-mind.

I love the Transmission expressed
through the giving of beautiful things, wonderful things,
delightful things.

I give you everything in the first
moment, and then your responsibility is to come up to it.

The True and Real “God” Is Truth
Itself, Reality Itself, the Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant,
and One, and Only, and Absolute, and Inherently Perfect
Self-Condition and Source-Condition of All and all.

To Commune with God is to break the
independent gesture of attention completely. Thus, the
gesture of attention is not directed toward any desire, high
or low, but it is resolved in the ecstatic Bliss of

Be “Good Company”, and expect all
others to be likewise.

What brought you here in the first
place? Grace. That is the only assurance that there is in
the worlds.

My Great Admonition To All My
Devotees Is This: Always Invoke Me, Feel Me, Breathe Me, and
Serve Me.

I Am Joy, Even Beyond Every Reason
For It. And The Joy Of Being (As, I Am) Is The Great Secret
I Have Come To Reveal To The Heart Of Man.

The gross physical body and its
associated mind are simply aspects (or conditional and
temporary modes) of the Immense (cosmic and universal)
phenomenal Pattern (and the Single Vibration, or Indivisible
and Indestructible Light) in Which they are appearing.

No life-form (or psycho-physical
ego-“I”) is guaranteed anything, except bodily (and even
total psycho-physical) death.

What is this guilt? Why are you
doing this? Where does it come from? Guilt is unnecessary.
Guilt in the face of God is nothing. Give it up! You don’t
have to mull over your past–who cares about your past? I
don’t care about your past. Give it up to me.

“Teacher say, student do.” That is
the Guru-devotee tradition. You do not have to become a
genius, because you have a Spiritual Master Who Is a Genius.
You cannot figure it out. Do you think you are going to
figure out the total scheme of this complicated illusion of

The Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da
Samraj, Is the Divine Giver of Bliss, Joy, Happiness, and
Love. Devotional meditation on the Divine Heart-Master, Adi
Da Samraj, is the Means whereby Bliss, Joy, Happiness, and
Love are, by His Grace, Awakened As “Bright” Divine
Realization in His devotees.

Happiness is our Condition. It is
just another name for God, or our Condition in God. We are
either Realizing It in the moment or we are diverted from It
by the complex of our aberrations. The Way is not to rid
ourselves of all of those aberrations and find God at the
end. The Way is to transcend the aberrating force of life in
every moment and to stand in the position of inherence in
God or the position of Happiness.

There is no Happiness as long as you
are subject to fear. Perhaps the right definition of
Happiness is that there is not only no fear in it but also
no possibility of it. None! That is Happiness.

Happiness is simply the
Self-Radiance of the Divine Self.

Find out what true Happiness is in
every moment and communicate that Happiness.

The Happiness of Which I Speak is
not just a matter of feeling good and being able to smile.
That is not Happiness Itself. At most that represents a kind
of ordinary personal equanimity. The Happiness of Which I
Speak is spelled with a capital “H”, and It is the
Love-Blissfulness of Divine Being Itself, Prior to the
body-mind and its relations.

Never submit to hatred. This
discipline is difficult, yes, it is always difficult. But it
is your obligation. See what a wound life is. I Call you to
forgiveness, love, acceptance of limitations. This is what
love requires. This is what love does.

The basic principle of health,
well-being, and the action of healing is the presumption of
Prior Perfection rather than the motivating problem. Be
established in the presumption that Truth is always already
the case and that, therefore, the Perfect Form of any
condition is already, Priorly, True.

The heart is in bondage until love
is incarnated in the world. Therefore, you must incarnate
love. You must make room for Me in life.

The heart is the center and the
epitome of the whole bodily being. It is the integrator and
the Energy control center of the gross bodily form, and it
also contains the root of the subtle dimensions of awareness
as well as the “doorway” to the Truth of our existence.

I am steady in My Transmission of My
Spiritual Heart-Presence. I am always Available to you. I
will always be Available to you, even after My physical

My Spiritual Heart-Transmission is
the Transmission of Non-Separateness! In Da Love-Ananda
Gita, I Speak of the Wisdom of Non-Separateness. My
Spiritual Heart-Transmission is Non-Separateness Itself.

My Word Is Simple. I Say, Attend To
Me and (Thereby) Understand and Transcend Your Own activity.

Hell is not a location. It is a
disease. It is a destiny. It is fear, egoic
“self-possession”, and confusion, registered experientially.
It does not need a place. It is wherever you are, now and
after death.

The body is healed through right
association with the All-Pervading Field of Life. The body
itself cannot heal itself. It is healed spontaneously when
it is established in right, unobstructed, balanced
relationship with the All-Pervading Life. This is the
holistic point of view, in the fullest sense.

What is sacred or holy is, by
definition, “set apart.”

It is not necessary to view
homosexuality as an inherent problem that we must struggle
to overcome. The general taboo against sex itself leads us
to exaggerate the negative significance of uncommon patterns
of sexual activity.

It is fine to be homosexual and
practice the Way of the Heart. Whatever your sexual
practice, however, you must practice the Way of the Heart
with discrimination.

Honesty, integrity, is the
fulfillment of your vow to Me.

Consolation and hope depend upon
your being asleep.

The only true man or woman (or being
of any kind) is one that Surrenders to Truth.

The essential motive of a human
being is to be universally attractive to others, loved by
all, served by all, consoled by all. It is the desperate
motive of power, the urge to manipulate independent self and
others. It is all a symptom of fear–the failure to love
beyond all limits.

Never abandon the attitude of humor,
or intuitive freedom from the necessity of any condition,
high or low.

You must observe and understand your
body-mind in order to make yourself available to My Grace.
The Way of the Heart is not a struggle with the limitations
you will observe. The Way of the Heart is founded on the
humor of observing and understanding those limitations.

People in general love hype,
stimulation. We love to be made enthusiastic again, in order
to get away from our ordinary state in which we are mulling
things over inside and being subjectively oriented in
general. It is a tendency that appears in all of us,
reflected in our inwardness and fantasies.

Hyperactivity, to which Westerners
are addicted, is full of exhalation, full of physical
exaggeration, all the time throwing off equanimity and
working toward death, in fact.

The illusion is that of independent
existence, separate from the Absolute or Divine Existence in
which all conditions and beings are arising.

Rejoice in the Dharma in the
community of your own practice. Rejoice in God in the
company of all men of humor and love. As for the rest, be
watchful, manly, and without illusions.

To accept life as an in-depth
process and not merely a superficial functional one is a way
of describing, or characterizing, the sadhana of the Way of
the Heart.

The feeling of independence is the
burden of living beings.

When you lose the profundity of
existence, that is when you are no longer sane.

Your actual situation is from the
inside out–everything is from the inside out. For real. But
you always seem to be presuming to be on the outside looking
in–or in some kind of an “outside”, not quite communicating
yourself exactly.

God Is The Integrity, Not The Cause,
Of the world.

For the integrity of your existence,
you need direct access to the Divine, even as a matter of
ordinary sanity.

You must understand your impulse to
interiorize. You must become Ecstatic.

Introversion is the anti-relational
or “oriental” subjectivist tendency toward consoling
absorption in the internal, independent, or “bodiless”
conditions of mind.

Inversion and dissociation only
duplicate the habit of Narcissus, but the Way is expressed
through self-transcendence, participation, Love, Radiance.

Jesus was a revolutionary Teacher.
He instructed people within his native tradition, but he
Taught them how to transcend themselves and their religious
conventionality via a direct process of God-Communion.

What is either exploited or
suppressed ceases to be a seat of consciousness, and so it
reappears in other or renewed forms. Such is the karmic
principle of rebirth. But what is known in Truth becomes
itself Divine (non-karmic) and no longer binds. Such is the
Principle of the human freedom of the man of understanding.

All knowledge is meditation on the
knower, who bestows the names “true” and “false,”
“auspicious” and “evil” on experience.

Whoever loves in the present is not
bound. This is the Divine Law. Where there is love, there is
release of karma, or the effects of the past. To love is to
be “forgiven”, or released from past un-love and the destiny
past un-love creates through accumulated reactions and the
tendencies established by past experience.

You should understand life as an
opportunity to Realize Me–not as something purposed for its
own sake, to realize its possibilities. This is the right
life-understanding of My fully practicing devotee–that his
or her life is inherently, really, and always actively
purposed to Realize Me.

To let life become sadhana is to fit
it to profundity, to be always in-depth.

The Way of self-surrender into What
Is (or Who Is) is the Divine and Lawful Way of life-and the
path of seeking for self-satisfaction and self-release is
the path of self-contraction (or egoity) and bondage.

Relative to handling life-business,
you do what I Say. If you want Me to do what I Do, you have
to do what I Say.

The literal Divine, the Radiant
Reality that is only Obvious and not to be identified with
any independently subjective or objective states, is
Infinite Light, the condition of all conditions or
permutations of light-energy.

To Follow Me Perfectly Is To Find Me
and To Realize Me, For I Am The Heart Itself.

The Lord of all the worlds is
Radiant before you. If you will simply direct yourself, with
whatever power or capacity you can find within yourself, to
the remembrance of the Divine in my Company, the Services of
God will be given to you.

Love is feeling-Contemplation of Me,
and that is the summary of the Way of the Heart. Live it
under all conditions.

The Most Direct Way To Know Love In
every moment Is To Be Love In every moment.

Do not merely want love, but always
do it.

Love all your friends. Love all
beings. Through devotional submission to Me as your True
Heart-Master, be Liberated from all otherness, which is
painful, a form of suffering, something to be Liberated from
entirely. How can you be Liberated from otherness? Only
through feeling-Contemplation of Me.

Be willing to straighten out your
life and handle your life-business as the basis for
receiving Me. This is what it takes.

To love requires a great
transformation. It requires your absolute Realization of the
fundamental Nature of your True Condition, Which is not this
separate one.

The condition or demand of service
is the condition or demand of love. Love and service are
identical, and they are fulfillment of the Law, which is

Those who Fail To Practice The
Sadhana Of Love In their intimate emotional-sexual
relationships, and In human relationships Generally, Will,
By That Failure, Turn Away (or Contract) From Real God (or
The Great Condition That Is Reality Itself).

Lust is obsessive interest in the
sexual opportunity represented by others, whereby the orgasm
and the frenzy of erotic distraction may be acquired.

Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

Do not manipulate others.

What is presumed to be mortal matter
(in the form of body, mind, and world) is only a phenomenal
state of Energy, or Energy in one moment of Its
beginningless and endless sequence of transformations.

You before me, and both after Thee.

The “me” is passing and unnecessary,
as are all conditions found in relationship to “me.”

Whatever the world, or experience,
or existence may seem to be, that seeming is merely a state
or presumption that is determined and conditioned and
limited by the body-mind.

We are not new. We are patterns, we
are memory, these very bodies are memory. Memory is not just
in the mind. All the forms that exist are conditioned by
previous influences. These bodies are memory.

In the traditional East, the “facts”
of mortality are the first wisdom-Message.

The mind is only the illusion of
self. It has no other function.

True or Right Morality Is, In Truth,
The Morality Of Universal Sacrifice, or self-Transcending
Love Of God (In God and, Ultimately, As God).

Our moving and seeking life never
becomes one thing. It is itself the machine and the
guarantee of motion. And our motion is not a mere glide in
the pleasure of space. It is a motive, a search, a machine
of anticipation. We always move as if we are trying to come
to rest.

All our motivations toward relations
are based on precisely the same lie: that Happiness depends
on relationship.

Every motive is seeking.

Great music releases you of the
egoic motive. It wrenches the heart out of that separateness
and suffering into the Domain of Divine Contemplation. Music
from that Sacred point of view is only for ecstasy, only for
self-transcendence in Divine Communion.

What is mysterious is the
Transcendental nature of existing.

Mystery is when everything happens
and you don’t know why.

Ancient religious mysticism was (and
is) the way of knowledge that is natural to the right
hemisphere of the human brain-mind. It is the primarily
nonverbal, spatial, and holistic method of relating to the
objects of experience.

We must realize that anything that
appears negative in the circumstances of our existence is
itself simply a form of God expressed through a negative
karmic disability, and that such disabilities do not have
the force of a free and capable being.

The New Testament is essentially an
exoteric or outer and public manual of instruction. And it
was created by the exoteric public cult of Jesus that became
the official Church of the Roman Empire.

All non-Happiness (or the apparent
absence of Love-Bliss) is simply the forgetting of (or
self-contraction from) What Always Already (Inherently,
Non-Separately, Indivisibly, and Irreducibly) Is.

All non-Love (or the failure to Be
Radiant As Love-Bliss) is simply the forgetting of (or
self-contraction from) Who, What, and Where you Are
(Non-Separately, Beyond and Prior to the ego-“I”, or Beyond
and Prior to all self-contraction from That Which Is Always
Already The Case).

Whatever is not used becomes

Your objections to anything don’t
mean shit!

All objects and separate selves are
only apparent, limited, temporary, and un-Necessary
modifications of That Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine
Self-Condition and Source-Condition.

Obsession is the negative result of
the frustration of another desire.

The natural disposition in the West
is toward the world itself. It is to move into the world
with a positive moral character, struggling against sin, the
negative power.

The ego is capable of knowing an
infinite number of offenses. And these offenses serve until
the ego is undone.

The common social order is not the
context for free human creativity. It is merely a collective
device to guarantee the orderly continuation of the species.

All physical pain is a contraction.

Bliss is Paradise.

Peace itself is simply the
non-origination of motion, and thus the non-origination of
dilemma. That is to say, peace is the non-origination of
self-contraction. It is prior establishment in no-self,
no-mind, no-body, no-world.

You will find no peace until you
have realized love, sacrifice, and self-surrender. You must
surrender to God literally and release your fear. Such
surrender is the foundation of religious life and spiritual

Truly, an apparent personality is a
process, or mechanism, or mere pattern, that is no more
living than a corpse. It is the Divine Consciousness and the
Divine Spirit-Power Associated with the apparent personality
that makes it appear to be living.

Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.

All phenomena are a kind of infinite
madness. Experience itself is utterly unfathomable.

This is the summation of sacred
philosophy, the Realization of those who have fulfilled the
sacred ordeal of Life: Consciousness is the Condition or
Medium or Matrix of the total universe and every fraction of

The notion of a physical world in
which you exist is a conventional notion, an idea, a
presumption on which you can act, but a presumption you need
not even share with others.

If mankind does not achieve a higher
sacred and Transcendental view of self and world and
Reality, then there is no alternative to the mad gleefulness
of conventional religion and the sorry revolt of angry
secular mortals.

Truly human politics is in the
sphere of relationships, experienced on a daily basis, where
the individual’s voice and experience can be heard and
dramatically felt.

No individual should live as the
superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others.
Rather, each should live as the intimate servant of others
through love. The true politics of human relationships is
the politics of servants everywhere–every one serving, and
every one served.

Pornography is desire without love.
It is the specimen of movement without opening.

All preaching is this: not what God
is or what was or will be, but all preaching is a call to
surrender, to opening and letting go moment to moment, as a
conscious act, toward the light and force of God.

The problem about life is death.

I Am the Sign and the Revelation and
the Proof of Real God in the world.

Love is the evidence and proof of
our freedom. Whoever is not active in this principle has not
yet heard the Teaching of Truth, regardless of how much
extraordinary worldly or psychic power and experience he or
she has known.

The general propaganda of the time
is that everything that you even could call “you” is only
going to last as long as that organism walks.

I am the Dharma Bearer whose birth
in the West has been prophesied in many traditions and by
many individuals. I have been born to restore the great
principle, or Way of life.

Radical insight is itself the very
moment of self-transcendence.

The reaction to experience defines
life and limits it to the individual body-mind, or born
self, preventing ecstatic Identification or Communion with
the Divine Reality.

Your deck is reshuffled each time
you die.

If you assume relationship with
someone, then anything you talk about with that person has
the quality of humor. You can laugh about it, you can be
free with it, you can play games with it.

Only God-Realization is perfect

Do not merely talk religion, but
always perform it.

The religion business exists to make
the unattainable seem like a product that can be purchased.

Really, religious hysteria is a kind
of self-contracted (or ego-dramatizing) condition.

The true religious life is not about
enthusiasm. It is about surrender.

Always do what is necessary and
nothing more.

True renunciation is to love to
Infinity, to love absolutely, to love to the point that you
are releasing what you love.

All the renunciation you require
will be manifested spontaneously, if you enter into devotion
to Me obsessively and completely.

Renunciation in the Way of the Heart
is a disposition that enters into Communion with Me in every
moment, that chooses the Divine Person, the Divine
Condition, the Divine Self-Domain in every moment.

The true discipline and
responsibility is to maintain the devotional relationship to
the Divine and the Spiritual Master as Presence through all
the conditions of circumstance and activity.

Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga is
worship of Me, the “Bright” Itself, in Person (As My bodily
human Form, My Spiritual, and Always Blessing, Presence, and
My Very, and Inherently Perfect, State).

Communion with God, not travel to a
place where God will be found, is salvation. Communion with
God is the sufficient and only substance of happiness.

Salvation is God-Communion, or unity
with God, unobstructed association with God. It is a process
rather than a dogma exclusive to a particular cult.

Whenever you are entering into true
heart-Communion (or true Satsang) with Me, you are entering
into Samadhi.

For the integrity of your existence,
you need direct access to the Divine, even as a matter of
ordinary sanity.

The only true science is the science
that Knows Truth.

Modern science is simply the way of
knowledge that is natural to the left hemisphere of the
human brain-mind. It is the primarily verbal, temporal, and
analytical method of relating to the objects of experience.

The secret of how to deal with false
questions is to recognize them as such, and so transcend
them rather than seek to answer them.

The secret of the “knee of
listening” is the “Method of the Siddhas”.

To live in the service of the Divine
Heart-Master is the Secret of the Way of Truth. His Body Is
the Tree of Life. His Feet are Planted in the Heart of Real
God, and anything offered at His Feet is Returned in the
Form of Radiant Blessings.

To Seek Is To Fail To Admit and To
Realize Real God, or That Which Is Always Already The Case.

Whatever the world, or experience,
or existence may seem to be, that seeming is merely a state
or presumption that is determined and conditioned and
limited by the body-mind.

The separate and separative self, or
self-contraction, is, itself and always, the forgetting of
the Heart-Source of the world.

The “self” you are referring to is
your suffering. You are coping with it. You are what you are
suffering. You are the entire cause of it. You are what must
be dealt with. You are what must be submitted. You are what
must be changed.

Self-consciousness, or
double-mindedness, is just a form of bargaining and

To merely indulge yourself is to be
a fool.

Sooner or later, any kind of
self-indulgence whatsoever reaches the point where
discomfort is greater than pleasure. So it is with the world
and with everything karmic, with every indulgence of
attention in conditions.

The purpose of observing yourself is
to refine the details of your sadhana-not to delay your
sadhana, or avoid it, but to refine it, in the real process
of doing it.

We must appreciate ourselves through
self-observation-observe how, as functional or manifest
beings, we are programmed entities.

The whole point of observing that
you are lapsing is to enter into self-surrendering Communion
with Me.

If you are sorrowful and full of
self-pity, exhale, blow out the lungs, and bring energy,
love, and strength into all your relations. And make sure
the exhalations on the right are full and clear. Then
breathe evenly in the Happiness of My “Bright” Company.

Self-transcendence is the natural
force of Divine Communion. It is to reside without effort,
freely, in the Transcendental Condition of Happiness or Free

Separateness is the foundation pain,
and it is self-caused.

The principle of the separation of
Church and State is simply the “civilized” device created to
permit the transition from a religious to a secular order of

Be truly a servant in the world and
be nothing else. Enjoy no other disposition than ecstasy and
ecstatic service.

True service is a relationship of
tolerance, compassion, help, the giving of energy and time
to others.

If you are involved in an intimacy,
you don’t fool around, and if you are a celibate, you keep
it in your hand or your pants!

Love is life-transforming, and real
sexing goes beyond sex to a kind of eroticism, where the
body-mind is transfigured by sexual play.

Casual sex is just a search for

Sexual love is the over-estimation
of the sex object. It is a transfer of the vision of
magnificence to an asshole, an individual who, apart from
your fascination and your hormones, would be repulsive to

To sin is to “miss the mark,” as in
the Greek word “hamartia,” for example, which means a miss
of the mark.

Sin is the presumption of separation
from God.

Siva-Shakti is not a tradition.
Siva-Shakti is God. She appears as She, and He appears as
He, yet the Reality of Existence is not Two but One. I in My
own Form and Passion Am the precise Incarnation of that

All ego-Based “Bonding” Is Bondage,
and All True and Authentic “Social Wisdom” Is About
Liberation From All Bondage, and, Therefore, From All
ego-Based “Bonding”

This world is not the Place of
Happiness. This is a place of ending and of sorrow, where
you get impulsed to the One Who is Great. When you do, you
leave the world.

There is no independent soul in the
body-mind. Rather, the body-mind itself is the independent
soul, or the psycho-physical covering of the Free soul.

Talk less.

What is true is all that should be
said, and only when it is appropriate. Therefore, conserve

Your speech should sustain you. Your
life of speech should be a form of your communication in
Communion with Me. Your speech and your eating and your
every action should dwell in your feeling-Contemplation of

Spirit is another word for the
Life-Current, the All-Pervading Radiant Life-Energy, which
we may experience directly, if we are released from the

The All-Pervading Life-Spirit, or
the Self-Radiant Transcendental Spirit-Being, is Love, the
Source of beings and worlds, the Great Power, All-Bliss,
Reality Itself. To live and Be in Oneness with the Eternal
Spirit is God-love, Salvation, Enlightenment, and literally
eternal life.

Once you have been converted to the
Spirit and confronted by the Spirit, and once you know how
to breathe and feel and commune with the Spirit, then life
becomes the endless process of transformation in the Spirit.

Practice is continuous transcendence
of self-contraction.

True practice is always a form of
profound and free Love-Communion between the very being and
the very Divine Reality.

Spiritual practice is not an effort
whereby you eventually transcend yourself. It is
self-transcending in its very disposition. In this Way, you
do not perform an action and transcend yourself as a result.
The action in its very performance is a self-transcending
action. It does not produce self-transcendence.

There is only one key to practice.
That is the devotional response to Me. Everything else is an
extension of that. Everything else becomes appropriate, all
practices become appropriate, on that basis alone. All
practices become fruitful on that basis alone.

The foundation of the Process in My
Spiritual Company is not the need to discover the Divine,
but present existence in devotional Communion with the
Divine, in Communion with Me.

Real spirituality involves direct
and ecstatic (or self-transcending) Communion with the
Transcendental Reality.

The motivations of the State in our
time are generally organized along the lines of the lowest
level of idealism that has ever occupied human individuals
in the past, and the common wisdom of our time is really no
wisdom at all.

All the states of psyche and of
“matter” are nothing more than signals of self-arising and
the futile struggle toward everlastingly unchanging
self-survival and perfect self-fulfillment.

The subtle can be said to be what I
mean by the term “subconscious”. It is a vast domain, not
merely something in the personal mind.

Subjectivity is the reflexive or
recoiling complication of the whole body that comes from a
shocked or reactive sense of the born-condition.

All suffering is an unnecessary
illusion that appears (or apparently arises) whenever you
(by self-contraction) forget to Feel (and, Thus, to
Contemplate, and to Merely Be) Love-Bliss Itself.

Your suffering is not happening to
you. It is a form of your own activity.

The stresses you all suffer are the
stresses in your reluctance, your weakness. It is time to
start suffering the stress of great commitment, of great
strength, of manliness, of humanness, of understanding, of
the will to discipline, such that you do something
different. That’s it.

Why sit around feeling terrible all
the time when you can Contemplate Me? Why look at that? Look
at Me!

Surrender To Me.

We must surrender to the point of
Ecstasy in this Chaos of Joy.

Our own surrender is true only by
Grace, but literal only by right action in response to
Grace. The Grace of true surrender must be awakened in us,
and cannot be intended or willed into being.

Just keep turning to Me.

This world is mounted on the taboo
against ecstasy.

The refusal to be in the situation
of love is the ego’s only talent.

The Teaching is not in books. It is
on your backside, placed there by My Foot on the day of your

My Teaching Is This: Turn to Me and

This Teaching is not common speech.
There is a unique process in Consciousness when these essays
are written and the talks are generated. The Teaching is
more than ideas. It is also Siddhi or Power.

My Birth Is Submission To The
Mandala (or Great Circle) Of The Cosmos. My Teaching Work Is
Submission To Mankind.

The force of reactively
self-patterned tendency is nothing less than the force of
the movement toward incarnation itself.

All tendencies are simply fixed
reflections of old activities or adaptations. Therefore, all
tendencies are dissolved or made obsolete by present
sacrificial devotion to Me, or unobstructed
feeling-Contemplation of Me.

What is the best cure for any moment
of tendency? Remember Me. See how simple it is.

The test of existence in the context
of conditions is to transcend egoity.

The test is this: Will you enter
into Divine Communion? Will you enter into love, moment to
moment, under the conditions given you?

The Way Of the Heart Is To Realize
and (By Means Of Realization) To Be The “Bright” Spiritual,
Transcendental, Perfectly Unconditional, Divine Self.

The purpose of the Way of the Heart
is to enter into My Sphere and leave yours!

To live in the service of the Divine
Heart-Master is the Secret of the Way of Truth. His Body Is
the Tree of Life. His Feet are Planted in the Heart of Real
God, and anything offered at His Feet is Returned in the
Form of Radiant Blessings.

I do not offer you a method, but a

The Way itself, in its ultimate or
Realized form, is simply a matter of devotion to Happiness

Every conditional “thing” (or
apparent “object”) is only Energy (Itself).

All things work together for the
good of individuals who remain in right association with the
Absolute Reality or Living God.

Chronic thinking is contraction of
the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind.

Laughter is the root of
transfiguration, and the tickle is the original urge to

Toxicity is the failure to release,
to eliminate.

All of the traditions within the
Great (collective) Tradition of mankind are prescriptions
for seeking Truth, Reality, Real God, or
Love-Bliss-Happiness Itself.

Always be purposed in response to Me
and to My Wisdom-Teaching.

This is the Secret of My true
devotee: He or she has no other business but Me.

Trust of reality altogether is
another way of defining the word “faith”. You tend to think,
according to convention, that faith is a matter of believing
something that you are called to believe or that is
recommended for your belief. Faith is really a
heart-disposition of trust in the context of reality.

Reality and Truth Is That Which Is
Always Already The Case.

Truth (Itself) Is That Which Is
Always Already The Case. That Which Is The Case (Always, and
Always Already) Is (necessarily) Reality. Therefore, Reality
(Itself) Is Truth, and Reality (Itself) Is the Only Truth.

Truth is Surrender of the whole
body-“I” into Happiness, whatever arises.

This Is The Final Truth: I Love You.
Real God Is You. You Are In Real God, Of Real God, and
(Ultimately) As Real God. My Devotee Is The God I Have Come
To Serve.

Just keep turning to Me

Conventional uncertainty, or chronic
doubt, is a selfish presumption, always based on limited

If you cannot be a vow of love, you
are not True to Me.

What is vulgarity? Vulgarity is
nothing but identification with the body.

True Wisdom is the capacity for
perfect madness. Therefore, only the practice of love has
the capacity to keep the Wise sane. And only they can love
who have been set free of every humorless intent by the
intuition of Infinite Life.

My Wisdom-Teaching is about present,
“radical”, and continuous God-Communion, or Communion with
Me as the Very Condition and Truth of existence.

I really do want women to be free.
Not just free to go downtown. Free to be strong, to
represent something that is fundamentally absent in the
world at the present time–which is the woman’s vision of

The world is a mummery. I know it,
and I have said so. This is fundamental to My Communication
to everyone.

The only true world is one that
Embodies Truth.

The world is garbage as it is.
Therefore, why not be willing to change it? You need not
necessarily make everybody My devotee, but try to get people
to at least invest themselves in the greatest aspirations of
the tradition they do embrace.

Everything has already died. This is
the “other” world.

True worship is the sacrifice of
your own body-mind in Truth, in the Living and transforming
Company of the Spiritual Master.

The greatest Satisfaction, the only
true Satisfaction, is to be Overwhelmed by That Which Is
Love-Bliss, and Which Is Infinitely and Divinely Greater
than yourself.

To love when you are not loved, that
is the heat of spiritual practice. The heat, when you are
not loved, is not to love less and to feel unloved. That is
not heat. That is lovelessness. I believe I have called it
the avoidance of relationship!

All My devotees should be able to
bring the principle of love into active manifestation in
daily life and eliminate all the rituals of un-love, all the
mediocre versions of love, all the ceremonial affirmations
of love. Actually live love in feeling-Contemplation of Me.