What is Recognition ? – A Beezone Study


“You are the stave and the wheels. You are the obstruction to the process. You are the seeker, the body mind, the ego, the point of view, independent, separate and separative. That’s what you must be moved beyond. Through your Recognition response to me. So Recognition response to Me IS the Way”.

Adi Da Samraj, April 2008


A Beezone enquiry

What is Recognition?


Is the title and admonition Recognition of Me Is Liberation in Adi Da’s new book recently published by the Dawn Horse Press as simple and straight-forward as is sounds? Is it true that all one has to do is to Recognize or ‘turn to Adi Da’ and liberation will be given? Of course not. But too often people think that it is that simple. The statement and title is not an idealist admonition to “Just follow this and you’ll be given the great gift”. It is a call which must be fufuilled in time and by degrees.

The following may help understand how Adi Da uses the term of Recognition in his latest book, Recognition of Me Is Liberation.


First there must be the consideration of my Argument, beginning to know the self-contraction, until true hearing or real self-understanding develops.

This understanding, or the process of observing, re-cognizing, and inherently transcending the self-contraction then becomes the basis of a continuous practice and consideration in the midst of daily life.

Recognition – Re-cognition – Enquiry Is

Recognition is the principle of our play. You must recognize Me in the form of your Condition, the Condition of all this arising, the real Condition of it, the Condition of conditions, the Condition of the body, the mind, the self-sense, the very current of the being, and be rested in It constantly.

You find yourself rested beyond the mind, resting prior to the mind. You fall into the Heart beyond the mind

Re-polarization of the being toe to crown rather than crown to toe.

The process of non-verbal re-cognition, “knowing again”, of the self-contraction

My devotee suddenly awakens from the cramp of heart-seclusion, and expands to see me. Sudden and spontaneous acceptance and Divine Recognition of all conditional forms and events, in and as The Self-Radiant Love-Bliss Of Inherent Being.

Recognition is movement beyond the subtler contractions that are mind and life-force. Then contraction has no force and no implication whatsoever and identity into a perfect disposition that is infinite.

It is Reality 

Is Not

A method of seeking, but there are stages.

Can not be done from the ‘self-contraction’

In the later stages even the activity of re-cognition is dissolved and resolved, an event need not take place in any instant in order to clarify or release one from the things that are arising.

Where seeking is understood, there is the re-cognition of a separation. And when that separation is observed the person sees that what he is suffering is not something happening to him, but it is his own action.

Recognition is non-strategic. It is not associated with strategic effort to exclude or include any conditional form or event.

In Recognition the Divine Domain does not have any objective features, but it is entirely and only the inherently perfect self-condition itself.

The self-contraction is itself the very action whereby objectivity, or Separation, and otherness, and “difference”, is evoked, and generated, and established, and experienced, and known.

It is not idealism

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