Surrender and Sacrifice


When you are in
self-surrendering, self-forgetting Communion with Me, it is
not merely that you have surrendered and forgotten yourself,
it is that you have become disarmed and have entered into
Communion with Me. You are in a position to Realize Me. Its
not merely that you are free of your self, because you have
now surrendered and forgotten. You didn’t begin to seek just
to settle for that, did you? Just to be relieved of
something-as someone once constipated experiences a bowel
movement. Its not enough to be relieved of pain, even
temporarily, as it must be. I assume you are moved to
Fullness, Happiness Itself, without the slightest limitation
in it. No trick Enlightenment, you see. Rat-a-tat-a-tat
about Enlightenment-big deal. And when you finally get whats
called “Enlightenment”, it turns out that all you did was
get your body amputated, or become dissociated from
phenomenal existence so that you don’t have to be bothered
by the inherent dilemma of it, the inherent
un-Recognizability of it.

To be a sacrifice in this Way is not to intentionally
bring an end to oneself or any one or thing. It is to
participate responsibly, freely, intensely, and
unqualifiedly in the unqualified, prior, and always present
Condition of Ignorance-Radiance. It is to feel without
obstruction, to feel as the whole body to Infinity, via all
relations, under all conditions. It is to sacrifice the
whole body into its prior Condition in Truth.