1982- Unpublished notes

DEVOTEE: When you were speaking
earlier I was appreciating and realizing your Transmission
as transmission of the obviousness of the Truth. It became
clear in way that was much more than just a mental or
intellectual appreciation of the Dharma.

MASTER: Mental schmental!
Contemplate in the mind. How much can the mind tell you? If
the mind was so enlightened, you would already be
enlightened. You just continue to consult the mind again and
again and again and revolving through its parts, consulting
its grammatical structures and so forth as if that would
somehow become Absolute Illumination you see. You must use
the mind, not dwell on it,inwardly, use the mind’s
intelligence, as attention, and bring it to the real context
of life, bring it to my Argument and the Argument as
consideration, in other words bring it into the context of
life. Merely to dwell on the mind is just – a way of making
forms, sculptures out of thought. You can’t accomplish any
more than the mind has already communicated to you, than the
mind already contains. In any case there is no consequence
in the mind that’s equivalent to Transcendental

So the mind should be used as a tool
rather than an already existing substance or word bank, you
see. In other words we must use the higher mind, not the
lower mind. The lower mind is full of memory, words,
grammatical constructions, illusions, and so forth. These
things are constantly arising in us rather automatically. We
must use the higher mind, vijnanamayakosha, the intelligence
factor of the mind the capacity to observe and see directly
and understand and release, transcend, go beyond. This
function of mind does have a use in spiritual life. The
other form of mind has a use in practical life really and
not much more use The mind is mere content and structure. It
is not something that we should suppress, but we should
economize it, we should require it, oblige it to be useful
in its domain. You wouldn’t consult the liver, for instance,
for God-Realization.

Why should you consult the lower
mind? You don’t sit and have conversations with your feet .
Why do you have conversations with your mind? Instead of
using your higher mind, you see, you indulge it, you become
an odalisque and you lie in the lower mind and in the body
and in the emotion’s and reactions, the content of past life
and so forth. You don’t exercise a freer mind, the higher
mind. The mind is just intelligence, attention. That form
does have a use in spiritual life, but we don’t use it very
much, you see. We indulge ourselves in the lower mind and in
the body and in emotions, our relations, and we bind
ourselves to these structures, instead of using the higher
structures for the sake of self-understanding,
self-transcendence, liberating insight and intuition. Then
the higher mind would even itself be transcended, you see,
in transcendental Realization.