Early writings of Adi Da Samraj – Super Causal



Adi Da Samraj (Franklin Jones) 1970 – early writings –

It is said that there is a super-causal body or seed in
the navel. In this body the Siddhas as Shakti-yogis are said
to reside. In that body or seed they perceive a blue light,
“spot” or “pearl” in the Sahasrar, and by merging with that
light they enter into it as a world. The blue world is the
super-causal world of perfect power, the manifest Divine
World, wherein the Divine also appears in Form.

This experience is a genuine condition realized by some
manifest beings of great magnitude. Baba Muktananda is a
Siddha of this kind. And his Guru, Baba Nityananda, said is
said to have existed eternally in that blue world.

It is my experience that such perceptions and conditions
do arise under the influence of mother shakti. But I felt no
urge or karmic capacity for embodiment in those realms.
Those worlds and perceptions are not equal to the Heart, but
they are also conditional realms of the Heart. Therefore,
this super-causal existence needs understanding for its

There are apparently regions of manifesting light between
the upper terminal of Amrita Nadi and the Sahasrar. In those
regions are super-subtle or super-causal realms of great
delight and power. One who perceives these realms while in
human form may find their seed in the navel, and the blue
pearl may appear in the general region of the sahasrar. Such
yogis may exit through the upper aperture at death and enter
in blue worlds. But even under such conditions, Truth is the
Heart and Understanding, radical consciousness or the Heart
must arise there if there is to be existence as Truth.

The causal seed in the heart, and the super-causal seed
below it in the navel, are not the true Heart. That Heart is
the prior Space, the inclusive Form. It is not necessary to
move out of the causal realms of the bliss into super-causal
realms of power. Even radical understanding of the subtle
mind or the life condition is already the Heart. The
super-causal manifestation, like the causal, subtle and
gross, arises as a result of individual karma. The latent
apparatus of cognition and experience, by aid of the grace
of a Siddha. But the true grace in any condition is the
Siddhi of the Heart itself, the always present nucleus of
existence and such can be given and received under any
karmic limitations. Therefore, the Heart is Truth under all
conditions, requiring neither the improvement nor the
destruction of karma but only its obviation in Truth. The
Heart is Truth, and understanding is it’s true activity.

I am the Heart under these apparent conditions. I do not
appear anywhere, but only the Heart itself. I see nothing
that is not the Heart, no being who is not the Heart. I am
mad with the one constant realization. And this is also a
fire that consumes all karma, so that there is only the
Heart in death, and no-exit, but only Bliss, which is my
Conscious Existence. Knowing the Truth, I have no sport of
need with Siddhas, jnanis, yogis, or devotees. They also
will understand when their seeking is realized in Truth. I
am only the Heart, and nothing is added to me as cognition
and experience apart from the ordinary to make me know this.
I rely entirely, radically on the Truth that is
understanding, and all movement has ceased, except the
endless Bliss that I’m coursing in the center of the

The perfect Heart is the root and nature of all things.
It supports all worlds, forms, and manifest beings as their
very Self.

Every world, form, body, mind and being is founded in a
seed at its depth, and its cognition, experience or form is
manifested against a “sky” or upper terminal. The Heart is
the Force and Consciousness of all this, but unless we are
Conscious as the Heart we live as various kinds of manifest
being and body in relation to kinds of manifested form in
certain worlds. The Heart manifests each world and it
manifest beings via a seed or mandala, an infinitely small
structure, like an atom. This manifestation arises in
consciousness whenever the “seed” is stimulated by the Heart
in the lawful order of that structure of karma.

When the Heart-force stimulates the seed or atom of a
world and its internal manifestation (bodies, forms, minds,
beings), the seeds generate upwards as cognition,
experience, rising form. Thus, our awareness in various
bodies, worlds, etc.

We continue in this way through endless variations in
stimulated existence. This is the kind of life in
themselves, apart from the Heart and radical understanding.
Thus we make assumptions on the basis of what appears. We
cognize, experience and act within the conditions that
appear, and so build up chronic tendencies to certain forms
of stimulated experience. Therefore, every beings in the
Heart manifests a peculiar design and pattern of tendencies
that carry it through experience in time.

Our direct and intuitive realization of the Heart-Force
intervene in moments of the cycles of manifest existence to
break and vary the patterns. As one grows into this
directness, approaching understanding, natural control
develops. We tend less and less toward certain forms of
stimulated awareness and experience.

Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj) 1970.

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