The Law Changes All Adi Da Samraj, August 11, 1987

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The Law Changes All

A shortened version was
rignally published in
Crazy Wisdom Magazine, Nov/Dec 1987



August 11, 1987

Heart-Master Da: For many human beings, even far
into their adult life, many things are still there, so much
unaccomplished business, that belongs to earlier strata of
life. So how can you handle it then? By Truth itself.
Through self-understanding, and you will transcend it
psychically then. You must release the dead and release the
past. You must do so as you get older, you must do so in
your youth. And when your a parent associated with children,
you must understand your responsibility, help them to
overcome these ghosts. There are even ghost while the past
is still alive. They exist in memory, in reaction, in the
form of etheric forces in mind and feeling, even in the

You must accomplish the purification in one another,
through our love-commitment, and hold on to one another, and
stand firm, and release one another. And when we’ve done the
business, then let us go on. When we can happily turn away
from one another and go on to another, to others that’s
good. Then let one another go. Until you’ve handled business
with one another, you have something to talk


“You can’t move on until you
handle this business”.


You must handle all business. I’ve know this all my life.
Always worked to handle business with everyone, in fact I’ve
always worked to help other people handle business with one
another. I’ve always handled business with my mother and
father, but also worked to help them handle business with
one another, however much they could.

Whatever business is left over from my mother, or my
father now deceased, I don’t know how available either one
of them is to my consideration. But I have handled business.
I insist upon it, and always have. You should do likewise.
You must handle business. The residual effects must stop
affecting you. What is affecting you, you must notice it. In
one fashion or another, through the instrumentality of Truth
itself, you must handle business. Even at a late date. You
must. You cannot continue to grow. You can’t move on until
you handle this business. Until there is nothing left over,
nothing, unforgiven, nothing unspoken, nothing unthought.
You must be physically, emotionally and mentally purified of
memory, of insult, or engrams. You must be. And there are
great leaps you can make in that process. Truth is such a
great force, but nonetheless you must endure the

Notice everything, be insulted, notice every insult, be
sensitive to everything. This has always been my policy. I
suffer everything. I relieve myself of nothing. This body
will not die with unfinished business, absolutely none. For
its sake, and I am not even it. For your sake, for the sake
of the peace of Truth, for the sake of the inheritance you
must receive whole, I will not allow this body to die with
any unfinished business. Therefore I deal with it every day,
every moment, am sensitive to every gesture. But its not too
much considered from the point of view of wisdom. One must
be sensitive, and do the work. Invest yourself in the Truth
absolutely. Handle all business, exhaust yourself in the
process. Its better than nothing.

Aniello: That’s right.

Heart-Master Da: Its better than failure. And its
at least the way to Realization. And the more business you
accomplish, the closer you are to Realization. What is
Realization anyway? But that which is inherently, and
therefore that which is Realized when all business is
handled. When there is not more business, then you stand
free. Until all business is handled, you have business to
do. And there’s not getting around it, not matter how much
you idealize it. There’s no getting around it. Therefore be
sensitive, and get down to it every day.

Be mad with it, as I am. You see my sign every day, my
demonstration, handling business every moment, every day, as
if there were no more days. Like what I did today, going
through all these manuscripts as I did today, can you
believe it Mathew?

Matthew: No, from the very first moment you
handled business with me, relative to the letter.


“This is not only how your
serve your own Realization, this is how you serve all
Fulfill the Law by handling all


Heart-Master Da: I will not tolerate another day
of looking forward to working manuscript. I want to eat it
today. If you give me some more tomorrow I want to eat it
then. I want to accomplish this, finish my work with you
all, make my statement and be silent. And I will not be free
to be silent until I have finished that business. So I
engage myself in that work, energetically, no withholding.
Well, you have your work to do also. And do it likewise. Set
yourself a date. Accomplish it with the month, within the
year, whatever time frame you must set for yourself, handle
all business, and set yourself free, by the power of Truth
itself. And leave nothing left over. This is not only how
your serve your own Realization, this is how you serve all
beings. Fulfill the Law by handling all business. This is
Love. To suffer reality is Love, And to handle business you
cannot indulge yourself. You simply cannot.

The first law of business is to transcend yourself, to
notice and renounce your own demands. What is imposing
itself upon you, you must be directed in that direction. Its
not you anyway. So don’t make subjective content out of it.
Its another, others, the world, the past, memory, limits.
Its not in you, its your associations. Be purified of them,
through great commitment, based on your understanding, the
realization of Truth at your stage of life.

Do it. I mean it. Look at your own life, you here and
elsewhere that may read this talk. Investigate your own life
and all the unfinished business of you own life. If you were
on your deathbed you would think seriously about doing so.
And then you don’t have that much time necessarily. You must
handle it while you live. Don’t just wait till you’re on
your deathbed to tell your friend you love him or here.
Invest yourself in the business of love, now, presently.
Purify yourself with Truth, purify others. Relieve all
beings from this imposition of insult of nature and
unhappiness, and bad deeds. Be relieved and relive all, by
the force of Truth. That’s it. That’s what I call assuming
the disciplines at one point one (1.1). It’s a tool of
self-observation. But another way of saying it is that you
handle business, and purify yourself and others with Truth.
And by the power of Truth you grow. And without its exercise
you do not grow.

Which is stronger the weed or the grass that blows it? So
this is another level of your discipline isn’t it? Make
ashram with me, those of you who are living here with me, or
make community with me worldwide. You have to handle your
personal business, the business in your past, the business
in your friendship, the business in your blood relations,
the business in your intimate relations, the business in
your friendly relations, your business with the world. This
is sadhana. This is what makes it sadhana, you see, the
concreteness of your obligations, founded on Truth. Until
you get involved in that business you just sit around with a
silly grin, trying to be religious, you know. You’re looking
to be consoled. You must do sadhana. You must handle
business. You have many concrete things in life that your
are suffering, and others are suffering. Erase them by the
power of Truth. That’s the Way of the Heart, and nothing
else, nothing less, at all. Every fraction of it.

Operating on a lesser, or a superior level, all of it,
somehow or other must be transcended, for yourself and all
others who suffer with you. This is especially the business
in the beginning. Not at death merely, in the beginning of
the Way. You cannot be a true renunciate, a true and free
renunicate until you handle the business of life. You cannot
move on to the fourth stage of life and so on, until you
handle the business of ordinary life. Don’t you know? You
all were trying to be devotees, and you hadn’t handled the
first fraction of your business in life. You though you
could renounce the business of life, to become a renunciate.
No. You become a renunicate by dealing with the business of

It can be done like that. It can be done for a while. its
up to you. But it must be accomplished, and there’s not way
out of it. None.

There’s a way out of it. But you cannot avoid it. The way
out of it is to accomplish it. So you all got some ideas
about things you must do?

That’s the point of view of sadhana. Directly, swiftly,
immediately. Build not time at all to the process. Build not
time at all to the process of ultimate Realization in your
case, not time at all. This is the thing about human beings,
you see. By tendency, egoically modeled, human beings,
perhaps a principle characteristic, perhaps the principle
characteristic of human beings is that they are bound to
time. You conceive of yourself as an entity or a
consciousness in time. That’s one of the reasons whey you’re
so afraid of death. Death is an intrusion in time. If you
thought of no time at all, like a gardenia, what difference
would death make, since there’s a great unity anyway. but
you all suffer death, or fear death so profoundly, because
you measure existence by time. Your consciousness is time
bound. And you have so much past that you didn’t deal with.
So much in the present that you’re insensitive to. So much
in the future that you don’t even know how to think about
it. Its all time, the essence of maya, the essence of
bewilderment. Unfinished business is the message of
humanity, calling itself to humanity. To be human is to
transcend time, truly human.

To be human is to love, forgive, concretely to handle all
business, to purify, to set one’s self and others free, to
generate a circumstance for continued existence that is not
time bound. Such that you have time to invest yourself in
timeless activities, meditation for instance, Ishta Guru
Bhakti Yoga. You are not free enough of time to indulge
yourself in such past times. That why your not yet moved
into the advancing stages, and the ultimate stages, because
you are still convincing yourselves to be a consciousness in
time. And therefore you have much unfinished business, and
your insensitive to the present, and you don’t know what to
say about the future.

Unfinished business is the belonging of that, the sign,
the modeling force of the consciousness, in time. To
realize, grasp the truth, and make it effective in your
life, you necessarily, inevitably inherently transcend time.
this is why some say I am not the body, I am not the mind.
You are not the body and you are not the mind when you
transcend time. But you are all about time, full of
unfinished business, full of thoughts, full of reactivity,
self-possessed, wondering, trying to find a loophole in the
universe, some reason to fee good, without dealing with

This is my word to you ladies and gentleman.


Adi Da Samraj – 1980



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