Upasni Worship Meher



Bhau Kalchuri

Adi Sr. and Padri had come to Ahmednagar from Meherabad to
purchase supplies, after which they visited Khushru Quarters. Adi saw
his mother, Gulmai, and he and Padri were about to leave for
Meherabad when an unexpected car drove into the compound and stopped
at the entrance of the bungalow. Padri shouted in amazement, “It’s
Upasni Maharaj!”

Alighting from the car, Maharaj entered the room in the bungalow
where he had stayed in 1921, and which was always kept unoccupied for
him. In that room, Gulmai had kept a ghadi seat especially for Meher
Baba and Upasni Maharaj alone, and on it their photographs. Maharaj
then sent his secretary, Wagh, who had come with him from Sakori,
away on some errand in the city.

Upasni Maharaj’s usual custom was to occupy his ghadi and allow
people to bow down to him. But this time, he stood before Meher
Baba’s photograph and began uttering a prayer. Just then Adi silently
entered the room to take Maharaj’s darshan. But when he saw Maharaj
praying before Meher Baba’s photograph, he was stunned. He thought:
“The Master is praying before the photograph of his disciple with
folded hands! How wonderful! What is it that Maharaj feels and sees?”

Upasni Maharaj stood praying motionlessly for five minutes,
looking straight into the eyes of Meher Baba’s photograph. Then,
turning to Adi he said, “I like this place very much.” Maharaj
pointed to the photograph on the ghadi, and said, “I like this
photograph of Merwan. I love Merwan. He is great! He is matchless —
unique! I bow to him. Let me pray in his presence. Convey my
salutations to him.”

Adi was profoundly affected by this incident. Amazed, he kept
thinking what extraordinary love it is when the Master worships his
disciple. It is the disciple who always owes and shows respect and
allegiance to his Guru. What Maharaj was doing was beyond praise or

Maharaj then told Gulmai, “Bring me the arti tray and lamp. I wish
to perform Merwan’s arti today. Gulmai, tell Merwan that I came here
on his birthday and I prayed in front of his picture and performed
his arti.” Gulmai immediately brought the necessary items and Upasni
Maharaj began doing arti, chanting mantras as he waved the arti tray
in his hand before Baba’s photograph. Ending, he brought it to his
forehead and then put it down.

The sight of Upasni Maharaj worshipping Meher Baba deeply touched
Adi, Padri and Gulmai. Tears welled up in Gulmai’s eyes as she
watched this. Maharaj had especially come from Sakori to Ahmednagar
for this purpose [on Baba’s 42nd birthday in 1936].

LORD MEHER, Vol. Six & Seven, p. 1986

Copyright 1994 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

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