Adi Da Samraj


“It’s even locating me whole bodily you see. It’s not
you sort of having a generalized sense of your body and
feeling like I’m here or feeling me here in your heart
somewhere. Of course your sensations are like that but
that’s not the it of it you see. There’s whole bodily
participation in me, everything about the body mind given
over is going to be spiritually immersed in me, brightened
and then the force of that brightness inundating the body
mind altogether you see and attract you to the source

So that’s the unique spiritual yoga in this way rather
than a tour of the chakras and plains of perception and so
forth you see. All of those may occur spontaneously but
they’re not the it of it. They are not the yoga. They are
not the intention and ultimately they’re nothing more than a
distraction anyway in themselves. There’s one point of
communion with me, just that samadhi beyond the
self-contraction you see.

That’s the real process. For everything else at least
potentially is a distraction from it whether it’s subtler
experiences or gross ones. So you don’t go seeking for
anything and what’s already there arises on its own. You
deal with it as a yogi. In this way you see transcending the
ego itself directly, always.

Until this purification, let the whole body mind
conduct me and be drawn to the heart. Am I right you see?
(audience affirms)

To let that occur are the symptoms of all that
happened and you must persist in the yoga I’ve given you but
then it comes to a point and would naturally be associated
when all the other signs are being matured in level three.
Where there is no interference in conductivity at all, that
becomes immediately and tacitly obvious that you stand in
the witness position and don’t have to think about yourself
intuitive. You go through an argument to locate it. It’s
attached and a direct state of awareness.

But then you must exercise the yoga further on that
basis so you don’t just sit around witnessing you see. That
disposition is simply acknowledged but it is activated very
directly rather immediately the second form of the perfect
practice which is entering into my sphere for that
difference on the same source side of attention prior to
attention and being drawn to it beyond samadhi.

But even in that drawing in that very process and the
coming back from it the sadhana goes on to locate and pass
beyond the last knot you see, the gesture that has you
moving deeper but just as it has you moving away from
conditions. It is bound to be the last contraction or the
source contraction so it’s under the condition of open eyes
of when the seventh stage of awakening occurs you see and in
fact beyond samadhi is perpetual but without disassociation
so it is a state of samadhi beyond description but it
doesn’t disassociate from conditions. It recognizes

So it’s an ever-brightening force of realization that
expands through and beyond conditions and can show itself in
various remarkable ways and in transfiguration
transformation stages perhaps because the force of
recognition stimulates, brightens every organ, every
mechanism you see but you need not be very elaborate in
those terms and then it becomes a very simple matter of this
force of recognition, this sublime samadhi so it will be
brightening and that’s the initiation of the indifference
demonstration but it has no time frame. It can be prolonged
you see.

The body mind is a recurring entity itself but it is
being outshined by me.”

Adi Da Samraj