DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, when
You were speaking before about the uniqueness of Your
Manifestation as the Divine, I had a sense of what You meant
when You said that You are Prior to the Cosmic Mandala. I
felt that everything in the Great Tradition has arisen
within the Cosmic Mandala. But You have arisen Prior to the
Cosmic Mandala.

SRI DA AVABHASA: That is the
difference. The searches and the Realizations of mankind

(1) have been generated from the
position not only of egoity but of conditionality within the
conditional Cosmic Mandala.

(2) They are approaches to the

(3) In My Case, it is the
Divine That is Approaching.

(4) That is the difference for all
of you in how the Way of the Heart works in My Company.

(5) The process in My Company is all
about the transcendence of egoity and the transcendence of
the point of view of conditionality and of the Cosmic

(6) All of religion and Spirituality
heretofore has taken place within that context of egoity,
conditionality, the Cosmic Mandala. It has all been a search
within it. It has gone to the limit of all extremes, at the
periphery and in depth (the end-time).

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