The Guru

The Guru

Adi Da – 1973

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The Guru appears in the world As the Heart. He doesn’t represent himself as the Divine in the exclusive sense. In his ecstatic speech he claims identity with the Divine, but he is not making a statement about himself, about his ego or his personal qualities in some exclusive sense. He is making a statement about all beings and worlds, about the nature of reality, the condition that is God. This is That, without a doubt, It is already so, and that Should be sufficient for human beings, but it is not.

The Guru, the one who would awaken you, is not a person, The Guru is a function. He is not an individual within the dream. He is your very consciousness. He is the Real, Self, Light, the true waking state and The Heart. The Guru is breaking through the force of dreaming, within the dream as an ordinary man.

Essentially The Guru is your own nature appearing within the dream to awaken you. The Guru is your awakening, and your always already Conscious state. He is not some separateness, some individual. He is very consciousness, nor does he live as an other in any sense. The Guru is one’s own nature, absolutely, not symbolically.

The Guru is not simply a human individual, a cultic figure. The Guru is a special Function in God. It is not a form of status, nor is something to be achieved. The Guru is not a big guy, a superman or super hero who appears among a lot of little guys in some form of Superiority or narcissism. He must always become nothing so that the Divine power becomes active.

The true Guru is not the fascinating initiator of experience in men, but one who has died in the Heart, who has become empty of powers and without self, who has found that fullness is only, always and already God. The Guru is an agent of the Divine work, not because he has all kinds of heroic accomplishments in his psyche, but because he has become nothing. He has attained nothing, he has been undone. The Guru is not identical to a person. The only reason an apparent human individual can function as Guru is because he has consciously ceased to be identical to a human individual in limitation. There is no longer any sense whatsoever.

There is no longer any sense whatsoever in the human Guru of separate existence. None. The Guru is not a personality. The only reason he can perform the function of Guru is because he is dead. He is finished with all the cults and conventions of human life. He has already wrecked himself, so you don’t have to worry about him. He is finished, the Guru in the world is a paradoxical event. He is always a paradox, like the universe itself. The Guru is not an idol or a form of fascination. The Guru is not just a human person who can have human effects on you. The Guru is active, Present as that Divine power, dead or alive. The Guru is communicated to you under all conditions, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, winter, spring, summer or fall, in good times and in bad, The Communication is always being given.

Truth must confront a man, live him and meditate him. It is not your meditation that matters, Truth must meditate you. The matter of Truth is entirely academic until it communicates itself to you and takes you over. Then it creates sadhana and creates the conditions for transformation. So the Truth must find some way to communicate itself as a function in specific relationship to you. Therefore, the human Guru as an appropriate means and that is why he exists. Truth itself must become the process of life and communicate and create conditions in life, and make demands which restore the conscious participation of the individual.

Individuals are terrified in the face of the Divine. Because in the Face of the Divine there is the Demand and The Revelation. The Demand is The sacrafice of self and the Revelation is there is only God, your present state. If the Demand is not made there is only separate existence – ego – and fear, contraction. The more subtle the realization the more obvious the contraction and separation.

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