The disposition of searchlessly Beholding Me without
going back into “self”-contraction and wanderings in the
body-mind is the fundamental qualification for
Transcendental Spiritual life in My Company.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


means you have the demonstrated capability to participate
in My Transcendental Spiritual State and Self-Radiance.


tangible Spiritual signs appear spontaneously. It is
clear to the person that it is not something the devotee is
doing independently.

The passage that breaks outside the concealment that is
your own body and mind has not been opened. It cannot be
opened by the effort of an ego-the body-mind-complex must be
transcended. The body structure must be opened to become
coincident with Me.


There is no way whatsoever that there can be
Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me and Realization
of Me without the vehicle of the body being opened and the
mind transcended.

Once you incorporate Me into self, I am self in the
conditional sense. I am simply an aspect of your own mind
and egoity, when you cannot locate Me beyond yourself.

You locate Me beyond yourself by locating Me physically,
but also altogether, by reaching beyond the content of the
faculties, beyond mind, contents of mind, beyond contents of
emotion, contents of body and so forth, body own self
position–on and on. You must turn to Me beyond that.