Righteousness and Discrimination – A Beezone Study

Dealing With Existence as it
Truly Is


“After the Events described in The Knee of Listening,
there was a period of time when the universe, the cosmic
process, was Meditated in Me. Various siddhis, or Yogic and
occult powers, became manifested. The movement, or process,
of the cosmos is a Meditation, a purifying Event. Everything
is Satsang. There is only Satsang. It is Eternal. But after
this is all seen to be so, It must be lived. After the
period in which the siddhis appeared, life became a matter
of dealing with existence as it truly is, as Satsang.”

– The Method of the Siddhas

“So the attention must not be fitful. You must be
dissolved, in a constant state of dissolution Natively. So
unsteadiness altogether is what prevents the “Perfect
Practice”, the lack of equanimity, the lack of

So any preparation for the (sadhana) basically involves
all that, purification, steadying, balancing, establishing
the asana, the poise of equanimity, or one-pointedness, free
of the efforts of attention. So what’s happening in your
lives as sadhana is the process of release of energy and
attention from the things that are binding to you. When
something or other is not binding anymore, you just move on.
It’s business handled.


“You do have to do this
sadhana in the context of your ordinariness”


On the one hand one could say that its unfortunate you
have to spend so much time dealing with all of that, but,
and it can be quickened, so you should do what I’ve said
about it, but the reason you’re doing it is because thats
where your attention is. You have to do the sadhana where
you are, as you’re functioning presently. That determines
whats the appropriate sadhana for you.

It seems like, in principle, any of you ought to be able
to take up the (sadhana), or “consider” with Me for a few
minutes, and that’s that. It seems logical or somehow it
ought to just be that simple. If you’re sympathetic with
this argument about (sadhana), why not do it then?

But that is not how it works. You must go through the
process of being purified from your own bondage of energy
and attention. It can be quickened. And you can be serious,
and that quickens it. And you can get down to it and assume
all the sila and discipline that’s appropriate, necessary,
in your case. But if you don’t do those things, then you
don’t go further, and you keep rotating around and around on
the same “considerations” or the same examination, the same
content. And it all amounts to basically unfinished
business. That’s why you talk about them again.

So there’s something to be done about all of that or
there wouldn’t be anything more to say. So you do have to do
sadhana in the context of your ordinariness, but you have to
get down to it, also. Otherwise it doesn’t go all that

Adi Da Samraj, January 9, 1996

the Well never leaves the View

DEVOTEE: I find my world, my universe, is becoming more
and more oppressively one of loneliness.

AVATARA ADI DA: Get out of it. Come into this one.

DEVOTEE: I find myself doing a considerable amount of
suffering, and at the same time I am trying to avoid the
compulsive activities that I do to relieve it. I find myself
trying to enter a relationship with another, or trying to
find some support in another. I am trying to get something
from another. When I sit in Satsang with You, occasionally I
go through a great deal of physical pain. And most of the
time my attention is all over the place.

AVATARA ADI DA: You have got to rejoin the human race.
Stop spending all this time contemplating yourself, sitting
alone in your room by yourself. Function with human beings.
Do things. That is all. That is all it will take.

DEVOTEE: My impression is that human beings are not

AVATARA ADI DA: Join up! You are not going to negate

DEVOTEE: I am caught in the “all one separate thing”.

AVATARA ADI DA: I do not care what you are caught in. We
are all here. Your suffering is your own. If you want to
play your suffering game, these are the results. Everybody
is playing their own egoic game, and that is yours. I do not
have any sympathy for it. You are turning it on. You want to
do it. You like it, as a matter of fact. If you wanted to
get out of that game, it would be a simple matter of turning
in the other direction, from separation to Satsang. You must
live the conditions of religious and Spiritual life. If you
refuse the conditions of religious and Spiritual life and
continually wander in your own dilemma, you will Realize
nothing. You want to be your own “guru”. You want to be
already Realized without doing sadhana, without living the
conditions of Truth.”

– The Method of the Siddhas


“The game of seekers is ended, from my point of view. I
am no longer entertaining that suffering. I am no longer
concerned for the search, in the sense of this obstructed
stupidity, this fascination. It doesn’t interest me. If you
have become sensitive to your suffering, your dis-ease, then
(sadhana) is available to you. Only as such is it usable to
you. Your sensitivity to your suffering will give you the
strength. Only then will (whatever arises) become
interesting to you. But if you are attached to your search
(your avoidance), you will be unable to maintain sadhana,
your own transformation. You will continually phase,
continually go up and down, in and out, happy and sad,
always turning. Transformation will threaten the very thing
you came to defend.

There is no “sadhana,” no spiritual practice in the sense
of something you can do to be “saved,” to attain the goals
of seeking. Sadhana in that sense is not appropriate. But
what in fact is appropriate is always appropriate. It’s
always what’s staring you in the face, right in front of

Edited and Adapted by

the Dog
– The Method of the Siddhas