On September 2, 1999, Beloved Adi Da
invited a small group of devotees to gather with Him on the
deck of His pool, facing Mount Waialeale. After devotees
introduced various “light” topics, Quandra Nirvanasati began
to attempt to draw Beloved to continue His Ecstatic Speech
and Instruction about True Water that He had begun two days
previously. In the intimate company of His family, Beloved’s
ecstatic speech bears the characteristic stamp of His Long
Island childhood, with His colorful metaphor and spontaneous
humor. Transcripts of conversations such as this one are a
unique opportunity to “hear” Beloved’s Word as it is Freely


feeling what You were Saying earlier, Beloved, about

speak about water. I haven’t spoken about water in a number
of years, I haven’t mentioned it. So I don’t know what you
could possibly be referring to.

Is there anything…

you all to consider.

earlier today You Asked is there anything that is actually
an introduction of water elementally, through Your Influence
and Your Transmission Force, such that there is even a
chemical change, the actual elemental entrance, even
chemically, of water into the experience.

transformation of some kind, a transformative process that
has something to do with water, the organizing of water, the
infusion of water. Anything at all to do with water.
Anything that goes on in those who are actually directly
receiving My Transmission, whole bodily. Anything about what
is going on bodily that you all describe or otherwise
experience all the time, that you can find to have something
to do with the process that has something about it to do
with water–but literally.

You see, water organizes around Me
in unusual ways. It always happens. It appears as weather
and water in general. If you looked at the experience of
human beings in My Company when they are in direct
experience of My Blessing Transmission, since other signs of
watery transformations occur, perhaps you may identify
something, or even many characteristics–at least some
characteristic–of the actual process of receiving Me
Spiritually that is identifiable at the gross level–not in
all levels certainly, but at the gross level–that has
something to do with water.

This is not madness. It is a
Consideration. See if there is anything to it that is
interesting. Maybe nothing. Maybe something very

a matter of introducing the body into the dimension of Super
Water, or Divine Water.


Descent of the Living Water.

mentioning water. I mention it in The Knee of Listening in
My Description of Narcissus. Water is very important in
profound ways all throughout the Mummery Book. Yet nobody
even mentions it! Nobody thinks that book is suggesting
anything about water! [Beloved Laughs] I mean, about
actual water, something about water, all kinds of things
about water. Nobody seems to be noticing it, so I just
thought I would mention something about it.

Why am I talking about water all the
time? I don’t know! Why do I keep talking about water?! I am
sick of this water, water, water talk! I want to talk about
something else! [laughter] The grossly visible is
organized water–maybe. What does that mean in terms of
energy? H and O are very simple in the molecular scale.
Therefore, water is a primary substance. It also has the
appearance of being very pervasive here. [pause]
Fundamental. So perhaps I am not using it merely in
metaphorical ways, such that it is whatever you think it may
mean. But, perhaps in addition to what it may mean in all
kinds of ways, it may also mean literally something about

When you are swimming and
snorkeling, you see fish in their habitat of water. It is
easy to feel how they are coincident with an energy system
that includes everything in that water. Whatever planes or
movements or polarities of energy there are in that mass of
water, those fish are in that. It is not that they are
separate energies somehow, you see? You can feel their
coincidence with the element of the space they are
inhabiting. But you may tend not to feel thus about human
beings, or your own human existence–air is less obviously a
fluid but nevertheless it is one. Not as resistive as
water–you don’t float in air, for example. So you do not
have the feeling of just being borne up by it, as you would
if you were in the water like a fish.

If you truly felt this environment
of your existence, perhaps you would then feel that
everything and everyone, in it are like the fish in the sea.
Whatever is going on with energy in that totality, all those
beings, including all the human beings, are experiencing
that, and are not something separate merely. Yet there are
also the individual domains of energy experience as

If, by making countless gestures
relative to every minutest this and that of what there is, I
were to try to Bless all, that would be one way of
approaching it. Yet, fundamentally, if it is simply a matter
of working with that mass of water, so-called, then all
within it who coincide with Me will coincide with My Pattern
of Transmission. The fluidity of this in which you inhere is
significant. It is the context of your existence, rather
than your privacy, separateness, your internality in the
egoic sense. [pause]

While I was just Speaking, I made
the mountain vanish. If I tell you all to check it out, you
will see Waialeale is no longer there. [laughter]
[Beloved is Laughing] It has turned into a mass of
water. Where that mountain was is now nothing but water. The
wettest part of the world has finally achieved total
saturation point. It is nothing but water now, and
everything you see is becoming massively infused with
wateriness the more I Speak of it. [everyone peaks at
once] [Beloved Laughs] So, then, as I have Said
to you, I Am The Water Itself. What I Do, “Thumbing” in the
“Brightness”, is a Blessing to you if you become My devotee.
The “Brightness” is this Sea of Ultimate Identity.
[pause] Now, we are all just going to get up now and
swim over to the mountain. [Beloved Laughs] It will
not be sunset for another hour or so, so we have a nice
evening flight, or swim. All this fluid, water here–what do
you want to call it, now that you know it is water? Does it
swim? Do fish swim? They do not exactly swim, do they?
Because they live in water. [murmurs]
So–flying–something like that.

They are flying through the fluid.
Fly through the fluid to the Watery Place that was Mt.
Waialeale, and observe its reconfiguration in solid form,
condensing from universal water into the mountain shape
again. Then we will return here to the deck. I expect this
to take maybe forty-seven and a half minutes!
[laughter] [Beloved Laughs]

[A light rain began to fall on
the gathering group.]

this water getting all over My leg and the tape recorder?
[pause] Where is it coming from? It is the first
time we have been watered on while sitting.

THANKFULL: You just dropped the
water all over this place!

reluctant to discuss wateriness at this time, but
Nirvanasati insisted. [murmurs] Now there is no
mountain. There is only a column


of light there where there used to
be mountain, you see? You cannot see light


there. There is a mountain there!
The sun has gone down behind it. There cannot


be any light showing there!
[with a hillbilly accent] If there were a


there! It’s just the sunlight
shining through the water.


It is very Bright over there. The
Water Itself cannot be seen. There is no


consciousness in the room. One is
the room. There is no consciousness as an


object. Light. A Room of Conscious
Light. It is actually a fish tank full of


water. Reality is a fish tank–a
rectangular, three-dimensional, elongated cube


filled with water. And all conscious
beings are kept in it by a Kid from Long


Island, in His Room. [sounds of
swooning] He doesn’t bother with it. It is


sort of there, you know? I hope He
does not knock it over.


You are in the same situation as
those koi in the pond out there. There is


nothing to figure out! Except God.
Whatever happens is up to the Kid. This


Indifferent Kid. Reality is
Water–well, so far! [Beloved Laughs]


[At this moment, Mark (Donuts)
Travis, who serves Beloved’s security, telephoned


to say that in thirty seconds, a
tremendous downpour would reach the Sanctuary.


As the first droplets began to fall,
a devotee sprinted across the lawn and


carried Mark’s message to the
servers in Beloved’s Residence. Just on her


a wall of water rapidly




called to say a major downpour is about to hit


us! [laughter] [Beloved




WILLIAM: A major one!




TRIVEDI IO: Coming across . . .
[laughter] [Beloved is Laughing


[The heavy rain forced the
gatherers indoors. In no time, they were huddled


together in the enclosure for the
soft tub in the Spa. In this smaller, more


intimate space, Beloved Adi Da
continued to speak.]




you see? That suggests an example to you of


the kind of affinity or association
inherent, it seems, with water in the case


of My Coincidence here. In the case
of My devotees who are actually experiencing


My direct Transmission, that
Infusion, what does it have to do with water?


Altogether? It is an interesting
consideration. Tell Reid to send Me his


reports. And the rest of you can
also organize it. Get your water together, you


know what I mean? [laughter]
[Beloved Laughs]


That is what I have to Say to this
community! Get your water together! Reality


is organized water, not
non-organized water. Not dis-organized water.


water. It is up to you the kind of
pattern it has–in some respects it is up to


you. And in another respect, you are
it, you see, and since that is the case you


would do well to find out just
exactly what you are, you know what I mean?


Instead of hanging out here like
superfluous insects, washing through here!


Waitin’ to be finished by the same
thing that started you–really pisses you


off, doesn’t it? [Beloved Laughs
uproariously] [laughter] Makes you really


to kick some butt, if you could just
get down to the bottom of it, right? You


know? [laughter]


And, you see, when you finally do
get down to it, you are going to wind up


kicking your own ass pretty raw, I
am telling you. [Laughs] And you are the


guilty party! [laughter] You
will show up in paradise with athlete’s feet of


muladhar! From kicking your own ass
when you finally found out that you were


bullshitting yourself. [long


You are not only in water. You are
water, not anything but water. You were born


in water. There was nothing there
and then there is a fish, you see. They were


born in water, so they must be
water. You see? What else could they be?


They look solid too, right? But you
know they are water. They are also energy,


at another, more reduced level, but
they are also water. They themselves are


water. You yourselves are water.
Organized water. In water. Which is organized


in a universal sense. It is all just
water. There is water, and you are water,


and water is pattern. There is
apparent separate patterning which is oblique to


some other kind of patterning, and
from that may come sometimes pleasure but


also some kind of alienation and
pain, perhaps.


And there is something to find out
about that! How to function in water when you


realize that you are water. To
paraphrase the New Testament–“That which is born


of Spirit is Spirit” and so on–“If
you are born in water, you are water.” I


think that is pretty plain on the
face of it. If you at least get that much


understanding, there is some kind of
inherent freedom in it. [Devotees


ecstatically agree, sounds of
swooning and kriyas.]


It is not merely the Spirit within.
It is the Spirit within which you sit, you


see–are, here,–the Water. The
Spirit is the Water. You know what I mean? So


when you are feeling My Blessing
Transmission, there may be something going on


that is identifiable somehow in the
domain of water and its processes of


transformation that may be of
interest, or which happens that can be seen in


context of water when the Current of
My Transmission is felt in the fundamental


nervous system and also by extension
in all the parts of the body. What is going


on in all that that is as universal
as a vibration passing through water in the


Spiritual Life? That is a vibration
in the apparent space, the water. There is


no difference from it that can be
found in any fish in the sea.


Now you have been underwater. You
have been swimming in the water. You are the


tissue paper in water. When you were
down there, last time you “snorked”, and


looking at those fishes–you were in
the water and you were looking at those


fishes, and you know they are water.
You were down there completely immersed.


Therefore, you must be water. Some
part of you–the breahter part–cannot stay


down there though–the breather
part. It is the only part that stands out, you


see. But when you feel yourself to
be in the universal field of water, you start


tugging at your breather.


When you feel the pressure of the
totality in which you are apparently arising,


you tug at the breather. Spirit,
pneuma, breath, and such in the old


languages–all are a breathing
matter, Spirituality. It is a matter of


fundamental energy, the nervous
system. It is not air that it is tugging for,


altogether. That could be equalized.
It is the Current in the midst. It is the


Fundamental, where you have no
option but to be surrendered to It, you see.


[Throughout, devotees are
swooning and exclaiming “Da”.]


So when you contact Me in this
water-place, you find your breath of Me at the


surface above, above where you are
even able to reach. That is where the tug


from the breather goes and brings it
down. Then there is the equalizer that is


Spiritual Equanimity–Samadhi, the
Samadhi of the “Thumbs”. And the swoon in


“Brightness”, you see. With all that
is inherent and obvious in that. My House


in the water. The Integral Space,
the Inherent Space–wherever in the space or


grid attention goes–still that
Space. It is not somewhere else. It is the Water




Basically all that I just told you
is the same thing that fish could say, if


some fish could speak, and were not
dumb fish. They would say, “This is all


water! Just keep breathing that
water down–yeah! I can do that!”


Everything is fine then, once you
understand it is up to that Kid–that Kid in


the Room where the fish tank is.
[Beloved laughs uproariously.] Everything


fine except for that.


This calls for some really major
surrendering on your part. [Beloved laughs


loudly.] Having realized your
inherent and absolute vulnerability. Or, as I say


in My Mama Form, “Your objections to
anything don’t mean shit.” All the reasons


for non-surrender fail to apply
under the circumstances. [More laughter, then


Speaking quietly:] That is why
it is easy.


We just took refuge in the Water
here to get out of the rain. You’ve had that


experience, of diving underwater
when it starts raining? [everyone agrees]




WILLIAM: Beloved, as You Say all the
time, when we walk into the room with Your


Siddhi on the Sanctuary, you can
feel the Water. You just walk in and it is


completely thick.




THANKFULL: You Are The Radiator of
the Divine Light, Beloved.




point out to you all when you were gathered


around Me at the Mountain Of
Attention, frequently in those years we would


be sitting someplace and you could
see the rain in the atmosphere around Me,






WILLIAM: I still see that, My




the time.




be there at any time, I just pointed it out,


I remember, frequently in those
days. Therefore, more water references, you see.


It is time somebody noticed I have
been talking about water. So you can talk


about Spirit and people do not quite
know what I am Talking about. But everybody


understands water. I am Talking
about something tangible here. [Devotees




When you are a fish in the sea, it
seems, you would know that there is simply a


continuous, massive field of water.
But when you are associated with the


contracted human consciousness,
everything seems to be fragmented, broken


up–this is here and not there, and
everything is all over the place


differences. Not a continuous, as if
fluid, everything, and everything in it


identical to that. People do not
persist in that disposition very readily. They


have to make an effort to do it, as
if a fish would have to make an effort to


feel it is in water. You have to
make an effort to be associated with the


Spiritual Reality, you see, because
you feel alienated from it. You do not even


know you are swimming in


But also, even if you found out you
are swimming in it, you do not know how to


breathe it, get at it, what to do
about it all. That is why you came around Me.


isn’t it? [Devotees agree.]
You are sittin’ in this Room of Water with Me and


am supposed to give you a lecture to
convince ya!? You are breathing it, walking


around in it–look at this, it is
all just one gigantic mass of one thing. It is


easy for the fish to notice this.
They are very intelligent with water. You all


are alienated from it. You spend
your whole life just to figure out the one




And it is one thing. One thing, that
is all. How to breathe it, and what to do


about that altogether, that is
another matter. That is the expensive part.


[Everyone laughs long and loudly
with Beloved.]


It is one thing to know you are in
this water. But do you remember that Kid? You


know what I mean? It is grand, it is
all one, and it sure does kill you dead.


You know what I am Talking about?
Burns you alive and kills you dead. That is


the part that everyone wants to kiss
some ass about, you know what I mean? You


can’t blame people for getting
pissed every now and then.