Summary Points – Witness-Position IS Consciousness

Summary Points

Witness-Position IS Consciousness

Where the Invisible meets the Visible


* Witness-Position is Consciousness Prior to Attention, ego and body-mind.

* In-depth experience or any experience is in the ‘root’ of attention (causal) ego.

* Witness-Consciousness – Always Prior Self-State, Consciousness Itself.

* Witness-Consciousness is NOT active observer.

* Not discriminating, thinking mind, not etheric feeling body not in gross physical awareness not in the right-side of the heart.

* The primary error of human beings is that they get deluded by their own energies. They submit Consciousness to Energy. They have this idea that Energy and Consciousness are the same thing, perhaps. But basically their life involves submitting themselves as Consciousness to Energy, to motion, to impulses, instead of realizing what Consciousness itself is and perhaps finding Energy to be the same thing ultimately. They pay no attention to consciousness itself and just submit themselves as consciousness to the play of energies. And there is nothing Enlightening about that, you see.

* The spiritual process that I consider with you is ultimately a matter of identifying with consciousness and realizing its Status, so that, having realized that, the objective states of existence, or all the forms of ‘Energy, may become recognizable not merely as Energy but as Consciousness.

* Only Grace Given

* Actionless Consciousness, Witness Consciousness, not the observer.

* No inherent connection or dependence on conditions.

* Beyond the exercise of attention

* Temporary deepening of conditional awareness can ‘appear’ to be Awakening to the Witness-Consciousness.

* Until there is the Realization of identification with consciousness and the ultimate Realization of its actual Status, there is no Realization that Energy and consciousness are identical. That, of course, is what there is ultimately to Realize. When Energy becomes recognizable as Consciousness, then the entire Realm of Nature vanishes, It is outshines by Consciousness itself. That is the secret of the seventh stage of life. But it is not possible to recognize Energy as consciousness until we identify with consciousness and Realize its Status. Therefore, no amount of surrendering to Energy is going to Enlighten us.

* Attention (relationship, separateness, otherness, difference, object consciousness) is the “root-position” of ego.

* There is no Awakening (Only by Grace) until attention (with all associated presumptions and feelings is transcended in the Prior Condition of Consciousness Itself.

* And since the nature of consciousness is the Divine only perfect intuitive absorption is possible and YOU can’t do THAT. Only that which IS can ‘do’ that! Which must absorb your limited consciousness into that which is.

* The subtle nature of the surrender is activated.

* And since the nature of consciousness is the Divine only perfect intuitive absorption is possible.

* and YOU can’t do THAT. Only that which is can ‘do’ that! Which must absorb your limited consciousness into that which is.

* Then when that occurs there is only open eyes.

* The Root of Body and Mind Is in the Heart Consciousness is the Ultimate Domain of the conscious self and it is not dependent upon the individual mind. A medium is necessary for knowing anything other than one’s self: for knowing one’s self no medium is necessary. In fact, the association of consciousness with the mind is a hindrance to the attainment of realization. As the seat of the ego, the individual mind is conscious of being isolated. From it arises the limited individuality, which at once feeds and is fed by the illusion of duality, time, and change. To know the self as it is, consciousness has to be freed from the limitation of the individual mind. In other words, the individual mind has to disappear while consciousness is retained. The quality and mood of consciousness itself, that precedes the mind and the Heart is the root of the mind, the source of the mind.

* True Awakening into Consciousness is PERMANENT.

* True Awakening is Un-Conditional and Non-Conditional.

* True Awakening is not an experiences that comes and goes.

* It is not that only those who are in the seventh stage are enlightened. Those who are in the previous stages of practice are at times entered into the disposition of enlightenment and at other times they are not. They phase in that Realization, and their realization of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is not Absolute.

* My transmission is non-separateness. You tend to register my transmission in terms of self-bound experiences. They’re not really getting my transmission. There is something but not the fullest reception of my transmission. It’s not my fullest communion with me.

* It’s not true self-understanding that’s demonstrated. It’s just possibilities experienced by you a seeker, an apparent individual perpetually active of self-contraction.

* Intuiting an approximation – approaching of the Witness or Consciousness, but not established.

* Realization or Established as Consciousness is a Transcendental process.

* Permanent BASIS of practice.

* It is THIS first (Beginning of the process) and then the Perfect Practice.

* Consciousness is just like a point, moving in this infinite, three-dimensional crystal, or plane, or sphere of dots. It feels individuated, separate, and trapped. Wherever it is, it sees everything around it. Wherever you look, everything surrounds that center of looking. In the next moment, you are in this spot or that spot. There are always the surrounding forms, motions, and energies. You are trapped as this little point in the midst of it.

* We must take attention away from its preoccupation with, or bondage to, this infinite medium of dots and let it fall back into the contemplation of its own Source. When that is done most profoundly, then there is the inherent or tacit, spontaneous recognition of the Infinite Field in which this mechanical act of attention is being moved. Then whenever attention does move, wherever it moves, its condition and its objects are inherently, instantly recognizable. They are still what they are as an appearance, but they are recognizable in their Source Condition. They do not have the capacity to destroy Enlightenment or the Realization of the Truth. But we must persist in this power of recognition. It is a kind of Yoga of Enlightenment. Unless we persist in it, attention will simply continue to arise mechanically in this great crystal or Mandala. And, Enlightened or not, there is still the environment of limitation.

* The Beginning is many times seen as the end.

* In Adidam it is the Beginning and there is NO completion to the Process in the context of the world or the body-mind.

* If there is a completion it is in Translation – Prior to body, mind, self and world.

* What makes Adi Da Avataric is He is Speaking As Translation and Incarnation together All At Once.

* There is NO relatedness in Consciousness Iself

* The zero of the heart is expanded as the world. Consciousness is not differentiated and identified. There is a constant observation of subject and object in any body, any functional sheath, any realm, or any experience that arises.

* Consciousness

* Reality-Condition

* Self-Apprehends

* Self-Existing

* Being

* Self-Apprehension is the non-conditional CONTEXT in which conditional relatedness appears to be arising.

* Relatedness is the first form of the self-contraction.

* Feeling of relatedness is not inherent in existence.

* Relatedness – difference – is sign of “self”-contraction.

* The feeling of separateness, otherness, difference are all contained and manifesting as attention (mind).

* Consciousness is not inherently identified with the body-mind. Consciousness is aware of the body-mind. And what all of the preliminary practices of spiritual life are about, all those exercises that lead to meditation and finally to Samadhi, is the freeing up of attention from the body-mind and its relations to the point that it may contemplate the Source of attention itself, or the Consciousness that is aware of all conditions.

* Stand Prior

* Not disassociated

* Free Attention

* Self-Revealed

* Only by Grace

* No Method

* No Seeking

* Witness-Consiousness is NOT you, it is Me.

* This is either fortunate or unfortunate, depending on you perspective relative to ego transcendence.

* Unfortunate if you’re not surrendered, because it’s not in your power.

* Witness-Consciousness is not ‘located’ or a ‘thing’ or a ‘state’ within you.

* Fortunate if you are truly surrendered, most fortunate, Gifted in fact.

“In one moment arising, the “I” presumes to Invoke Me-while, in the next moment of truly searchless Beholding of Me, there is no “I””
No ego, no mind, no self and the Illusion of Language

* Consciousness is aware of thoughts. It’s not even thinking the thoughts. The thinking is something of which it is aware. Everything that arises is an object to consciousness.

* All the language we generate it order to conceive of or approach the Realization of that Reality is based on the conventions of experiencing, knowing, thinking, self-referring, relating.

* All kinds of language has been used to point to what is beyond psycho-physical existence

* All spoken and written language is a “point-of-view”-machine-an ego-based (and relentlessly ego-oriented and ego-bound) human invention, originated on the “root”-basis of a chronically-enacted “self”-contraction of the total psycho-physical apparatus of a presumed (and largely verbal-mind-made) separate “self”, dissociated from the Intrinsically egoless and wordless Indivisible Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.”

* language is the first form of artificial intelligence created by human beings. 

* There is no mind. Mind is a myth. There is language-which is programmed by brains, and which, in turn, programs brains. However, there is no tangible existence to “mind” itself-absolutely none. Nevertheless, human beings identify with the “mind” as “self”, and (thereby) invent destiny for themselves, and even project that “self”-imagined destiny into an idea of time and space beyond the present physical lifetime.

* Mind is an interior projection of a language-program that, in its imaginative elaboration of itself, conceives of purposes and ideas (in the realm of illusion) for which there are no corresponding physical data. Human beings are all living in a “virtual world” of mind. Human beings are, characteristically, egoically “self”-identified with a “robot”, an artificial intelligence.

* The book that I’m working on now, I’ve thought of calling it, “The Myth of Within.”

* Because the only reason we go about this trying to free the one within is based on this dilemma, there is no such one. So to generate spiritual life for the purpose of inwardness effecting upon one’s inner life is a false principle, one that we easily tend to because of our traditional notions of spiritual life.

* The true form of spiritual life is not one in which we are simply turning within and trying to do something for the one within and soul or whatever but one in which we understand our present activity and that present activity creates this implied inner one as well as all the forms of confusion, suffering, deathful life.

* A living being does not enclose an inner, separate, and eternal soul or personal Self. Every complex condition or being that arises is exactly what it seems to be-a mechanical structuring of manifest conditions. What is within a living individual, or what may conventionally be considered to be his soul, is merely the psychic or mental part, which is subtler than the elemental body, and which survives the death of the elemental body, but which is also subject to change and death and every kind of illusion or torment. There is no eternal, separate, interested, personal, implicated, and conditioned Self within each living being. There are only psycho-physical conditions, and the Consciousness in which they seem to arise is Absolute, Transcendental, Motiveless, and always Free of all conditions.

* I am it.

* I am not mysteriously

* Somehow connected to it.

I don’t originate in it in any way,

And anything that’s me

Is not within this,

But is this body.

“me” is not within the body.

“me” is some way that the body has

Of referring to itself.

Me, I, the subjective reference,

Is not somebody within at all.

All this subjectivity

Is the way the body has

Of accounting for itself.

That does not mean that

Subjectivity survives the body.

This body is it.

This is the mystery, this body.

You must completely become this body,

Allow it. It is you.

You are not the ghost within it.

Ask “who am I?” and you end up in mystery,

And you have only discovered that

“I” means nothing more than the body.

It is a convention the body uses.

Body is what “I” is about.

The Reality-Way of “Perfect Knowledge” is not even about the “I”-thought at the core of your presumed separate “selfhood”—because even the “I”-thought is simply another mode of mirroring (or reflection).

You are not separate ego. No matter what arises—waking, dreaming, or sleeping, no matter what arises—you are the Witness of it, Prior to it, not bound, not separate, the Only Condition that is Self-Evident, that is non-separate and Indivisible. There is no separate self. And there is no not-self. There is no not-self to dissociate from by introversion. There is no separate self to expand by extroversion.

Therefore, experiences are constantly sought in the vertical planes of experience, above, below, and altogether beyond, which will release the being from the inherent sense of separation, vulnerability, fear, obsession, and self possession. But there is no release until the primal error, illusion, or lie at the root of the heart is undone.

There is no separate self. There is no not-self. It is simply Unshaken, Absolute Self-Condition of Reality Itself, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant.

All separation is an illusion. It is impossible for there to be. Any separation. There is no such thing. It has never occurred. There is no separately existing thing. Anywhere. There is no separately existing being. Anywhere. There is no separate Anything!

You must be willing to vanish completely, to be completely obliterated. You will become capable of that sacrifice only by degrees, because your fear is profound. The frigidity of feeling-attention is most profound in you, because of your experience, your adaptation. Therefore, the process of God-Realization is a matter of time and practice.

There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be individual being. There is no such thing.

“All seeking is “self’-worship”


The body-mind is a Play on Reality


The body-mind is a Play on Reality.

Nothing is separate from or other than Consciousness, but all things, are tacitly recognized as a temporary and unnecessary play upon Consciousness Itself. To be receiving a Living Demonstration and Transmission of this Realization in our time is a Grace beyond conception.

Conditional processes have a kind of continuation, but they have no ultimacy. Conditional processes arise during (and previous to) the physical lifetime of an individual, and they also continue after the physical lifetime.

Nevertheless, the factuality of such continuation does not mean that there is a permanent “internal” principle in the human individual. In Truth, and in Reality, There Is The Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State Itself. Everything conditional is a conditionally apparent “play” upon That. It is not the case that you are “inside” the body-such that it is necessary to “go within” and “get away from” the body. You are the body. It is simply that you do not Divinely Self-Recognize the bodyAs a transparent (or merely apparent), and non-necessary, and intrinsically non-binding modification of Reality Itself. That lack of Self-Abiding Divine Self-Recognition is the “problem”.

You basically are afraid of that you see because you identify with the personae which is dependent on the machine and which hasn’t understood itself to the point of breaking the spell of the software hardware game and realizing the eternal condition which is eternally free therefore of all these consequences. It’s not merely making them; it’s always free of them. They are a play upon it and have no independent existence and yet the Great Condition is not responsible for them like a cause is responsible for its effect. It is a great paradox. It’s not to be figured out perfectly. It is to be transcended utterly and that will not make sense to you until you realize that you truly are uncomfortable and are never going to be comfortable as long as you are merely a conditional personae. You never will no matter how grand the program may ultimately become, no matter what plane you may be born into you see, you’ll always be looking at this strange apparatus. This is what I have always bee sensitive to. This is why yogic phenomena, mystical phenomena have never bound me up you see. I’ve had all these experiences — when I have the experiences, I see this weirdo machine you see.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What is coming up?

DEVOTEE: Even the feeling that I am dying.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Of course you are dying. Everybody is dying. You must commit yourself to dying. You must invest yourself in dying. That is the Divine Yoga. Embrace this pressure, this imposition. Be willing to die. Be willing to do the thing that you fear, the thing that you keep putting forward to the end of time, the end of your life. Do it now.

Start doing some dying here, then. Start giving yourself up if you have any self-understanding at all, and receive Me down behind your tongue here. You have to gulp Me down and give way to Me. So what? That is life.

DEVOTEE: In the process of gulping and receiving You, this pressure does not go away.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No, you must give yourself to My Divine Invasion. Accept It. Accept that that is life, that is the reason for existence, that is the law of existence, that is the Perfect State you are Given, and allow It completely, more and more, with all your stress, with murders in your heart, in your gut, just done.

The Way is to yield the self, the self-contraction, in all of its faculties, to the degree of Samadhi, and then to be drawn in that Samadhi to My Perfect Position, Prior to the body-mind, and enter into That Most Profoundly until you Realize there is only Me. And in that Realization it will be the same as to say that there is only You.

DEVOTEE! It felt completely clear in the Paduka Puja, Beloved. I was To drawn to serving Your Padukas, I was so absorbed in You, that was how things ceased to arise. Lord, I had a question about the (inaudible) in the “Perfect Practice” mind will continue to arise, and it’s not clear to me than (inaudible) perfect in that Practice. It wasn’t clear to me why the mind would continue to arise,,

AVATARA ADI DA: Well you don’t disappear from the conditional world in order to do the “Perfect Practice”, you see, otherwise no one would ever be observed doing the “Perfect Practice”! (laughter), then no one would he able to report about it! (laughter) The “Perfect Practice” takes place in life, while you are alive. So the mechanism of the body-mind remains, but your practice, the focus of your practice, the specific “Perfect Practice”, is prior to the body-mind, But the body-mind can be totally forgotten in Jnana Samadhi, in the “Perfect Practice”, you see, but that’s just at certain moments. And when you got up from the seat of meditation you are in all the normal ways associated with the body-mind. So there, certainly, thoughts arise, and all the natural ordinariness of the body-mind continued.



“Language is a convention that already presumes egoity and bodily existence”



“Language is the means whereby the Non-differentiated Conscious Light of Being Itself presumes to be identified with “Narcissus” (or the ego-“I”). Human beings make an entire culture out of this presumption, an entire lifetime out of it. You make every moment out of it.”


“You do not “experience” the body, thought, or the “world” in real time! They are always artifacts of the past. Always.”


“The Real Present is not in time.”


“There is… no thought in That Position”



Witness Consciousness is a Noun not a Verb


“Establishment As the Witness-Consciousness is only the beginning of the process of Real Existence.”