This is excerpted from a talk given in 1982.

Beezone edit – June 2009




QUESTIONER: I love to talk to you with my friends
and I think about you alot. I have a question. The term
Spiritual Master I understand and have a feeling for…and
All Pervading Current of Life I feel, but when you speak of
the words ‘Divine Person’ I always feel confused. I don’t
know if it’s some catachesim thing or something …audience

Adi Da: You want the soup without the cook
(laughter from audience). We’ve all been the recipients of
popular ideas and popular conceptions of God which we then
grew up to disbelieve and having come to see that those
things which we were taught were not believable. They are
just popular conceptions and propaganda in certain
institutions. And abandoning that God we believed in, we
abandoned God simply.

In the Judeo-Christian religion we have all kinds of
anthopamorphic or human-like concepts about God, God and the
bible as a person who acts like a super human. In the Old
Testament he was a kind of metaphysical person of some sort.
In the New Testament we are told we should relate to God as
father and this has served as a basis for a childish
relationship to God for the last two thousand years.

Jesus at least in the books, in the New Testament, seems
to claim God as father, sun ship, claims to be the son of
God but he didn’t presume a childish relationship to God. He
is portrayed as a God realized personality, one who is full
of God, one who is generated by God, one whose being adheres
in God and one who realizes God, no longer thinks of God in
anthropamorphic terms like a man up in the sky

But also he stops thinking of God as a mere energy or an
influence, a sort of part of the physics of the universe.
God is a radiant being, the radiant being, the very being in
which all apparent individuals are arising. He is the
identity. The divine is the identify of all these

The divine is the very self of all beings and yet the
divine pervades all, is present in front of all relations.
He is simply present and we relate to that presence. The
divine is not merely a life current in the sense that it’s
just an energy, just soup you see. God is a person.


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