“Tone the Muscles of the Bodily Base” From The Practice
of Solitary Shaktichalana Mudra in the Way of the Heart

Adi Da Samraj


Study Assignment III: Practice


14. Tone the Muscles of the Bodily Base


May 12, 1995


AVATARA ADI DA: In My Company, your sexual occasions are
relatively infrequent-I say “relatively”, however frequent
they may be-and there may be some time between sexual
occasions, whether occasions of solitary Shaktichalana Mudra
or the sexual intimacy with another. If you are to practice
solitary Shaktichalana Mudra rightly, the mechanism must be
readied for it. The body must be able to practice
efficiently. Therefore, in the intervals, you must practice
the exercise of tensing the bodily base at random, every
day. Then you can gain control over the muscles, tone the
muscles, in the bodily base-in the entire bodily base, not
just in the genitals but in the entire bodily base. Then,
whenever you practice the sex-specific exercise, not only do
you have your intention but you have a physical mechanism
that can do what it has to do, that is under your control or
a matter of your responsibility. If you do not do that
tensing, if you do not exercise those muscles, if you do not
tone that mechanism of the bodily base, then regardless of
your intention in the sex-specific practice you will not be
able to control the impulse to degenerative orgasm
sufficiently. Even if you do notice the right moment to
practice the exercise of converting the orgasm, you will not
have the muscle to do it.

 Therefore, you cannot exercise this muscle merely
in sexual occasion. You must exercise it as a matter of
daily responsibility. Otherwise, the muscles in the bodily
base become lax, downward and outward in their disposition.
These muscles must be toned. They must be under your
control. However the exercise works out rhythmically for you
as an individual, the entire bodily base, all of the muscles
there, must be tensed and then relaxed. In other words, you
are not to keep the bodily base in a knot. You must be able
to exercise it intentionally. If the muscles there are
flaccid, or if some of the muscles are not used in this
tensing exercise, then you will lack just that bit of the
control that is part of the sex-specific exercise.

 You must discover the mechanism for yourself.
Whatever you experience, the practice is about the mechanism
of the entire bodily base, from the pubic bone to the base
of the spine. In your personal experience of taking
responsibility for it and exercising it, there will be
individual differences among you, just as when My
Spirit-Influence moves in the spinal line in each individual
case sometimes the Spirit-Energy is felt more intensely in
certain places. Taking responsibility for the bodily base is
an individual matter. Yet in your exercising of it, in your
taking responsibility for it, you must become capable of
muscular responsibility for the entire bodily base.

The natural energy can be felt at any time, in all the
exercises of “conductivity” in daily life, including
“conductivity” at the bodily base. The bodily base covers
everything from the pubic bone to the base of the spine. It
includes the genitals, but all aspects of the genitals-all
of its particulars, including the eliminative, functional
muscles. You must be capable of exercising this area
intensively, controlling it altogether. All My devotees
should do this exercise every day, just as they do Da
Namaskar, for example. Tensing of the bodily base is a
fundamental physical responsibility in the Way of the

A particular sexual place in the bodily base is the
perineum – that muscle between the genitals and the anus
which is actually the root you pull up. Even so, you must be
able to exercise everything in front of it and everything
behind it. Try it yourself. Do it yourself. There are
variations in individuals, but ultimately it must be your
responsibility for the entire, rather loose mechanism, the
rather loose, fleshy area, between the pubic bone and the
spinal bone. The central muscle is in the perineum, between
the genitals and the anus, but the exercise must become
muscular responsibility for everything between the two

When you become obstructed in the frontal line and the
spinal line above the two bones, so that you feel the bodily
energy reversing, or flowing up, in the frontal line, keep
conducting the energy downward in the frontal line, and keep
conducting the energy upward in the spinal line. There are
obstructions in that flow that you must also become
sensitive to in the exercise of “conductivity” – not only at
the bodily base but everywhere in the body.

You should do this toning exercise every day at random.
You can do it while urinating, for instance. Instead of just
pissing straight and out, you can interrupt the process
periodically. This is another way of learning about the
mechanism. In general, however, it is just a random exercise
throughout the day that teaches you about the entire sex
function. It teaches you about, or makes you proficient in,
responsibility for that fleshy mechanism in the lower part
of the body that, because of your previous adaptations,
allowed you to break the Circle of the body-mind.